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The Claiming: Found

Chapter 2

The Bumblebee's Sting

"How do you put up with the way they treat you anyways?" Tom asked. "Not just the muggles but Dumbledick and his Order of bloody chickens too? And don't you dare protest and say that they don't treat you like the pawn that you are. I have been inside your mind just as surely as you have been inside mine. They're not planning to rescue you from your relatives at all this summer, by the way. They think that you have grown too independent and need to be knocked down a few notches."

"And how do you know that?" Harry questioned his curiosity growing. He had assumed that he was the only one that thought of Dumbledore and most of the Order as manipulative bigots.

The Dark Lord chuckled. "You aren't they first to feel the Bumblebee's sting, Harry."

"And let me guess: You were." Harry retorted sarcastically in a vain attempt to gain control of the conversation.

"No. I'm quite sure that I was not the first to suffer at his hands, though I do believe I was the first to do anything about it. Or at least the first who lived and stayed relatively sane."

"And how are you only partially insane when everyone else that Dumbledore has gotten his perverted hands on completely lost their minds by the time they reach your age?" Harry asked.

"I was insane just like the rest of his living victims, Harry, but after I was reborn at the end of the tri-wizard tournament the Abbot block that he placed on me was gone." The Dark Lord responded, referring to the soul-mate blocking spell that Dumbledore placed on all his "toys" so that if any of them told the world about his sexual preferences then they wouldn't be believed even if they were supported by another one of his victims as they would either be insane or not inclined to do so.

"Have you found your soul-mate then?" Harry questioned, ignoring the pang of jealousy that hit him as he realized that his worst enemy would be able to have the one thing that he would be denied forever. His soul mate. Happiness.

"Yes." The Dark Lord replied with a sad look. "I have two mates actually, but Dumbledore has placed blocks on them as well."

"That is horrible." Harry replied not even wanting to try to imagine the depth of despair that he would experience if he knew whom his soul mate was and not be able to go to them without causing them physical pain. Wait… pain?

'Didn't that book I read about the Abbot block say that it would feel like your head was splitting in two when your mate was near?' Harry thought.

"I'm…" Harry began stepping back as he came to a sudden realization. "Your-But then why-"

Tom sighed. "By the point when I attacked your house I was so far gone that I did something really stupid. I attacked the source of my pain instead of it's cause, which is a decision that I have regretted more than any other decision in my entire life.

"What about after?" Harry questioned, wanting to know more despite the fact that all of the pain in his head was making him feel light-headed.

Tom felt the waves of pain coming off his young mate and began to worry, though he knew how stubborn his mate was so he answered quickly. "Thirteen years without a body took it's toll on my mind. Right after my rebirth I wasn't thinking to clearly. I was concentrating on eliminating what had defeated me without taking notice of anything else, such as the fact that you are my mate."

Harry barely had any time to comprehend this before the pain spiked in his head and he fainted.

Tom already suspecting that his too skinny mate was going to faint, caught Harry as he fell.

After casting several notice-me-not and disillusionment charms, not needing anyone to question him carrying the unconscious boy-who-lived through Diagon Alley, Tom headed off towards the Leaky Cauldron.