For Tam

Tam Lin; look what you've done to me

Tam Lin; your eyes are all I see, Tam Lin -

You know all I can be

Is whatever you want me to be, Tam Lin -

Do you love me?

Tam Lin; do you recall that rose?

Tam Lin; those times you held me close, Tam Lin -

Where grass and thorn-tree grow,

And elvish winds do blow, Tam Lin -

Don't let me go.

Tam Lin; please let me see it through

Tam Lin; please let me stay with you, Tam Lin -

This Hallow's Eve is new

And underneath the moonlight blue, Tam Lin -

Let me help you.

Tam Lin; don't let this be goodbye

Tam Lin; think of this babe of mine, Tam Lin -

Throw off enchanted lies

And think of your true love tonight, Tam Lin -

For she is thine.

- CH, 12/06