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I hate her. The woman who killed the Professor. I barely knew her but she killed the one person who understood me like my brother does. She killed the one person who could help me control my ability's.

And not only did she kill the Professor but she killed Scott┘I remembered he was the person that had calmed me down when the Professor was away and I was extremely angry and was blowing random things up. If he hadn't of calmed me down I would have either killed someone or pushed myself until I ran out of energy and died.

That daunting thought always weighted over my head, the fact that I could kill someone or myself just because I couldn't control my powers. It was what drove people away from me. Bobby was now the one person that I spent most of my time with. And even then it wasn't the same...I knew some people pitied me because the only friend I had was my brother.

But it was worse since basically everyone knew that me and John had been best friends until he went to the Brotherhood.

Now I hated John to. He'd tried to kill Bobby, and he hated me because I'd considered getting the cure...I don't even know why I'd found him and told him. He had basically shut me out of his life after that. I'd been crushed and nearly started blowing stuff up.

I hated my life because I hated everyone except Bobby. But I would probably hate him to if he wasn't my brother.

"Tamara" I turned on the bench I was sitting on to see Kitty standing a respectable distance from me.

"Hey Kitty" my voice sounded slightly surprised. Not many people liked to be around me let alone speak to me. But if they did it was usually just a mild recognition of the fact that I was still alive, or using my name as a greeting. It didn't hurt to know that Kitty really didn't want to be around me.

She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at me before quickly walking away. She disappeared behind a cluster of trees.

I gave a sigh glancing down at the browning grass. It was only September but I was already tired of being at this school I shouldn't be here I thought bitterly this is a school for the gifted...and I'm not gifted but cursed...

Rogue had gotten the cure about a year ago and it seemed to be wearing off. The proof was everywhere she'd made a boy collapse in the entrance way just a few days ago with a touch. Yet people where more afraid of me then a girl who could literally suck the life out of you.

"Mara" Bobby all but yelled running up to me.

"Yeah?" I asked smiling eagerly.

"I'm sorry Storm just called me..."

"And they need you as usual" I finished for him "go play hero" I ordered trying to hide the hostel note in my voice.

"I'm sorry Mara" he repeated. Somehow I couldn't really believe that he was truly sorry. I didn't hate him for it though Bobby liked being the hero and the fact that he couldn't save me made him rather sad...and when he was sad he usually tried to avoid people.

My fingers curled into a fist as I heard Bobby leave. I couldn't watch him because I was sure if I did I'd start to fad, another wonderful part of my curse. When ever I was sad I'd either freeze over like Bobby can sometimes or turn invisible.

With a sigh I stood up and started walking towards the light forest that surrounded the school. Hardly anyone liked to walk in the woods...I didn't know why it was extremely calming.

I circled around the mansion until I came to the lovely road that led to the freeway. I walked on that road until I came back to the land of the normal.

I had no idea where I was going but the one person I knew would understand was John. But I was not going to go to him. Even admitting the fact that I 'needed' him was a blow to my pride.

I would not talk to him. So I stood watching the cars fly by until one stopped. The window rolled down and the worried face of a nice looking woman appeared "do you need a ride sweetie?" She asked with a heavy southern accent.

I snapped out of my dazed state and smile at this woman who seemed friendly enough "yes" I replied then automatically walked up to the car and slipped into the empty passenger seat.

"Mommy who is she?" the adorable voice of a little boy asked. I glanced over my shoulder to see three kids. Two where boys that looked about the age of five and two. The third was a beautiful little girl who barely looked one.

"She's a girl. Who needs a ride Tommy" the woman replied smiling at me sweetly "Were to?" I took a deep breath and made a split decision I needed to talk to John even if I didn't want to I felt like anything anybody said could push me over the edge and I'd start blowing stuff up. And I knew...just knew that John would somehow understand...

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