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AN: I always wondered about this. In times of real crisis, people's values and views change... How'd it work out for our hero?

WARNING: Expect the gore and images that come with the zombie field folks! Not that I really expect you to need the warning. It's nothing you didn't already read in the book.

Gratitude is a funny thing, almost a separate living entity that changes with every second of one's life. What one needs, what one is most thankful for, fluctuates constantly in regards to what other events may be occurring in one's life at the time.

A person mourning the loss of a loved one may be thankful for the caring group of friends that rushes to support them. The middle-class white-collar living slightly within their means may be thankful for the classic: health, wealth, and a hot sports car- ah, loving family. While the destitute single mother may be thankful that she's scraped together enough money that she won't have to choose between paying the month's rent and buying groceries.

Where one's gratitude is directed depends on one's situation. Even the Black Panther, despite the hell he'd gone through, had something to be thankful for. As he stumbled away from the nightmare of Hank Pym's lab he found several things that deserved his gratitude.

T'Challa was thankful he was alive. Thankful that the drugs had worn off before his friend-turned-zombie returned and lopped off his other foot. Thankful that the mop he'd found made an excellent makeshift crutch.

As long as he was able to escape the certain vivisection that awaited him, that he'd already suffered; T'Challa was content, joyous even, to roam the ruined, defiled remains of New York City. Even if he had to carry the Wasp's starving, ranting, dismembered zombie head with him; it was still better than being back on that gore-slathered operating table.

It's amazing how clearly one can think after being sedated for weeks. One comes to view all of life's inconveniences and pitfalls in a new light. The realization is enough to set one's entire host of priorities straight, and at the top of the list is the fact, the epiphany, that gratitude is a strange and twisted thing.

AN: Has anyone besides me given thought to how crappy it must have been to be the Black Panther in that world? I'm sure we've all gone "Oh dear lord, that looks like it hurts!" But has anyone looked inside his head? Think about it, put yourself in his shoes. It's... Unfathomable.

And... I was listening to French not-quite-pop music while writing and typing this. Now my mind's gone and connected the French language with cannibalism. Great.