The Woes of Mrs. Weasley

Kari Minamoto

Author's Note: This plunnie has been following me around all day. Now it demands to be written! It started after reading DH and there was no clear ending. Nothing to deal with the Weasley's which bothered me a bit. Then I went and decided to read OotP again and the chapter "The Woes of Mrs. Weasley" really hit me (knowing what happened at the end of DH). So this little fic was born.

Disclaimer: I don't own any aspect or character related to the Harry Potter world. They are from the brilliant mind of J.K. Rowling.

Mrs. Weasley's worst nightmare had come true. She knew it would have been a miracle if they had all survived. She was sure someone was going to loose their life. But it was so hard to imagine that it had happened when the proof was staring her in the face.


He would never move again. Never laugh again. Never talk again. Never joke again. Never live again.

Her worst fear imagined. But he didn't die in vain. He died with honor, proudly fighting until the end. Voldemort had been vanquished. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Percy said he had died with laughter etched on his face. He never stopped laughing.

Until now.

No one could stop crying. The great hall should have been a river. Everyone had lost someone that they knew. No one was unscathed- emotionally or physically.

She had taken revenge on Bellatrix for her son. At least he had been avenged. But at what cost? He shouldn't have had to have been avenged at all. Just when all her children had come back to her, one left again. With no hopes of return. If someone in their family had to die- she wanted it to be herself.

It was simple really- she couldn't bear the thought of burying her own child. Now she was going to have to do just that. Her Fred. Her fun loving, joke playing Fred.

Her family shouldn't have to suffer the loss of a son. It wasn't right. Her boggart years before had taken the image of her family members. Dead and bleeding.

Now here was Fred. Only it wasn't a boggart, it was reality.

There were so many things he would never experience: a marriage, children, nieces, nephews. So many things were taken away from him that night, the largest being his life.

'Was I to hard on him?' 'Did he ever resent me?' 'Did he join the order because of me?' 'Is his death all my fault?'

Mrs. Weasley fell into her husband's arms letting the tears flow.

'My greatest regret is that I never said goodbye, never said good luck, and now I'll never have the chance to do so. Maybe if I hadn't just let him run off and had said those things he wouldn't be so lifeless now.'

Mrs. Weasley had to accept reality, no matter how much it hurt.

The tears continued to flow, mixing with those of her husband's, children's, and friend's. But tears can't bring the dead back to life. The living have to keep their memories alive while the dead pass on and look from above.

And Mrs. Weasley was determined to do just that.

The End

It was short and sweet. I really was trying to just paint a vignette of Mrs. Weasley's reaction. Please let me know what you think and drop a review!