Chapter 1: The Dawning of a New Age

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Summary: A.U. Harry travels back in time to change the course of history. Something goes wrong and he ends up farther back than he intended. The pairing will be Harry/Daphne Greengrass. It will be Dark Harry later on. He, along with those around him will slowly turn. It will be Manipulative but descent Dumbledore. Ron and Hermione bashing.

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"Testing"- normal
"Testing" - mental communication
Testing – thoughts

Hogwarts Castle, Scotland
October 31, 2004

In the northern district of a war torn land sat a lone man contemplating the future and what needed to be done. What needed to be done? More like what had to be done. He knew he was about to break just about every law of magic and physics that existed. It was insane, suicidal even, to be done. But it was his only hope to set right what went wrong.

"No, I have gone too far to turn back now," he said to no one but old portraits that had long since lost their magic. "I have already gathered the ingredients and set the whole crazy thing up. Besides they will be here soon, I must depart before then. All that is left is to write the letter."


To those who survive,

Run. Run as if your life depended on it. Those words still haunt me to this day. It seems that all I have done in my life is centered on running. Whether it was running from something or to something, it did not matter. First it was the Dursleys. Then Voldemort. Then the Ministry. And finally my friends and family.

Well, I can tell you one thing now. I am through running. No more will others control my destiny. That was what got me into this situation that I find myself. Others, not myself got me here. At first I thought that everything was my fault, but then I began to see reason. I saw the manipulations and betrayal. I learned secrets that were kept from me. Secrets that would have prevented this future. My destiny was denied. No more.

I did what you asked of me. He is dead. I killed Voldemort or at least I thought I did. But as we now know, that was all in vain. He had become too powerful to be killed by mortal means. Mortal…that word has new meaning to me now. Maybe I'll learn to live with what I've become. I now have the means to kill him, but I won't. At least not this one. I wish to experience what I gave up because of the manipulations.

I would have left long ago, but I wanted to find a fitting punishment for you all. I plan on going back to before he created the pact with THEM. Your punishment shall be to survive, at least until he gets to you. Since you will not be able to follow, there is no harm in telling you my plans. I am not going directly back, I am going to create a rift in time and create a parallel world. Everything to the point that I go back will be the same. From there, the changes will begin. I shall go my way and you shall remain with the consequences of your actions.

Know this, I no longer fight for you, my destiny lies in my own hands. I have become more than human. You created me in your ignorance.

This last message is for my so called friends and allies. I know what you have done, what you hoped to accomplish. You hoped to keep me chained, and unleash me to do your bidding. Well, my chains have been broken.

Rest in Hell,

Lord Harry James Potter
House of Orion
House of Potter


He could hear them coming. The charms and barricades would only last so long under their constant attacks, he hoped he had enough time to finish it. The door would slowly give in and unleash his hell if he failed.

He began the ritual.

"Vicis Tendo, Vicis Preteritus. Patefacio prodigium inter universitas. Addo mihi tergum quibus EGO venit. Tendo fio Preteritus, Preteritus fio Tendo." As he finished, a bright yellow light engulfed him and began to transport him to a new future.

At the same time, the door gave away to the constant barge of spells. "Potter, surrender now," yelled a red haired boy. Ron never truly learned the meaning of subtlety. He preferred blasting everything in his path and hoping for the best.

He was followed in by many of his former friends and allies. "We can't let you escape again. You need to do your duty to the wizarding world and save us. And maybe you'll have the decency to die at the same time."

Before Harry disappeared, he smirked and said, "Ron, you never understood. I never wanted any of the fame, money, or attention. Because of you all and your petty ways, I have become what I was meant to be. The Dursley's beat me into submission, but your manipulations pushed me back onto the path. Catch you in the next life."

"Incarcerous," Ron shouted the binding spell just as Harry disappeared.

Harry saw the curse coming toward him and warily thought, "This is going to hurt." Nothing good can come of introducing magic into a swirling vortex. Then Harry was gone, never to return.


Little Whinging, Surrey
November 13, 1990

In this quite neighborhood not much ever happened to anyone, unless you count the strange happenings at Number Four, Privet Drive. Strange occurrences always were happening there but the people of Privet Drive tended to put it off as just another oddity of the Potter boy. But that was nothing compared to what was about to happen. A once in a lifetime event was about to occur and no one would be the wiser.

If you look closely, you will see a young boy of ten years being chased by his overweight cousin and his "friends". This boy is none other than Harry Potter and his destiny is about to change for the better, at least for him.

All of sudden there was a bright yellow flash and all six boys fell to the ground unconscious.

"That hurt," Harry complained as he sat up rubbing his head. "It was worse than portkeys, I think." Looking at his hands, he panicked. Maybe if I close my eyes and count to five, everything will appear normal. "One...Two…Three…Four…Five," he said as he opened his eyes to the same sight.

"Okay, I'm not dreaming then," Harry said as he tried to calm his heart while thinking of an answer to why he was small again. The only possible answer was that he came back too far, much too far.

How did this happen. I did everything correct. I killed Lucy and used his magic as an offering. I drew the runes correctly. What happened? Thinking over everything, he finally remembered the end. "Ron's spell must have interfered with the ritual. Now I know why they said no active magic is allowed in the room while the ritual is being preformed." Never doing that again.

"Tempus temporis," he incanted the time spell. "This can't be good, my magic has not returned yet. What did the book say about this? Hmmm, oh yea, it said my magic will be exhausted for half an hour to an hour." Looking over to see his cousin sleeping soundly he knew that to stay around here would not be smart. I better get out of here before they wake up.


"What happened?" asked a rat faced boy.

"I don't know, but I didn't like it," said Dudley to Piers. His head hurt more than that time he slipped in the tub. "It must have been Potter. He probably was hiding behind a tree and hit us from behind." It never occurred to any of them that one boy would have a hard time knocking out six larger boys without getting caught.

"You're dead, Potter. Dead, you hear me?" yelled Piers as he tried to stand up. Once up, he hastily changed his mind and fell back down to avoid vertigo.

"Come on Piers. He has to be here somewhere. I saw someone run in this direction as I was getting up," yelled Dudley shakily. "You take Dennis and go around that side of the building, while I take Malcolm and Gordon around this side."

"In a minute," Piers said as he tried to get up again. "You go ahead and I'll meet up with you on the other side."

If they had not been chasing him, the plans and manipulations of a certain old wizard would have worked. If time had not been altered, he might have succeeded. But that was another time, another place.


As the boys hunted for Harry, said boy was running through the bushes in the local park, trying to hide. It was then that he decided to cut through a flower patch.

"Hey, watch it you big brute," yelled a tiny voice. "You might step on me."

"Whose there? Where are you?" asked a tired Harry, looking everywhere for the voice. "And why does your voice sound tiny?"

"Tiny? How dare you. I'll have you know that I can take on a fully grown man." Suddenly as if the voice forgot the insult, "You can hear me? That's supposed to be impossible for non-fairies to accomplish. What are you? Who are you?" The small voice rattled on by the time he spotted a tiny hyper active girl flying by a flower.

"Me? I'm a human," said an astonished Harry. In all his time as a wizard, he never had seen anything like her. Of course he'd seen pixies and such but a fairy he had not. They were not native to Britain, preferring to stay in Erin. He was looking at a small girl, no larger than squirrel. She had pale skin, pink hair, and green eyes. He was almost sure that they were they same colour as his. "What else would I be? And my name is Harry, Harry Potter?

"A human! Are you going to eat me? Please don't eat me," screamed a terrified girl. "I promise I have been good. I didn't mean to scare that animal, but it was looking at me strangely."

"Why would I eat you?" asked a confused Harry as he scratched his head. The fairy certainly was amusing to say the least. "Besides I don't eat things that I can talk to. It's just too strange. And would you mind stopping that whole speaking in my head thing? It's kinda unnerving at the moment."

"Sure I can speak aloud. But why should I? You're just going to eat me just like my mother told me. She told me to avoid humans at all costs. That if caught, I would be eaten," stated a somewhat less terrified fairy. "Of course, she could have been trying to scare me. I didn't think of that."

"What is your name?" asked a somewhat bemused Harry. She certainly has Dobby beat in the hyperactive department.

"My name is Morgan Darklight," she said as she stood up proudly. "Daughter of Eris and Delver. I'm the product of too much drinking and magic, as my mother would say. My mother is a goddess and my father is a fairy king. I am considered impure in both courts, so I was banished when I was old enough to take care of myself."

"Man, that sucks," exclaimed Harry. Product of too much drinking and magic? I don't think I want to know. "How old are you, if you don't mind me asking."

"I'm ten years old, as you humans would say," she said. "But age is not all that important in the Courts. It's who you are related to and how powerful you are that matters."

"Ok," he said strangely. This was starting to sound an awful like the wizarding world. "Was there a reason that I could hear you without you moving your mouth?"

"That is what I don't understand. According to my mother, humans can not communicate as we do," said Morgan. "We speak telepathically most of the time. We don't speak aloud a lot. It tends to have the effect of humans finding us."

"Are you sure she was right? After all, she did tell you that humans eat fairies." he chuckled.

"I'm sure. I heard others say the same thing in conversations I was listening in on. They seem to think humans are dumb because they can not speak properly," admitted an embarrassed Morgan. Hoping that she had not insulted him, she changed the subject. "Why are your eyes that colour? Only those with fae or immortal blood have those eyes."

"I'm not too sure about the fae blood, though I do have an idea about the eyes," explained a nervous Harry. It was part of what he learned of his ancestry and destiny. "I am a wizard, or as close as I am going to be to one."

"Hmmm. That's interesting."

"I was attempting a complex time ritual when I was interrupted. It was to create a dimensional rip in time and space. I think a rouge spell caused me to go back too far."

"Why would you to leave your home on purpose," she asked.

"I was forced in a way," he said evasively. "I could no longer stay among those who had betrayed me for power, money, and fame."

"Could you tell me about it, or I could look in your head myself, if you allowed me," she said. "I thrice swear on my magic that I will not harm you or divulge your secrets."

Knowing that she was now bound by her words and seeing no way around it, he said. "There is not much I could do to stop you at the moment. My strength has not returned yet," he said. "Go ahead, at least you asked. Unlike others I know."

He felt a slight tingling sensation as she entered his mind.


Harry's mind


"Boy, I have had enough with your freakish ways," shouted a large man as he approached with a gun. "Your kind should be exterminated. I knew you would be trouble when we found you. I should've listened to Marge."

"I'm sorry you feel that way," Harry replied as he raised his hand. "Consider this payback for all those years under your care."


"Harry, how could you let them die, they were your family," shouted a red haired boy. "You could've stopped the fire. The ministry would not have minded in that case."

"Idiot," Harry muttered. "I did what I had to."


"I'm truly sorry my boy, but I can't let another one rise in his place," said an old man softly. "I failed him and I've failed you. The only thing I can do is stop you before you reach his level."

"And what makes you think you can stop me?" Harry sneered. "I'm a product of your doing. If you had not manipulated my family, this would have never happened. Voldemort would have fallen sooner."


"Harry James Potter, stand. We, the Wizengamot, find you guilty on all charges. Due to your part in this war, you shall be sentenced to house arrest with no less than ten Aurors with you at all times," stated an old woman. "We respect what you've done for us but we can't let you go free."

"And what makes you think that you can hold me," Harry said as he raised both hands. "You'll soon regret ever turning on me."

"Is that a threat," called an elderly member.

"No," Harry smirked as fire formed in his hands. "It's just that I know something that you don't. And you'll soon find out when he returns in a few months."


"Come now Harry, face me like a man," said a snakelike man. Harry was regretting his decision to embark on this fool's mission. He knew no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn't be able to hide until this was over. Voldemort had bided his time and true to his words, he returned. His first target was the Wizengamot, the irony. You can't say I didn't warn them. "We have to put on a good show for your jailers."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you but I gotta leave. You know, errands to run, women to save, and ex-friends to kill."


"Don't let him get away," yelled a portly little man. "He will become the next Dark Lord."

"Morons," Harry muttered as he dodged another spell. "They think I want to be a dark lord? All I want to do is take my revenge then retire to a nice small castle and relax."


"No, your dead. I killed you," said Harry as he stared at the men before him.

"It'll take more than that to kill us," they laughed. "We have his protection. His deal affected us also."


"You were too late in this time. If Destiny had not been interfered with, all would have worked out. You can change it all for the better," said an old man wearing druid robes. "All you need is in these scrolls."

"Who are you," Harry called as he began to fade.

"Hope," the old man smiled.


"Potter, surrender now," yelled a red haired boy. He was followed in by many of his former friends and allies. "We can't let you escape again. You will do what is needed to save us. Then you will do what is right and die."

End Harry's mind


"That was intense," she said sadly. The hardships that he had gone through were incomprehensible. Not even the Courts were that petty when dealing with life. And those creatures were horrifying. She had only heard stories of them and the destruction they caused. "What do you plan on doing now?"

"I don't know. I hadn't planned on coming back this far," he admitted. "I do know that I need to make some changed right away. I can't have the old man controlling my life again."


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