"Don't get close."

I want you to love me.

"Don't say anything."

Tell me you love me.

"Don't make a movement."

Hug me and kiss me and love me.

"You can't trust any of the other members."

I want it to be just you and me. Together, forever. In love.

Pein awoke with a start. He sat up in bed, breathing hard, his heart thumping at a fast pace.

Together, forever. In love.

He shook his head, and then got out of bed, not bothering to pull on a shirt. The hallways were quiet and deserted. Yet, there was a cold about the air that made him shiver. Ever since the members of the Akatsuki had started dropping like flies, he had always felt like this. He had pondered the decision of breaking up the group, but with Madara at his backside, it wasn't possible.

He fiddled with the piercings on his ears, twisting them until one started to bleed. He often did it when he was nervous. Just a habit.

"Nightmare?" asked a voice, cold as ice, behind him. Pein whipped around to find her standing behind him, a thin eyebrow raised as she glanced over his half naked form.

"Errm… maybe?" he said, hoping that the heat he felt in his cheeks didn't show. At least he was wearing pants. Either she had gotten fully dressed, or slept in her cloak, for it was on her now. She sighed, and adjusted the flower in her hair slightly.

"What was it about?" she asked.

"Do you need to know?"

"Just a question. If it is none of my business, then there is no need to answer." She replied politely, but gave that small smirk of hers, and Pein found himself telling her anyway.

"I was… having this dream. There was this girl, and she was… telling me. Stuff."

He decided to skip over the part that he and the girl were in a bed… and the girl was whispering the things into his ear… and the girl was her. Ahem. Like she needed to know.

She gave a small laugh. "Stuff? What kind of stuff?" she said, and the look she gave him, somewhere in-between laughing and glaring, made him think that she had skipped over some mind reading talent when she had applied. Of course not. She couldn't mind read. He wiped his mind clean of the memory just in case.

"Oh, something along the lines of 'Those around you cannot be trusted'. You know, things like that." Pein said, getting more nervous by the minute.

The member with no name nodded. "You know, dreams should be listened to. They can tell you things… some have hidden meanings. Or, perhaps, you saw a vision of the future ahead."

Mmm. If that was a vision of the future, Pein thought, I'd like that a whole lot. No, wait! No, he wouldn't. Ahh, why deny it? He would LOVE it. However, he snapped out of his reverie as he noticed her walking away.

"Wait a sec!" he said, a bit quicker then he needed. She turned around, and it wasn't a smirk, but a gentle smile?

"Yes, Pein?" she asked, her head to the side.

"Why are you up?" he asked, finding what he wanted to say rather… inappropriate at the current time.

She thought for a moment, and then gave a full grin. "I had a nightmare."

And with that, she vanished, her footsteps echoing off the halls. Pein stood there, stunned, not understanding for a full second. Then, it slowly dawned on him what she had meant.

"H-holy crap." He murmured, leaning against the wall, his heart doing a triple digit pace.

I want you to love me.

I will love you.

Tell me you love me.

Every time you ask, darling.

Hug me and kiss me and love me.

I could do it for the rest of my life.

I want it to be just you and me. Together, forever. In love.

I wouldn't have it any other way.