To all my wonderful reviewers! Once again I have to thank you with a story or list…. This will be my last list for Edward. If you have any suggestions as to who I should torture next, just let me know

P.s Bold is someone speaking or something happening.


Edwards To Do List…Revised

Organize CD's… for the 317th time

Edward rolled his eyes at the obvious addition to his list.

Iron all of my clothing… even though there are no wrinkles

Another eye roll

"2.5? What on earth?!?!" He mutters to himself. Then he looks down to find that his list has been replaced… by duct tape.

2.5 Go with Emmett on a streak…

3. In front of Bella's house….

4. While Charlie's home.

5. Give Emmett the Volvo


6. Change Bella

7. Before Emmett decides to eat her.

I give credit to The indifferent child of earth for this one.

8. Pick Rosalie's brain for the location of her diary and then give it to Emmet

9. Make an exotic perfume line with werewolf stank

10. Change Bella

11.Update library card 1931 was a looooong time ago

12. Get Alice a new stereo for the porche

13. Give Jasper a foot rub


14. Tell Rosalie she is the most beautiful creature alive….

15. Invite Bella to Emmett's concert…. "Hit me baby one more time!"

16. Teach Charlie that crooked smile so he can get a date

17. Change Bella

18. Cross dress

19. Change Bella

20. Don't change Bella

21. Change Bella

22. No Emmett!

23. Change Bella!

"Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper!" Edward yelled.

"And Bella." Alice chirped as they entered the room.

"What is this?" He motioned towards the list.

" Your list of things to do." Emmett laughed.

"You can start with 14." Rosalie smiled.

"I'd prefer 13." Jasper smirked.

"Where is my real list?" Everyone looked at each other. Bella sat on Edwards lap and smiled sweetly.

"You already have your list."

"You're right…. I do!" Edward turned and pulled a sheet of paper out of his desk. "Good thing I made copies!"


Edward picked up a pen and below "Watch Rachel Ray special" he wrote "Disown family."