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Summary: The title explains it all. After coming back from a huge mission, the girls started acting really strange and weird. The boys thought they were PMSING, but really it was something else.

Emotions Gone Wild

By Cyrix

Chapter One

A Huge Mission

In a small dark lab somewhere, an adult scientist is working on a special project. Sparks were flying everywhere as he worked on his special project.

"At last! My mood rings are completed!" he shouted into the air for no exact reason. In front of him were three rings with a different stone on top of it. Now to see if my mood controller works on them. He grabs a device that almost looks like a game controller. He clicks a button on the controller and all three of the rings' stones blinks red. He clicks a button again and all the stones blink blue then green and so on.

"Excellent! They work exactly as I wanted!" he shouted into the air again. He takes the three rings and the controller and puts them all on a table next to each other.

"Now to test one of the rings" he said and was about to pick up the sapphire stone ring when his cell phone rang.

"Oh damnit" he said and takes out his cell phone.

"Yeah? Hello?" he said as he grabs a glass plate about to put it over his rings.

"What?! I will be right over!" he shouted into his cell phone and ran out of the room leaving the glass plate on the side.

Just as he ran out of the room, the wall exploded and guess who it is? Yup, who else Father and the DCFDTL in a robot!

"There it is! The mood rings! If I can find a way to duplicate the rings so that every kid in the world could wear one then I can control them easily!" Father said to his children.

As Father and his children approaches the table, the wall on the other side exploded, what else could happen? And Sector V and Numbuh 362 jumps through holding their weapons out at them.

"Stop right there Father!" Numbuh One shouted at Father.

"Uhh… Numbuh One? He is already stopped" Numbuh Two tells him. Numbuh One looks back at him with a stern face. Numbuh Five takes off her red cap and smacks Numbuh Two on the head with it.

"We know that already genius!" Numbuh Five shouted at him as he rubs his head from the pain.

"Ow! Well… you didn't have to hit me so hard!" Numbuh Two shouted back while rubbing his head.

"Will you two cruddy lovebirds shut up?! We are trying to stop Father and the Delightful Children from stealing those rings!" Numbuh Four screams at them angrily.

"Thank you Numbuh Four" Numbuh 362 tells him.

"Soo… are you Kids Next Door done? Or should me and my delightful children just steal the rings and leave before you all stop fighting?" Father asks Numbuh 362.

Numbuh 362 turns toward them with an angry look and said "Fine! Kids Next Door… Battle Stations!!"

"Delightful Children get them!" Father orders his children. Everybody charged toward each other and it was chaos everywhere as each side attacked each other.

Numbuh Three went flying into the table dropping her weapon.

"Oof!" she said as she hits the table hard.

"Numbuh Three!!" Numbuh Four shouted.

"Grr… you are going to pay for that Delightful Dorks!" Numbuh Four shouted angrily and jumps at them.

Numbuh Three rubs her head and gets up from the floor.

"Ouch… that hurt. Ooo!" she said when she sees the rings. While the fighting continued behind her she wears the emerald ring on her finger.

"Ooo! Pretty!" she said while admiring the ring on her finger.

"Numbuh Three! Get over right now!" Numbuh One shouted at her while dodging Father's fire.

"Okkay!" she replies back to him. She continues to admire the ring.

"NUMBUH THREEE!!!!" Numbuh One shouted angrily at her.

"Oh okay!" she replies back to him.

She admires the ring some more then takes off the ring. Or at least she tried to. The ring wouldn't come off no matter how much she tired pulling it.

"Uh oh…" she said slowly and pulls on the ring really hard.

"Whoooooa!" Numbuh Five screams as she flies and hits the table hard next to Numbuh Three.

She looks up at Numbuh Three and said "Numbuh Three! What are you doing over here? We need all the help we can get!"

"Umm… I was checking out the rings, but for some reason the ring is-"Numbuh Three starts to say when Numbuh Five interrupts her.

"That's a good idea Numbuh Three!" Numbuh Five tells her and takes the sapphire ring.

"It is?" she said while confused.

"Yeah! If we put on the rings, Father and the Delightful Freaks can't get them then!" Numbuh Five tells her and puts on the ring.

"Oh yeeah… Wait!! No! Don't!" she shouted, but it was too late.

"What?" Numbuh Five asks her and admires the ring. "Numbuh Five likes this ring!" Numbuh Five said while looking at the ring.

Before she can tell her, Numbuh 362 flies toward them.

"Oof!" Numbuh 362 said when she hits the table.

"Ooo… that gotta hurt. You all right Numbuh 362?" Numbuh Five asks her.

"Yeah… I am fine Numbuh Five" she said and gets up from the floor.

She looks at them and then at the rings on their fingers.

"Uhh… any reason why you both are wearing the rings?" she questions them.

"Uhh…" Numbuh Three said when Numbuh Five speaks up.

"Numbuh Three thought if we wear the rings then there is no way Father and the Delightful Children can get it!" Numbuh Five tells her.

"Ohhh! Great idea Numbuh Three!" she tells Numbuh Three and wears the ruby ring before Numbuh Three can stop her.

"Thanks… hee hee. Wait!! Don't wear it!" Numbuh Three tells her.

"Why not? Numbuh Three? It was your idea!" Numbuh Five tells her.

"Well… I had been trying to tell you Numbuh Five. If you wear the ring, you can't take it off!" Numbuh Three tells both of them. Numbuh Five and Numbuh 362 look at each other and then try to take off their rings. But just like Numbuh Three, they couldn't take them off no matter how much they pulled on the rings.

"Uh oh… This isn't good…" Numbuh Five said to the other girls. Numbuh Three nods slowly in agreement.

"No worries Numbuh Three and Numbuh Five, we will just go back to your treehouse and find a way to get these rings off!" Numbuh 362 tells them kind of panicking.

"Hey! What are you girls doing over there?! We are getting our asses kicked over here!" Numbuh Two screams over to them and ducks as the robot swings at him.

"We are coming! We are coming Numbuh Two!" Numbuh 362 tells him.

Numbuh 362 turns to the two girls and said "Okay, we worry about getting the rings off later, right now let's go help the boys"

They both nod and follow Numbuh 362 toward the battle.

Meanwhile… with Numbuh Four and the Delightful Children.

The Delightful Children's robot punches at Numbuh Four.

Numbuh Four dodges it and said "Ha! You missed me!"

The Delightful Children smirks and tells him "You really think so? Look behind you"

"What are you smirking about-"Numbuh Four starts to say when he turns around and gets knocked by the robot's fist.

"Delightful Dooorks!!!" he finishes while flying toward the table. He hits the table as the controller falls on his lap.

Numbuh Three sees him fly over to the table and shouted "Numbuh Foooour!"

Numbuh Three growls at the DCFDTL and rushes toward them.

The DCFDTL laughs at Numbuh Four when something knocks into their robot.

"Who did that?!" they screamed and turned to see Numbuh Three waving at them with her weapon pointing at them.

"Oh… her…" they said as their robot falls down from the blast of her weapon. Everybody cheers for her except Numbuh Four who was getting up from the hard hit on the table.

"Ow… those stupid… cruddy…" he said and stops when he sees the controller.

"Wow what do we have here? A wireless game controller! Cool!" he shouted excitedly.

"Numbuh Four! Get over here!" Numbuh One orders him.

"Be right there Numbuh One!" he replies back and puts the controller in his pocket.

He runs up to the others who had Father and Delightful Children backing away.

"We will be back for the rings!" Father shouted angrily at them.

"And we will be waiting!" Numbuh One replies back. Father throws a fireball at the sprinklers on top causing them to turn on spraying water down on Sector V and Numbuh 362 as they escaped. As soon as the sprinklers turn on, the alarms turn on also.

"Quick! Everybody back into the ship!" Numbuh 362 shouted as everybody yelling and shouting runs back into the ship.

The ship flies away just as soon as the scientist barges into the room.

"What the hell happened here?!" he shouted while looking around the place. He turns off the alarm and sprinklers.

Then he noticed his rings and controller are missing.

"Noo…" he said while running toward the table.

He gets to the table and screams "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

The KND ship flies off into the sky as the screams echoes.

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