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Summary: The title explains it all. After coming back from a huge mission, the girls started acting really strange and weird. The boys thought they were PMSING, but really it was something else.

Emotions Gone Wild

By Cyrix

Chapter Three

Crazy Girls

The ship lands in the dock of Sector V's treehouse as everybody files out of the ship.

"Well… everyone can go relax since we had a successful mission" Numbuh One tells all of them.

"Yeeah! Come Numbuh Two! Let's go play video games! I got something to show you!" Numbuh Four tells Numbuh Two and they both run to the living room.

"They hear the word relax they play video games" Numbuh Five said while watching them run off.

Numbuh Three giggles and said "yeah, but they did deserve it, we all did"

Numbuh Five smiles at her and replies back "Numbuh Five guess your right Numbuh Three. We do all deserve to relax"

Numbuh 362 looks over at Numbuh One and said "Yeah well… me and Numbuh One will go over the reports from this mission. You and Numbuh Three can go watch the boys play if you want"

"Yeah, maybe, maybe even watch Numbuh Three beat Numbuh Four again!" Numbuh Five laughs and said while walking off to the living room with Numbuh Three. Everybody laughs at her comment. Numbuh 362 and Numbuh One walks off to the mission room.

At the living room, Numbuh Four was about to show Numbuh Two the "wireless game controller".

"Ready to lose Numbuh Two?" Numbuh Four tells him.

"Yeah I am ready… I am ready to see you lose!" Numbuh Two replies back. Numbuh Three and Five walks into the living room and sits on the couch watching them.

Numbuh Four sneers and said "Oh yeah? I am going to win you want to know why?"

"Humor me" Numbuh Two sneers back and tells him.

"What?" Numbuh Four said to him confused.

Numbuh Two sighs and tells him "just tell me!"

"Oh right right!" he said and reaches into his pocket.

He takes out the controller and shows Numbuh Two.

"Ta da! With this wireless game controller I will win!" Numbuh Four shouted out with triumph.

"Cool! Where did you get that?!" Numbuh Two shouted excitedly and goes up to him.

"Yeeah… where did you get that?" Numbuh Five asks him with suspicion.

"Oh nowhere… Anyways, let's test this baby out!" Numbuh Four shouted and clicks a button on the controller. A small screen comes out from the middle of the controller and turns on showing a transparent ball bouncing around.

"Hey come on! Work!" Numbuh Four shouted angrily and clicks another button turning the ball gray. Numbuh Three and Five freezes still for a while as their invisible ring's stone flashes gray once. It shows 3 minutes at the bottom of the screen.

"Numbuh Four! What are you doing?!" Numbuh Three screams at him.

"Trying to get this cruddy things to work?!" he replies back and is about to click a button on the controller when he was pulled away by Numbuh Three by his arm. The game controller lands on the edge of the table really close to falling off.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Numbuh Four shouted out trying to reach for the controller.

"No you're hurting the poor thing! Besides we have school tomorrow! We should be sleeping!" Numbuh Three tells him and pulls him toward his room.

"Uhh… Numbuh Three? It's only a game controller and it is only 9 pm" Numbuh Two said to her while pointing at the clock.

"Yeah! I never sleep at 9 pm!" Numbuh Four tells her while struggling out of her grip.

Numbuh Five walks over to Numbuh Two and grabs him by the arm and said "Yeah, but you and him hardly get enough sleep so we are sleeping earlier today!"

"Yeah in fact, we are going to stay in your rooms tonight just to make sure you both fall asleep" Numbuh Three tells them.

"What?! Nuh uh! No way! I am not sleeping at 9 pm or sleeping with a cruddy girl in the room!" Numbuh Four shouted at the girls angrily.

"Yeeah! Since when do you care if we get enough sleep or not?" Numbuh Two asks the two girls. Right on cue the controller falls down with the front facing the ground. The rings on the two girls flash red.

"YOU'RE GOING TO SLEEP!!!" Numbuh Three screams at the boys with red fiery eyes.

"Or else, we are sleeping with you!" Numbuh Five yells at them very angry also.

Numbuh Two and Four shudders in fear and replies back "Yes… madam" They stumble after each other while running off to their rooms very quickly.

"Hmph! Boys" Numbuh Three and Five looks at each other and shakes their head.

Meanwhile at the mission room…

"Okay, well… let's look over these reports should we?" Numbuh One said to Numbuh 362. Numbuh 362 doesn't respond just kept looking at him.

"Numbuh 362?" he said and waves his hands at her.

She shakes out of it and said "Huh? Oh sorry, Numbuh One. I was thinking about something"

Numbuh One walks up to her and asks her "No it is okay. What were you thinking about anyways?"

"Oh nothing really" she said and puts the hand with the ruby ring in back of her even though she knew he couldn't see it because it was invisible.

But then he surprised her when he takes her hand softly and said "Come on, you can tell me"

She quickly pulls her hand back so he couldn't really feel the ring on her finger.

He looks away so she couldn't see his red cheeks and said "Oh sorry… I didn't mean to do that"

She looks up at him and tells him "it is all right. I was just thinking about… the rings, I mean shouldn't we had taken the rings and uhh… protect them from father instead?"

He looks back at her and said "You mean take the rings back here and keep them here?"

Numbuh 362 freezes still and then looks at him.

"Numbuh One! Why are we still doing this?! We should be sleeping! Don't we have school tomorrow?" Numbuh 362 shouted at him and pulls him by the ear.

"What? Hey! OW! What are you doing Numbuh 362?" Numbuh One asks her while following her so his ear won't be ripping off.

"You need to sleep! You always work so late!" she tells him and drags him to his room.

"But but…" Numbuh One protest against her.

She freezes still and let go off his ear.


Numbuh One screams like a girl and runs into his room.

"I… don't hear you sleeping in there!" all three girls said to the boys.

From inside you hear the blankets moving because the boys were trying to sleep really fast.

All three girls flick their hair in the air and walks to the living room.

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