Waffles, Bella, and Edward; Oh My!

Tossing and tossing. I just kept sinking into this damn couch. Finally giving up trying to sleep, I sat up. I turned to look out the window; it was bright out. Edward is going to be home soon! I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around him and then press my lips to his in a kiss…

A kiss…

Thoughts reeled through my head. My name, waking up, leaning forward, pressing my lips to the lips of another vampire, shrieking, talking to Edward… Would he be mad? It's not like I kissed Emmet on purpose, I only loved him as a brother. Edward would understand. This kiss didn't mean anything. But, he sounded so angry over the phone. Stupid, stupid, stupid; you knew you shouldn't have asked Emmet to sit on the couch so you could sleep on him.

I couldn't help myself, I started to cry. Edward would be so angry. He had a habit of jumping to conclusions then ceasing to listen to reason. Would Alice talk to him? Would he forgive me? Would he leave me again? At the last thought, I cried harder That was it. He had come back and I had screwed up again. I would never, ever, ask for waffles or pancakes again, for as long as I existed.

"Bella?" I visibly jumped from the voice coming behind me. I turned, expecting Emmet, only to find Edward. Here I was crying on the living room couch, thinking Edward was going to leave me because I had accidentally kissed and slept next to his brother. He had a look of remorse on his face.

In an instant he was be my side, pulling me into his lap. His cool arms circled around my waist and went up to stroke my hair. I forgot all thoughts of him leaving only to replace them with gratefulness at him staying.

"Should I stop?" I could hear the pain in his voice. I just kept crying, more so then I was before he came. I couldn't speak, all I could do was shake my head. "Then why are you crying?" Once again, the pain was in his voice. I had to stop crying, it was causing my angel pain.

I gave a few sniffles, then took a deep breath, "I was crying because I was afraid you would be mad. I didn't sleep with Emmet I just wanted company. Your company and you weren't here so I had to come up with something. Then, I guess in my sleep I grabbed his arm, thinking it was you, no doubt. Then he was waking me up and I thought it was you so I leaned forward to kiss you but I ended up kissing Emmet. It didn't mean anything, I swear. I thought it was you. I only love Emmet like a brother. I swear I'd never leave you for anyone else, even your brother. Besides, he has Rosalie and only you would want someone as boring and pathetic as me." I said this in all one breath and was panting with tears streaming down my face. I looked down and blushed, why I didn't know.

Then a cool hand came under my chin to lift it up. I made eye contact with Edward. His eyes were understanding, unlike what I thought. "Then, why were you crying once I had swept you up in my lap?" He must have been able to tell that the cries were different.

"I… I was afraid you'd leave me because you'd be angry with me for kissing you brother even though it was an accident. When you came and you were stroking my hair, I realized that you weren't going to leave me. I was crying because I was happy." Another deep breath.

"I love you Isabella Marie Swan." His lips pressed to mine. I took a sharp breath in only bringing his sent to me. My head swirled. I was helplessly trapped kissing my angel. Then, all to soon, he pulled back. My heart was beating erratically. Would I never get use to his touch?

"What do you want to do today?" I didn't know, but my stomach suddenly grumbled; wanting to be fed. My angel began to shake with laughter. I moaned in protest. This is what got everything started. "I take that back, What would you like to eat for breakfast?"

I gave him an evil grin, "Waffles!" A booming laugh came down to us from the floorboard above us. This time I would make sure it was Edward I kissed and not Emmet.

A short sappy ending to my tale. Just as a note to all, my stories have been flying off the shelf and onto FanFiction quite fast since getting the account going, but this is only because of summer vacation. I plan on having another short story up that is just Edward, Bella fluff and I'm also going to start a longer story. Have patience with me please.

Yours truly,