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The Unthinkable

Seeley Booth hopped up the stairs-two at a time- to Brennan's apartment. He had been away for the weekend camping with Parker. He couldn't wait to see his Bones. All weekend Booth had done nothing but think about her. He longed to called her,but in the middle of the wilderness there is no cell reception.

"Bones!.It's me open up!"Booth called through the door. When there was no answer Booth started knocking.

"Bones! Open..u-"Booth watched in horror as the door flew open.

Brennan's apartment was completely ransacked. Books and cd's were strewn across the hardwood floor. The couches were a mess. Lamps and a few vases were shattered into a million peices. Booth quietly slid his gun out of the holster and held it in front of him.

"Bones...Are you here?!"Booth called making his was towards the bedroom.

Gazing into the kitchen Booth saw it was completely untouched. The only thing missing was a butchers knife from its usual spot on the counter. Seeing the knife missing made Booth's heart drop into the pit of his stomach.

"Bones!"Booth called as he ran into the bedroom. What he saw terrified him. The bed was in shambles. A blood soaked sweatshirt was hanging from the footboard. A trail of blood lead into the bathroom. Booth badly didn't want to walk into the bathroom out of fear of what he'd see.

"Bones?"Booth whispered as he stepped into the bathroom. There was blood on the floor. The tub was full of bloody water,but no Brennan.

Booth flipped open his cell phone and dialed Brennan's number.

"Hello"said a meek frightened voice

"Bones!? Bones it Booth. Where are you!?"Booth cried.

"The corner of Church and First. Please come and get me"Brennan sobbed.

"I'm on my way..Bones what happened?"

"I was...raped"

A/N-Sorry for the short chapter. It well get better I promise :)