The Pain Of Her?

The Summary:

A pain of Tohru in her life. The pain... everything she has faced a... pain for...her.


"Tohru are you alright? Don't hurt yourself. You have to calm down, you can't blame yourself for this." said a male voice, who was sitting next to Tohru trying to calm her down. Her face was anger, she was standing, looking at the picture that shown her and both of her parents.

"Then...then tell me why did everyone blamed me?!" she angered, throwing the picture across the room. The photo frame smash into pieces.

"I don't know..." said the male, looking at the floor. He repeats in a quite voice, "I don't know..."

Tohru looked at the male, her face was still in anger and many other emotions.

"Is that all you could say?! I don't know?!" she shouted, walking to grab another picture. The male ran up to her. He grabbed the picture away from her before she could even smash it. Around the room was filled with picture frames glass that was smash against the floor or thrown across.

"Let go!" Tohru order, holding the last picture frame tightly.

"No. I won't let go." said the male firmly, holding on to the picture. "This should be very special to you. It was the last picture that you and your parents took before they..."

"They what?" Tohru asks the male, she knew the answer, but hearing it again, angered her.

"They died." he said quietly. Tohru felt anger rose. She let go of the picture and punches the nearest thing, and that was the wall. Blood was slowly trailing down from her fist to the wall.

"You're bleeding!" shouted the male, he had a worried look on his face. He walks to her, reaching for her. When Tohru saw his hand an inch close to her, she whisks it away from him.

"This is nothing, comparing to you and the others...Hatori Sohma."

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