"Make me..." he said, with a smile, looking at me.

"LET HER GO!!" shouted several voices at once, I turned my head to where the voices were coming from. It was Kairi, Yu, Shijo, Rei, Sohma-kun, Momiji, Haru, Kyo, Uo, Hana and Shinji.

Chapter 8: Where's your Poof?!

Normal POV:

"Let her go!" they all shouted at once, walking towards Tohru.

"Why?" he sneer.

"Why are you doing this?" ask Shijo, anger was in his voice.

"She's mine, it was the deal before she was born!"

"What deal, Kino?!" ask Shinji.

The boy smirk as he hugs Tohru tighter. "You didn't know?"

"Know what?! shouted Rei.

"She's my fanciee, it was arrange by Tomoake. And thanks to him, she's all mine, and no one else."

"N-no!" said Kairi in a disbeilivif voice, shaking her head back and forth.

"That can't be true, can't it?" ask Momiji, Yu and Hana.

"Where's your poof?" ask Yuki, staring at Kino.

"My poof is right here," Kino said, as he removes himself from Tohru, and ripped off her school uniform blouse, right in front of them. Was a sliver mark above her left shoulder, it had a rose and a pair of angels' wings on them. That was the poof.

"NO!" shouted all of the Karuita's cousin.

"Oh. yes." said Kino, enjoying the looks on his cousins' faces.

"What does that mean?" ask Kyo, Uo, Hana, Momiji, Yuki and Yu.

"It's means..." said Kairi.

"'s means that she's belong to me, unless she has the power to do so, but I don't think that will be happening anything soon, will it, Ru-chan?" he smile at Tohru, she looked aghst, and pulled away from him.

"Now!" shouted Rei, begining to chant.

"In the heaven and hell above and below. We command you to make this devil begone!! We, as the angels of Gods, send him away!!" the Karuita's chanted, a sliver light came from all of theirs hand and pointed stragient at Kino, who only smirked and relevaled his black like demon wings.

"That's weak." he said, smirking before leaving them. "I will be back, my sweet Ru-chan!!"

"What's happening?!" ask Kyo, wanting to know answers now.

"It compliacated," said Shinji, walking towards a shivering, stare-blank Tohru.

"Ru-san?" ask Shinji, placing a hand on Tohru's shoulder, she jolt a little.

"Don't worry, we're here for you. Come we have to get back." said Shijo, who was on the other side of Tohru.

"I-I can't...I-I won't.." Tohru said, shaking her head back and forth.

"Don't be an baka, we have to know why is that he's out! Don't you want to know?!" shouted Rei, staring at her, his eyes and body was in anger.

"I don't know...," she said, her head was lower, and not one could see her face. "All I could think of is getting Katio. That bastard proabaly looking for him." Tohru slowly took out her arms from her cousins, and slowly walking.

"Ru?" ask Yu, looking at Tohru as she past him.

"What's worng?" she ask with a small smile on her face, Yu's eyes widen, After all of this, she still able to smile?! thought Yu, ask he stared at his older cousin

"Why would Kino-Onii-san would be looking for Kaito-kun?" he ask.

Tohru's face frown a little, she turned her head towards the sunset, it was already late. " Let's just say, that Katio is like a part of me."

Everyone stared at Tohru with a question look on thier faces, wondering what she meant by that.

"Yuki, Kyo, Momiji, Haru, could you four go and get Kaito for me and bring him here, if he's have a friend with him, bring him along and I'll call his mother."

"Why?" ask Momiji, wanting to know.

"Just go and get him, Yu and Kairi, go along with them, knowing him, he'll have someone attacking them. Okay?" she said as she turned her head from the sunset to the group of people, she smile before she fell towards the ground.

Thump...She fainted.

"Where's Tohru-nee-chan?" ask Matisa, looking back and forth to see if Tohru would be coming any mintue now. He, Kisa, Hiro and Katio were waiting outside in the front gate of their school. Hiro was leaning agasint the wall, his back was next to him on the floor. While Kisa and Katio was sitting on the ground with their backpacks next to them, and as for Matisa, his back pack was also leaning agasint the wall, but he was standing up streahing for Tohru.

"Tohru-nee-san?" ask Hiro, staring at the younger boy.

"This is my friend, you know the one I got into a fight about Onee-chan," said, Katio, introducing Matisa to Kisa and Hiro.

"Are you proud about that?" ask Hiro.

"Hiro!" said Kisa, staring at her cousin. Hiro shurg.

"So, why is he here?" ask Kisa, looking at Matisa.

"Tohru-nee-san invited me over!" said Matisa, with a happy smile on his face.


Katio's widen as he, stared at the ground, hard trying to find out where the voice was coming from. Kisa and the other stared at him.

Help... me!

"What's worng?" ask Kisa, looking at Katio, his head turned back and forth, startling Kisa.

Don't touch him! He has nothing to do with you. said a voice. A voice that was familer.

"Do you hear something?" he ask them.

"No." said, Matisa, Hiro and Kisa all at once.



The voice was getting louder, Katio stared at the ground for a moment, then his eyes widen, knowing who voice was that.

"Okka-san!" he shouted, startling the others, and as he said that, Yuki, Kyo, Haru, Momiji, Yu and Kairi, came down from the other end, they were out of beath, the four kids turned thier heads to the group that came running, Katio ran up to them. He ran to Kairi and the other and almost shouted, "Where's Okka-san?!"

Kairi and the others around him, look taken aback.

"What do you mean?" she ask him.

"Where's Okk--, Onee-chan?!" he said in a worried and hurried voice.

"She's resting at the shrine, not too far from here. Come we have to go," said Yu, walking up to the kids. Katio ran to get his bag and handed it to the nearest person and that was Kyo. Kyo caught the bag.

"Hey!" he shouted at Katio, "why are you givin' me ya bag?!"

"Hold on to it, I don't want to get yell again," said Katio, dashing uphill, as he dash a white angel wing came from his left shoulder, and from his right shoulder a devil wing, tearing from the back of his shirt, the group stared at him, as he flew.

"What?!" shouted Kairi, staring at Katio. "Why is he flying?!"

"Kairi!" shouted Yu, looking at her, "Follow him, he's looking for Ru, I'll get the others from the ground!"

"Okay!" shouted Kairi, running up the hill, two angel wings came out from her back. Ripping some of her clothing from the back.