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I sighed. Another afternoon of double potions was drawing closer every minute. I dreaded it just as much as Harry and Ron, though for different reasons and therefore ate my lunch while thinking about it while they went on about whether Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff would win the Quidditch game the following day. Surely every girl had this problem at least once in her life. I couldn't be the only one, could I? Perhaps the only girl to have picked this particular one, but it would seem that most girls found the problem of having a thing for a teacher at least once. Right? About halfway through lunch, Ron suddenly gasped.

"Hermione! Was that one foot essay for Snape due today?" he asked urgently.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, Ron. I reminded you about it last night. Did you play chess instead of writing it again?"

Ron's face held a look of extreme guilt as he admitted he had. I honestly felt no pity for him as he whipped out a piece of parchment and a quill to write the essay in the next ten minutes. Surprisingly, he managed nine inches before it was time to head to class. Granted, his writing was rather big and the margins quite wide. If he really thought Snape wouldn't notice he was crazy, but good for him if he could pull it off. I doubted it though.

The three of us joined Neville and made our way towards the dungeons with Ron still scribbling furiously. We reached the classroom with a full five minutes to spare, but seeing as how all the Slytherins were already there, we each lost five points for Gryffindor for being 'late.'

I didn't let it bother me too much and just put my book bag down before taking my seat. Snape glared in our direction before waving his wand which put instructions on the blackboard. "You have two hours. Begin. You had better not meander around because the potion has to brew for a full forty-five minutes before you can add the ending ingredients. Please place your essays on my desk."

He was right; we would have to move fast to get it to the brewing stage and have time left for it to sit. Harry and Ron partnered up, and I worked with Neville. I told Neville to start heating up the cauldron as I went to turn in our essays and gather ingredients. I walked over to Professor Snape's desk and placed our parchments on the pile trying to avoid the Professor's sharp gaze. However, I was unfortunately unsuccessful and met his eyes before blushing and quickly walking to the storage compartment. I could feel his glare follow my back, but I refused to turn around. I hurriedly got what Neville and I needed and rushed back to our work space.

Neville and I managed to get everything done relatively easily, not counting the burn Neville sustained on his hand. Truthfully, that was actually very good considering usually a class didn't go by when Neville didn't blow something up or created some new poison by adding the ingredients incorrectly. We sat back and Neville soon joined Harry, Ron, Seamus, and Dean in a hushed conversation about their favorite subject, Quidditch.

I decided to take this down time to finish the contemplating I had been doing during lunch. I pulled out a piece of parchment and resolved to figure this problem out my favorite way – by compiling a pros and cons list.

I drew a line down the center of the parchment and wrote pros on the left and cons on the right then underlined them. I titled the list "Reasons for and against liking him." I supposed I had better not put the name. Imagine the horror of the parchment falling into the wrong hands! I don't think there's a single girl in this school besides me who would actually make a list like this, so anyone who picked it up would automatically assume it was me. Well, it was time to start making the list. I always started with the pro side first, and I knew exactly the first quality that would go there. I wrote "intelligent" in my neat handwriting.

There was no doubt about that one. Granted, I hadn't had the pleasure of having an intelligent conversation with him, but I could just tell from the way he brewed his potions. You couldn't be stupid and become one of the most renowned potion makers in Britain. Not to mention his extensive knowledge of Defense of the Dark Arts, and even his knowledge of the Dark Arts. It was, of course, one thing to know how to do the Dark Arts, but another if you actually did them. Dumbledore surely knew all about them, but he didn't use them, and that's exactly how I saw his situation. And of course, he'd survived all this time as an excellent spy, and no bumbling idiot could pull one over on You-Know-Who.

I thought about the next pro for the list. I smiled as I wrote "tall", "dark", and "handsome." It was quite cliché, but so true all the same. He was quite tall and I must say that I've always had a weakness for a man that could tower over me and protect me so to say. His dark hair that came down to his chin looked ideal for running fingers through. Well, if he would wash it. I made "hygiene" the first entry to the cons list. But goodness knows I was a sucker for dark hair. Just look at the boys I've liked. There was that short crush on Harry, the thing I had with Viktor, and now him. Handsome was surely the perfect word. He really was handsome in his own way. It wasn't Harry's boyish looks or Viktor's husky demeanor. It was more of a sensitive soul. Ok, sensitive was probably not the correct adjective to describe Severus Snape, but then again, who really knew the inner Snape? His eyes held the look of someone who had seen more in his years than he needed to, someone who had a past and just needed someone to share it with. I smiled. Why couldn't I be that girl?

I figured I should try to find some cons besides the greasy hair one to try to even out the list a little bit. I decided that the fact that he had been a Death Eater would be a con, so I added "original allegiance" to the con list. I made sure and put original in there because I fully believed that he was Dumbledore's man through and through now.

I thought about it a bit more though. I worried about what he had done back when he was a Death Eater. Who knows the horrors he had faced. How many had he killed? Tortured? Cursed beyond repair?

The thoughts were shaken from my mind when Neville asked me how much longer we had to wait. I quickly hid my list and checked the clock. "We still have 20 minutes, Neville. We're only halfway there." He nodded and then rejoined Harry and the others in their intense discussion.

I pulled my list back out and dwelled on what needed to be added. The age difference occurred to me. Yes, he was almost twenty years my senior, but in the Wizarding World, did that really matter all that much? Wizards lived to see 150 quite often, and when I'm 90 will it make much difference that he's 110? Surely not. Actually, an older man would be more mature, wiser, and experienced in life than those my age. Look at Ron for example! Nevertheless, I decided to leave it off of the list completely.

What else needed to go on the list? Ah, yes. I added "sense of humor" to the pros list. Odd though it may seem, I quite enjoyed his sarcastic, biting humor. What I wouldn't give to be able to enter a battle of wits with him and not have to fear detention or point deduction. I let my mind stray for a minute or two while I imagined us in a friendly debate over some nonsense issue that culminated in making up. I grinned to myself and was completely lost in a day dream world until Neville once again nudged me.

"Hermione, are you ok? You look all glazed over. How much time do we have now?"

I quickly pulled myself out of my enchanting visions and checked my watch. "Just five more minutes now, Neville. We got everything ready before, so all we have to do is throw in those last three ingredients." He nodded and once again went back to the group of boys, whose conversation was getting louder every minute. I had the bad feeling that Snape was going to come over very soon and get after them.

I went back to my list. It wasn't very extensive yet. I only had five on the pros side and two to the cons side. That was encouraging. There were more reasons to like him than not at the moment. I tried to think of some more cons. The most obvious one was bothering me a lot at the moment. The fact that he was my professor was a major issue. Despite the fact that I was already seventeen, professor/student relationships were not acceptable in the least. However, I hesitated to add it to the list. If I put that there, anybody who found the list could easily determine the object of my current obsession. I decided that I'd put it on the list and charm it to appear as something else.

I had just written it and pulled out my wand to charm it when a soft voice from behind me made my blood run cold. "And what do you have here, Miss Granger?" I froze and before I could hide the list or protest, Snape had grabbed it out of my hands.

"Reasons for and against liking him," he read out loud. I can only imagine that my cheeks turned a vibrant red. He was going to read the list out loud. I was going to be forever laughed at for the rest of my life. He continued, "Pros: Intelligent. Well, that obviously disqualifies Mr. Weasley and Mr. Longbottom," Ron opened his mouth to protest, but Harry stomped on his foot to shut him up. Neville just hung his head like he always did every time Snape insulted him. "Tall, dark, and handsome. Well, the handsome deletes Mr. Potter from the list." Harry took the insult in stride, knowing that an outburst would only result in point deductions. I could hear Malfoy and the other Slytherins laughing behind me. I thought I was going to die of embarrassment, but it was only going to get worse when he got to the cons side.

I dared to look up and noticed Snape's eyes drift to the right side of the parchment. They narrowed. I knew he had gotten to the word "professor" and I saw the dawn of realization in his face. He sneered at me and whispered in a deadly tone, "Detention, Miss Granger, tomorrow evening and we can discuss the rest of your list."

I let out the breath I had been holding. Detention was nothing compared to the consequences of having the rest of that list read out loud to the entire class. Snape lazily dropped the parchment and it floated down to my hands where I hastily stuffed it into my book bag. Neville and I added the last three ingredients and each corked a vial of it. I begged him to take mine up to Snape's desk, and he did so quite reluctantly. I hurried out of there just as soon as he said class dismissed and ran straight for Gryffindor Tower. I collapsed onto my bed and began crying my eyes out.

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