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She had been shot.

That was the only thing that was running, screaming, through Zero's mind as he let it run over him over and over again in a malevolent cycle of shock as he stared at Yuki's body lain out on the bed at a hospital in town.

She had been shot in the crossfire of some human bank robbery, and now she was dying.


He stared at the closed eyelids, how her face was so pale, and the bandages that peeked out of her neckline. The soft brown of her hair, and how she had been changed out of her normal clothes and into some sort of gown that provided no warmth at all.

He could still hear her heartbeat, but the blood would have been intoxicating if only he hadn't fed on her like the foul beast he was just earlier on that day. Would the bullet have missed if she wasn't unstable from having her blood taken away? Would she have been able to dodge it so it wasn't wedged into her chest, only miraculously missing her heart? Would he, if only he hadn't been in a sated haze, have been able to stop the man shooting the gun?

Would she…

The door banged open in a rather unceremonious way as the Headmaster charged through the small room and to Yuki's side. This was no surprise.

However, the pureblood vampire that strode through just as quickly but in a much more dignified way almost made Zero snap out of his haze as Kaname Kuran stopped short of the bed, looking at Yuki's coma-like state and IV drip before turning slowly to Zero. He only vaguely noticed the murderous look in Kuran's eyes before the vampire grabbed Zero's collar and shoved him to the nearest wall, holding him up with inhuman strength.

Would she…

"Why didn't you take that bullet for her?" The hiss was unmistakably furious, but Zero didn't notice.

Would she blame him for this?

"Kaname! Let go of him!" The Headmaster was making useless gestures with his hands, obviously trying not to tug on Kuran's body in any way. The pureblood vampire was radiating fury.

He took Zero's limp body away from the wall and slammed him into it again, but the pain only vaguely registered to his fogged mind.

"I'm sorry…" A voice said, cracking as every syllable went into a higher pitch, until Zero realized it was his own. He didn't struggle against the hand that was choking him. He deserved it.

Yuki was the only reason he was alive in the first place.

The hand tightened fractionally until Zero thought he would actually die, and then released him, letting his body slide down to the cold, hard floor. He heard several clicks of Kuran's shoes upon the vinyl and then the subtle shut of the door.

It was so ironic that even Kaname Kuran, Yuki's hero, couldn't heal this wound. Perhaps relieve the pain, but what use was that when Yuki was in a coma?

He sat there, unmoving, for a long time, with the Headmaster just on the other side of the suffocating room.

"Zero," the man said, keeping a safe distance away, "you have to come back to Cross Academy. You have your duties."

The window blinds filtered in the fading sunset's light, subtly emphasizing the Headmaster's words.

Zero couldn't even cop up the energy to feel angry. He just lay there limply, staring at the unmoving figure in the hospital bed, how her eyelashes had their own shadow upon her cheeks, how the blanket covered all of the blood, how she looked like she could just wake up at any time.

"Zero," the Headmaster pressed.

His eyes were the first to acknowledge that the man who had taken care of him since he was thirteen. Then his head lolled to the side, and the Headmaster reached out a hand for him to take.

He had never taken that hand in his four years of living with him.

This knowledge was the only thing that kept him from taking it, forcing himself to use muscles that screamed to stay where they were, like how that person Yuki had saved screamed when she had taken the bullet for her.

He got up, swaying, stabilized himself, walked past the Headmaster, past the nurses that cast pitying looks at him, past the receptionist, past everyone until he was at the gates of the Moon Dorm.

By then, the girls, those girls, had already congregated themselves, waiting for the aristocrats to arrive.

It was ironic when they parted one by one as he shoved by them, unwilling to take the effort to weave through them.

They didn't even complain as they took one look at his face and saw something that made them pity him.

"Go back to your dorms," he rasped out in front of the girls as the gates opened.

He was ignored pitifully as the girls surged against his one person, only those that he had brushed past trickling away.

"Go back to your dorms," he said, louder and hoarse, his voice cracking.

This time, in his futile attempt to stop them, he was pushed over, elbow taking the brunt of the collision as he fell. He smelled his own blood as the cement gnashed and scraped against his skin.

"Go away, Mr. Disciplinary Committee!" one particularly nasty girl said, only stopping for a moment to smirk down into his face before disappearing.

There were exclamations of surprise among the Night Class students as the girls horded around them, so reminiscent of the time he changed into a vampire that he felt sick.

"Girls." Kuran's voice called out, almost immediately silencing the group because of the fact that Kaname Kuran was speaking, before they all started screaming with fangirl release. The Night Class president spoke again, and Zero only then realized that the shoed foot in front of his face was Kuran's.

Then, supposedly as a response to the pureblood vampire's words, the girls miraculously disappeared.

Zero lifted an elbow to prop himself up, kneeling slowly, subconsciously taking into amount the minimal damage he had been given, while simultaneously bringing out his Bloody Rose to face the vampires that surrounded him.

Kaname, surprisingly, was the one that stepped towards him, his eyes glinting with hatred, the same face he had given him after Zero had—

Bitten Yuki.

He felt tired again, like every bone in his body ached, feeling his regret wash over him, just as his existence often did. He was only a beast in human form, Zero thought bitterly even as he sniffed his own blood and felt a carnal wish for flesh.

And then, as if that realization had triggered some sort of reaction, the Night Class dispersed as Kuran walked by Zero's pointed gun, past it, and disappeared within the school grounds, his aristocrats trailing along behind the pureblood, all each giving Zero their glares.

None of them touched him.

He walked slowly towards the building, a good distance between him and the vampires.

It was going to be a long night.

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