Danny Phantom: Revelations

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: As always, I don't own Danny Phantom, Nickelodeon and Billionfold Inc does and I don't own the X-Men Marvel do.

Author's Notes: Welcome once again to another Danny Phantom fic, this one is a crossover between Danny Phantom and the X-Men 90s cartoon. I hope this one will be as good as An Orphaned Hero and I look forward to seeing Shiva the Sarcastic, Nightshadow24, Phillip Clark, and Soulcat56 to return to reviewing this story.

Chapter I: Dark Visions


Things have been pretty quiet here these past few years, mainly because Vlad is doing time in a federal jail cell for various crimes, not to mention the murder of my loved ones.

With Fruit Loop behind bars, his ghost portal has been shut down and very few ghosts get out save for the Box Ghost (I swear the guy must have his own ghost portal the way he always pops up) which I am grateful for since without him, I would be out of job since no ghosts mean no people calling about Ghost problems.

The ghosts aren't the only thing that's changed; me and Valerie finally worked out our differences. She no longer thinks Danny Phantom is a menace (She still has misgivings about Cujo though).

In fact, just last year, she's teamed up with me and helps with the ghost catching business, I've even changed the named to 'Danny and Valerie's Ghost removal service.' We're actually doing pretty well for ourselves.

Valerie, since she already graduated (Lancer held me back a year) takes care of any ghosts that pop up during the day, while I take care of the ghosts after school. It allows me to actually study and get good grades, I'm already a straight B student and with any luck those B's will become A's.

There is one problem though, I think I'm having feelings for Valerie, the kind of feelings I had for Sam, but I don't know what to do. I know Sam would want me to be happy, but I don't want to forget about her, she was my first love.

Maybe all I need is some time to myself to think things through, maybe a fly around will help me clear my mind or at least I hope so.


I see great things in store for Danny, his future is indeed one of great happiness and he deserves it after all what happened.

I walked away from the mirror and turned to my shelf where a lone Fenton Thermos sat.

"You have been quiet these past few days," I told the thermos curiously.

"You know it's only a matter of time before he turns and there is nothing you can do about it," a voice from inside the thermos taunted.

"You know that was a poor choice of words, I am the master of time, and I will make sure that Danny does not become you," I retorted as I headed back for the mirror.

It was then, I heard a sound and then the wall of my lair exploded, someone had broken in.

"Who dares into intrude into my domain," I shouted as I gripped my staff tight in my hands and prepared to attack until I saw who it was attacking.

"I'm surprised you don't remember me, Clockwork, has your brain dulled throughout the centries," a tall figure in the shadows taunted and I knew who it was.

"You," I exclaimed, "You're susposed to be destroyed, I saw you sanctuary destroyed," I said as I swung my staff at him only to have blocked by some sort of shield.

"Foolish, Clockwork, do you really think a bunch of mortals can defeat me," he boasted as he blasted me with an energy blast sending me flying through the room until I crashed into my bookshelf.

"They might have failed, but I will not," I said as got ready to trap him in a time bubble, but he blocked it and attacked me one last time, "You will not win," I said weakly as I tried to get up.

"You failed as well, Clockwork and now that I have the weapon I need to destroy those who dare to oppose the future that I shall rule," he said as he saw my time staff laying at his feet and picked it up.

"My staff, no you don't know the power it has, no one does," I warned him, hoping that he had some bit of common sense not take my weapon.

"Do not talk to me about power, for I am power itself and you Clockwork are no more," he said as got ready to kill me, but stopped as he spotted the thermos lying on the ground.

"Ah, the perfect servant to carry out my will," he said as he picked up the thermos and gazed at it.

"No, you don't know what you're doing," I told him as he opened it and flash of energy illuminated the room.

"At last, I am free!" I heard the malevolent voice of Dan Phantom said as the light died down and beheld the most powerful ghost in existence looking at me with hatred burning in his eyes, "Now that I'm free I will…," he began to say before he was cut off.

"Serve me," the voice said ominously, "I have freed you, so you can serve me, and destroy those who dare oppose me," the voice informed Dan gravely.

"Who are you?" Dan asked as he beheld the being, he was still hidden in the shadows but he could tell that this being is powerful.

"I am the future, I have come to judge the world and exterminate those who defy my will," the voice announced, after all those centuries he is still adheres to his corrupt view of the world.

"What do I get out of it," Dan asked the voice, he wasn't working for anyone unless he benefited from the deal.

"The chance to destroy your enemies and sit at my right hand," the voice told him, "and here is your first enemy to defeat," he said pointing to me.

"I have the perfect place for this meddler," he said as he held the thermos and sucked me in.

"Enjoy your stay Clockwork," was the last thing, I heard before I was locked in thermos.

I pray that Danny will be able to defeat Dan again or else the world is doomed.


I was monitoring events on Cerebro, I was hoping to find Magneto, he has been quiet since Asteroid M was destroyed and was hoping he was all right and not planning an attack.

While I was thinking, Cyclops came into the room, "Professor, there is something you should see," he said as he raced into the room.

"What is it Scott?" I asked him as he turned on one of the monitors.

"This," he said as he turned to the news, they were reporting from downtown where a strange being was attacking the city.

He was tall and dressed in black and white battle suit with a white cape. He had a pale face with piercing red eyes and flaming white hair and goatee.

This being was causing major damage and hurting innocent people, I knew he had be stopped or countless people would lose their lives.

"Prepare the Blackbird, we have to stop him," I told him as he left to follow his orders.

I went back to Cerebro, I tried looking into his mind, but there was something or someone blocking it, it was presence I haven't felt since I went to Muir Island to meet with Dr. Addler.


Mr. Lancer's class was boring as always, he was talking about how Shakespeare created his own words for his plays, I was beginning to fall asleep, but luckily for me (or at least I thought it was lucky) my cell phone rang.

"Return of the King Fenton! I've told you a thousand time to turn that thing off in my class. I swear you're worse than Foley was sometimes," Lancer yelled, everyone laughed at Lancer's exclamation, giving me a chance to slip out and answer it.

I went into an empty classroom and turned on my phone, "Danny, here," I spoke through the receiver.

"Danny, this is Valerie, I think you check out the news today," Valerie replied nervously, I could tell that something bad was happening.

There was a TV in the room, I turned it on and went pale at what I saw.

"It's Dan, how'd he get free," I said as I looked at him destroy New York City, I had do something or else things would get very ugly.

"Val, you still there?" I asked her worriedly.

"Yeah, Danny, what should we do?" she asked, she knew that we were going take care of it.

"Val, I want you to take the Specter Speeder and go to the Ghost Zone, we're going to need Clockwork's help for this," I told her, he helped us before when I faced Dan and I know he'd do the same again for us.

"What are you going to do," She asked me, she probably knew the answer and feared to hear it.

"I'm going to New York to stop Dan, I'll call you when I get there," I told her so she wouldn't worry.

"Okay, please be careful Danny," she said as she hung up to start to her mission.

I snuck into a closet and transformed into Danny Phantom and took off through a window to stop my evil self, I only hope we will win.