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Chapter X: Armageddon


The battle has begun; Valerie and I go after Dan, "it's over Dan! You're going back into thermos!" I told as I dodged one of his ecto-blasts and fired one of my own at him.

"That's what you think boy," Dan said as went to attack me, only to be shot down by Valerie on her hover board.

"Thanks, Val, I owe you," I said as I watched Dan fall from the sky, he was weakened temporarily and allowed me to freeze him with my ice powers.

I surveyed the rest of the battle Cyclops and Gambit were going after Skulker and were attacking the hunter fiercely.

"You pick a lousy hand," Gambit said as he threw some playing cards at Skulker, damaging his armor.

"You'll pay for that freak," he said aiming his gun at the hero ready to fire at him until Cyclops blasted at him for behind.

"You'll have to accept a rain check," Cyclops said as he blasted the hunter a second time sending him to the ground.

Rogue was taking on Johnny 13, the biker was trying to run her over but Rogue was a step ahead of him, "Shadow, Sic'em!" he yelled as his shadow lunged forward as he tried to catch her but Rogue snuck behind him and threw him off his bike sending him flying.

"Ya'll better buckle up next time sugar," she said as she landed and went to help Beast deal with Spectra and Bertrand.

"Look at you, you're a freak, not even human, you're animal and should be caged like one," Spectra cackled trying to feed on his misery while Bertrand held him to the ground in his mountain lion form.

"I try to focus on the positive ma'am and not the negative," Beast said as he freed himself of Bertrand and attacked Spectra who just went intangible and best went right through him.

"Ha, you can't defeat me," she said laughing as Rogue snuck up on her.

"Maybe he can't but I can, sugar," she said as she removed her gloves and placed her hands on Spectra's face, her power flowed out of her and into rogue until Spectra was a withered old woman.

"My youth! No!" she screamed as she ordered Bertrand to attack her, but the ghost was knocked out by Beast, who had attacked him while Spectra was distracted.

Cyclops and Gambit were now dealing with Technus, which didn't take long as Cyclops blasted in the middle of his 'introduction,' knocking him out.

Wolverine was dealing with Walker; the warden was blasting him with ecto-blasts but he was dodging them as fast as Walker could fire them.

"When I'm done with you punk, you'll be pleading to rot in solitary," he said as he blasted as him with a powerful blast from his hands.

"You'll be the one pleading when this done, bub," Wolverine growled as he lunged at Walk with such ferocity that the ghost did not have time to react and was knocked out cold with his suit and hat slashed to pieces.

This left only Fright Knight, Storm seemed to be doing well against the spirit of Halloween, however the battle shifted when he raised the Soul Shredder and struck Storm.

"NO PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!" she screamed as the Fright Knight laughed (I remember Cyclops telling me that Storm was claustrophobic from being trapped in collapsed building as a child) I raced to her aid and take down the Fright Knight.

"Hey you, don't you know it's impolite to hit a lady," I said as I went flying towards him and knocked him out, I was about to ecto-blast him when someone hit me with one.

"Don't tell me you forgot about me, Danny?" I heard Dan's dark voice ask sarcastically, I went to attack him but he duplicated and blasted me again.

I could feel myself falling from the air, my body burned as the ecto-blasts burned my costume and burned my skin, after a few seconds I feel the skin blister and break open, I tried to scream but only tears came out.

"Farewell forever, Danny!" was the last thing I heard Dan say before my eyelids finally gave way and I succumbed to unconsciousness.


While the X-Men, Danny, and Valerie took care of Dan and his henchmen, I went to take on my old enemy Apocalypse.

"You are a fool, Clockwork, you know you can never destroy me for I am immortal," Apocalypse shouts as he turned his hand into a mace and swung at me trying to destroy me.

"You are not a god, Apocalypse, merely a mutant driven so mad that he believes himself a deity," I said as put up shield and blocked his attack, "and like all mortals you can die, it's just a matter of finding out the proper way to kill you," I told my ancient foe as I blasted him.

"You could not destroy me 5,000 years ago, what makes you think you can win this time," he retorted as he jumped out of the way.

I thought for a moment, he was right, I failed millennia ago, but I was determined not to fail this time. It was then I saw my answer, I beheld my time staff connected to a machine, no doubt Apocalypse was going to use it to destroy the world.

"This time I have grown smarter and time is my ally," I said as I flew towards my staff, I knew it was the key to winning the battle.

"You will not succeed!" he hissed as he blasted me trying to take down, but I evaded his bolts and went intangible to avoid being hit.

"It is you that will fail, Apocalypse," I said as I grabbed the staff, "Now I will end our age old battle," I said as I clutched my staff and prepared to attack.

"Even with your precious staff, you will still not be able to kill me," the demon boasted as he prepared to attack me.

"Yes, but your spirit can be contained," I said as I flew at my enemy and overshadowed him, I could feel his evil and hatred for all life poison my spirit, but I had fought back.

Finally I pushed myself out of his body with his spirit, the hard part was over, "Now Apocalypse you shall fall," I told him as I took the thermos that once held Dan and trapped Apocalypse's spirit in it.

I had done it, after all this, I defeated Apocalypse, now I had to go aid my allies in finishing this battle once and for all.


"You'll pay for that!" I shouted as I blasted Dan with my ecto-gun, he was going to pay for hurting Danny.

"You really think, you can defeat me, little girl," he sneered, I could tell that he was about to attack, I tried to get out of way but he blasted me in the shoulder.

I screamed as the energy burned my skin, "You're going down, Dan," I said as I got up and aimed at him, even though it hurt to move my arm.

"You can't win," Dan said ready to kill me, but he suddenly froze, I was confused until I saw the smiling face of Clockwork looking at me.

"Don't worry Dan she may not win, but I can. Okay, Valerie now," he said as I got out my thermos and trapped Dan inside, the battle was finally over.

I looked out the carnage of the battle; the ghosts had vanished, leaving only the X-Men, Clockwork, Danny and myself.

I raced over to where Danny laid, I checked his pulse, thank goodness he was still alive, "Danny can you hear me," I asked him, but there was no response, I looked over to Clockwork worriedly, the master of time flashed a knowing smiled.

"He will be fine, we better go back to the mansion," he said as he walked to the machine and freed the Professor and went to help the X-Men, we had did it; we had won over one of the most evil foes we had ever faced.


After the battle, we made it back to the mansion, we put Danny back in the infirmary for treatment of 2nd degree burns, but he is awake now and doing fine.

Jubilee is also awake, although she still wishes she could have helped, but it would have been too dangerous for her to have come along.

"We owe you our thanks, Clockwork, Valerie, and especially to you Danny, you're one heck of a fighter," I told the ghost boy.

"It's our job, we fight ghosts," Danny said modestly, "but I couldn't have done without Val and Clockwork," he continued pointing to his allies.

"It was our pleasure to help, but don't worry Apocalypse will not escape from his prison," the ghost said pointing to thermos that contained the mutant's soul, "Now if you would excuse us, we must get back to our homes," Clockwork said as he opened a portal, "You X-Men are great warriors and I foresee a time, when your dream will be reality," he said as he, Danny, and Valerie vanished into the portal, I hope Clockwork is right and peace will become between humans and mutants for all the world's sake.

The End.