Sweet Dreams.

Summary: Candy's in the Dead Man's House, and Carrion is her host. Set in the middle of Days of Magic, Nights of War, directly after the death of Diamanda.

Rated G.

Thanks to Greg Samsa, for helpful comments and encouragement.

She cried out softly as he picked her up. Her eyes were closed, flicking back and forth behind their lids, as if in her dreams the monsters sought her still. Her face was cold, damp, pale.

He felt strangely reluctant to kill her. She was here, now; why could he not do as his grandmother wished, and rid themselves of this nuisance?

Rid himself of this entanglement.


He carried her up the stairs, as carefully as his own mother had done when he had been small. He sought the ghost-touch of gentler memories as he put the girl to bed; straightening her bruised limbs, brushing wet, choppily-cut hair away from her face. She sighed at his touch; a long, shuddering, painful breath.

Perhaps she dreamt of what she had lost. He gazed down, thoughtful, as he tucked warm blankets about her.

She twitched, face suddenly calm, her furrowed brow relaxing. What he saw then on her face stunned him to his core. She was a woman in that moment, not a sleeping girl, harried and hurt, too weary to wake.

In that moment, she was...

He closed his eyes. No. It could not be. She was dead, gone...

He looked back, almost hoping to see it—see her— again. But the mirage was gone. His "angel" was gone.

But he humored the girl, all the same. "Sleep, my angel. Sweet dreams."

Whatever her dreams were, he wished to see them—and see if he was in them.

With a final glance at Candy Quackenbush, Christopher Carrion left the bedroom.