Title: Stuck with you

Summary: (SasuHina) Hinata is a teenager girl half of the time and the other half is a rock star, Hinata has to pretend be a male rock star because of her voice and the wish of her father for her to be famous. What happens when she has a concert in a high school with a lot of fan girls, boys that are to weird and you have to study there for an entire month.

Warning: this is going to be a SasuHina fic.

Disclaimer :I do not own Naruto or any of its characters

Chapter one: How did I become a rock star

Hinata was sitting in the back of her limousine in her way to another concert thinking of how she became a rock star and pretend to be a male rock star.


An ten year old Hinata was sitting across a clearing with a guitar on her hands she was about to star singing when a man said "what a young lady like you is doing here all alone" she didn't turn around to check ho it was because she knew ho it was already "just practicing whit my guitar Mr.Kakashi" a surprised look spread across his face (Kakashi is still wearing his mask) Kakashi was a very well know representant who had represented a lot of the most famous singers in the world , but never in his life has he met a person ho knows ho he is without turning around.

"How did you know that it was me without turning around" Kakashi said "I heard your voice in TV and when you spoke it was easy for me to know it was you" "hmmmmm" was his only reply.

After several minutes of silence Hinata began to play her guitar and began to sing to much to Kakashi's surprise it wasn't a girls voice what he heard it was boys. Kakashi start looking everyway but found nothing. When Hinata finally stop singing Kakashi asked " it was you ho sing like a boy" Hinata only nodded "could you sing this song for me" Kakashi took a paper a give it too Hinata , Hinata was staring at the paper for one minute before sarting playing the song and singing it.