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As Captain Janeway walks out of the hollow deck, I notice for the first time how tired she looks. Then I start to feel guilty for all this time she has been looking after me, she has not been looking out for herself. It honestly scared me when I looked at her. I really noticed that how bad she looked and when she told me that she had a headache I felt this cold chill run up my holographic spine.

I felt her forehead and I panicked - she had a fever. I was the doctor and yet I was the one that was being helped. I knew that she needed to get to sickbay. So, I tried to call them but she stopped me from doing that.

I begged her to go get some sleep. I could not stand it if I lost someone else because I could not do my job. I ended up convincing her that she needed the sleep and that it would make her feel better. She nodded her head in understanding, and then she turned to put the book down that she had been reading. Captain Janeway faced me after that and looked into my eyes, I knew that she was asking me if I would be here when she came back and I told I would be. She nodded her head and walked out, the door closing behind her.

It had now been two hours since Captain Janeway had left and I find myself wondering if she really is sleeping.

I asked the computer to let me see Captain Janeway and it complied, in front of me materialized a view screen showing a sleeping Janeway I then let out a breath that I did not realize I had been holding.

She was resting she was really resting. I knew then that she would be ok and that I would be ok because I had the entire Voyager crew as well as her Captain behind me and I was behind them. We would get through anything together - even this.

The End

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