Not Enough


"You'll call me during summer right? And you'll tell me how things are going in college?" Kory asked, a tear forming in her eye.

"Of course baby! You'll be the first person to hear anything," Richard said. He gave Kory one last kiss before getting into the car. Kory waved as he left and tears ran down her soft cheeks.

"I'll be with you soon," she said to herself before returning to her now empty house.

1 year later:

"I can't believe we're finally going to college!" Kory squealed as she parked the car. Next to her, was her closest friend, Rachel. One year ago, Richard was a senior going off to college. One year ago, Kory was a junior, waiting for the day she would be in college with her boyfriend. That day, just so happened to be today.

"Yeah, now you can finally be with Richard again," Rachel said, stepping out of the car and grabbing her things.

"I know! Isn't it great?! He'll be so happy!" Kory said before leaving with Rachel for their new dorm room.

"I'm gonna go find Richard," Kory announced after unpacking her things. Rachel nodded before continuing reading her book. As Kory walked down the halls, tons of students walked among her and that made it extremely challenging to find anyone! It wasn't until she was about to walk down the stairs that Kory did finally see someone she recognized.

"Roy!" Kori shouted, making her way over to him. Roy was a few months older than Richard and had orange hair and sky blue eyes. As Kory walked towards Roy, he couldn't help but give her a once over. Smirking with satisfaction, Roy began to walk towards her.

"Hey Kor, great to see you," he greeted as she hugged him. As she hugged Roy, his hand slowly made his way down to her ass which he gave a tight squeeze. Kory harshly pulled away and glared at Roy.

"Damn Kory, you always know how you please me," he said, smirking. Kory continued to glare at him before grabbing his arm and dragging him to the side.

"You know I'm with Richard," she said.

"Fuck, you still wasting your time with him?" Roy asked, gazing at her breasts.

"I'm not wasting my time and yes! All I need to know is where his room is," Kory said, looking over the many people again.

"Everybody knows where Grayson's room is! It's like the most popular place around. And you just so happen to be talking to his roommate," Roy said, finally looking at Kory's face.

"Then you'll be able to take me there," she said before Roy took her by the hand and walked off. They soon reached room 261 where Roy stopped.

"Well, this is it. Just remember, if things don't work out with Grayson my bed is always next to his," he said, smirking.

"In your dreams," Kory hissed.

"Oh I hope," Roy whispered into her ear before leaving. Kory shivered before knocking on the door, putting a smile on her flawless face.

"Kory?" Richard asked, opening the door. Kory smiled before running forward and hugging him. Richard looked slightly taken back by this, but hugged in response.

"It's so good to see you!" Kory exclaimed, leaning forward to kiss him. She was rudely wakened from her dream though, when she kissed nothing. Kory opened her eyes to see Richard looking at her, nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"What's wrong Richard?" Kory asked, watching said man.

"Listen, Kory what we had in high school was fun and took up some time, but it wasn't anything serious. It just wasn't enough," Richard said. Kory's breath caught in her throat and her eyes went wide.

"What?" she chocked out.

"I'm sorry Kory, but I'm breaking up with you," Richard said, watching as Kory collapsed into a nearby chair and tears began to fall from her emerald eyes.

"Why?" she asked, looking up at Richard.

"It just wasn't enough and was bound to fail," he said.

"I would have done anything for you! Anything! All you had to do was ask!" Kory yelled, standing from her seat.

"I'm sorry Kor," Richard said before she slammed the door and walked down the hallway.

"So how'd it go?" Roy asked, stepping inside a few minutes later.

"Go fuck yourself Harper," Richard muttered before leaving.

"That well?!" Roy said with a smirk before lying down on his bed.

"Soon you'll be mine Kory… you can count on that."

With Kory:

"Are you alright?" Rachel asked as Kory walked into the room, tear stained cheeks.

"Richard broke up with me!" Kory sobbed, falling into her friends' arms. Much out of character, Rachel embraced her crying friend and tried to calm her down.

"Why?" she asked softly.

"He said it wasn't serious, bound to end, and that I wasn't enough!" Kory sobbed.

"That bastard!" Rachel shouted, finally pulling away from Kory.

"I waited all this time to finally be with him and now he breaks up with me!" Kory yelled, sitting down on her bed.

"How could he do this to you?!" Rachel yelled, throwing her arms into the air.

"He wanted more… he wanted-"

"Sex," Rachel finished and Kory sighed.

"Maybe I should have slept with him. Then we would have been able to stay together," she said, resting her head on her pulled up knees.

"Don't you dare give yourself up for some guy! If you weren't ready, then you weren't ready! He can't force you to do anything!" Rachel yelled.

"What about you? That didn't stop you and Gar," Kory said, causing Rachel to blush, also out of character.

"That's different," she said.

"How so?! You two were fucking when you were a sophomore and he was junior!" Kory yelled and Rachel looked taken back.

"You know I don't like that language," she said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot," Kory said, remembering how Rachel's father used to swear at her.

"I'm just so heart broken. I really thought we had something," Kory said, sighing once again. Rachel sat down next to her and lightly hugged her as tears began to fall once again.

"Hey Rae… oh. Am I interrupting something?" Gar asked from the door way.

"Richard broke up with her because he wanted sex," Rachel explained.

"Oh, that sucks, but reminds me! You, me, my room 10," Gar said, smirking playfully at Rachel who glared in return.

"Not helping!" she yelled as Kory began to cry harder.

"I'll just be leaving then, but don't forget," Gar said before receiving one last glare from Rachel and then leaving.

"Ignore Gar, he's a complete idiot," Rachel said.

"Do you honestly think you and Gar would still be together if you guys didn't start having sex?" Kory asked, looking up at Rachel.

"Of course! Gar loves me for me, not the pleasure of it all. If Richard was truly good for you, he'd do the same," Rachel said. Kory sighed once again before looking out the window.

"Why'd you do this to me Richard?" Kory thought to herself.


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