"Wait up Kory!" Xavier yelled, hobbling after her in the crowded hallways.

"I'm sorry," Kory said, stopping in front of him.

"Don't worry about Grayson, he's just being a dick head like he always is," Xavier said and Kory smiled.

"Thanks, oh and I think this is yours," Kory said, slipping the condom into his pocket and blushing.

"How about we go pack your things and then go back to finish mine when he's gone?" Xavier offered.

"That sounds good," Kory said, smiling as they headed towards her dorm.

"Mind you though, I get to unpack your top draw," Xavier said, smirking.

"You'll have to ask Rachel first," Kory said and Xavier raised his eyebrow.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because, we share a top draw," Kory said.

"Seriously?" Xavier asked.

"No, but you still can't go through my top draw. But don't worry, I don't just stuff things into my bag. Some people like to lay things out on their bed and then pack it away," Kory said and Xavier chuckled.

"Good enough for me," he said before they continued walking.

"You'll start at the bottom which is pants. Try to fold them neatly and then put them on my bed," Kory said as they walked into her dorm.

"Alright," Xavier said before going over to her dresser.

"There is no way in hell you fit all of your clothes into three draws," Xavier said.

"Duh! I'm a girl! Like I would seriously have that little clothes," Kory said before opening the closet.

"That makes more sense," Xavier said, looking at all the clothes hanged up and then the many other draws… some over stuffed.

"Now get to work," Kory said before Xavier got to work on her pants and she started at her closet.

"Look out, I'm throwing things back," Kory said before grabbing a random dress and throwing it backwards.

"So much for neat," Xavier mumbled.

"Fine then, just throw them onto my bed," Kory said before continuing to throw dresses backwards.

"When you start throwing bras back, tell me," Xavier said as he threw pants onto the bed.

"Why?" Kory asked, looking back at him while continuing to throw clothes onto the bed.

"Because, I don't want on it to land on my head," he said and Kory giggled.

"That was the last dress, here comes the fun stuff!" Kory announced a few minutes later as she pulled at a draw and it opened up to reveal… her bras!

"Try to aim for the bed and not my head," Xavier said before closing the bottom draw and going up to her shorts.

"Well I never did have good aim, so look out," Kory said before throwing them back. Xavier ignored her warning and continued throwing shorts onto the bed. Soon enough, when Xavier was about to move onto the next and final draw, a bra landed on his head and Kory was smirking at him from the closet.

"Oh it is on now!" Xavier cried before standing up and throwing shirts at Kory while she threw bras and panties at him. Soon they both ran out of clothes to throw and Xavier went after Kory. Kory caught the uncontrollable urge to laugh so she did and that led to her being pinned to the clothes covered ground by Xavier.

"This is the second time I've had you held against something while you giggling in the last half hour. This must be a sign," Xavier said, watching as his girlfriend laughed.

"What? That I have uncontrollable giggling syndrome? I don't think so," Kory said and she began to laugh more.

"Something like that," Xavier said before giving Kory a peck on the cheek and then sitting up.

"Time for folding!" Kory announced, standing up, but still giggling.

"And I have to spend all summer with you?" Xavier asked, standing up as she continued to laugh. Kory nodded and Xavier only had to say,

"Great," before Kory fell over in another fit of giggles. Xavier sat there, his hand holding up his head and when the door opened and Rachel walked in, the angles seemed to sing.

"Thank god you're here! Please, make her stop laughing!" Xavier begged as Kory laughed harder.

"Kory if you laugh any harder you're going to piss your pants and ruin those jeans," Rachel said and Kory stopped laughing.

"Sorry about that," she said, sitting up.

"What happened here?" Rachel asked, sitting down on the one thing that wasn't covered in clothes…her bed.

"Xavier is helping me pack. I was helping him, but then Richard came in and started being an ass so we came over here," Kory explained.

"Yeah, well when packing, normal people actually put the clothes in the suitcase, not all over the floor," Rachel said, looking around the many clothes.

"Is that my bra?!" she yelled, slowly standing up and pointing at the dark purple lace bra on the floor.

"Opps, I guess I threw your stuff out too. See, we kind of ended up having a clothes fight, but we didn't touch your draws!" Kory said, smiling nervously.

"Actually, I kind of ran out of clothes so I started using her stuff too," Xavier said, smiling nervously as well.

"So my clothes are somewhere in this mess too?!" Rachel yelled, looking at the room once again.

"I think this would be a good time to go finish packing your things, Xavier," Kory said, quickly standing up and running towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going? Now you two are going to pack both my clothes and your own," Rachel ordered before both Kory and Xavier groaned.

"I don't want to hear it!" Rachel yelled and they both quickly started picking up random clothes and folding them.

"Good," Rachel said before lying back on her bed and watching them.


"Damn that took forever!" Xavier said as they carried their stuff out to their cars.

"I know!" Kory said, unlocking her car. It had taken then an extra hour to finish packing everything so now it was nearing dinner.

"Want to grab something to eat?" Xavier asked looking at his watch.

"Sounds great. Which car?" Kory asked, holding her growling stomach.

"Can you drive stick shift?" Xavier asked.

"Yup," Kory replied.

"Then we'll take my car," Xavier said.

"Alright, I just have to tell Rachel and then we can go," Kory said before running off. She returned a few minutes later and they got into Xavier's car before driving off.


"Here's to surviving another year of college," Xavier said, raising his wine glass while Kory raised her water.

"Yup and here's to a great summer together," Kory added before their glasses met and they drank.

"Let's hope it will be a good one," Kory then mumbled before taking another sip of her drink.


So I know that wasn't the greatest ending, but 22 chapters!! I am soo happy with this story! Thank you to all my wonderful reviewers! Love you all to pieces! The sequel, Summer Heat, will probably just be based on what happens in summer. I'm thinking and I might do a story for every year their in college. I'll call it the college series! So I'll have a story for their summer and then the third story will be for Kory's second year in college!

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