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21 ways to aggravate Bella Swan

By emmett

Make comments about her relationship with Edward

Offer to buy her a really nice car

Ask her if her mother is really part albino

Make any comments about the way she smells

Let Emmett anywhere near her with Orange silly string

Talk bad about her snailish truck

Comment on wuthering heights in a negative way

Refuse to let her have her own way

Do anything that involves sharp objects


Be mike newton

Act like mike newton

Prank call her, pretending to be Edward

Tell her that if Edward doesn't change her you are going to eat her

Ask her strange questions about werewolves usually about their stench

Scream out random- and occasionally untrue- things about her in a crowded hallway

Give Edward ideas as to how he can make her human experience more…human

Take her to the prom

Try cooking for her

Tease her about her clumsy big feet

Call her mother and ask strange questions about her childhood and then request home videos which you later use for a movie marathon.