A Way Out

Prompt: #005 TRUE LOVE seeking for you

Notes: Written for 30 angsts on livejournal. Thanks to laii for the beta! D


It was a thing that Inara yearned for, and at the same time, wished that she'd never know the true strength of. It was a thing that both scared her and made her envious of those who knew it.

It was complicated, and it made her head and her heart ache with longing.

Truthfully, she wasn't a hundred percent sure why it affected her so. Her Companion training had taught her how to hide away those feelings and for her entire existence, she had quenched any desire that might come her way.

So why now was she having trouble pushing it away? Why was she wishing that she would get to discover the purity of it, the rush of adrenaline and emotion that came to a person when they were truly in love?

She didn't know, and that, more than anything, made her throat constrict with fear. That made her wonder why her heart fluttered at its own accord in her chest whenever a certain Captain was nearby. That made her wonder if she had already begun to fall.

Complications aside, a big part of her couldn't help but worry that she was in deep trouble. And try as she might, she could not see a way out.