Something In The Air

Prompt: #054 Air

Notes: Written for fanfic100. Tag to the "Pilot" (1.01).

The entire day so far had been strange. There was something in the air that felt wrong somehow and people had been behaving very differently to normal, actions ranging from being more relaxed with each other to being more agitated and likely to start a fight. It was odd – almost as if there was something out there, some power, that was affecting everyone's mind.

Maybe there was.

Paula had noticed the eeriness quite early but had dismissed it. Now, as she watched Terry down some beer, the sensations hit her again and she couldn't help but think about how she, herself, was being infected.

It was hard to put the feelings she'd been having into words, but they were there and they were powerful. Maybe that was why she was here in this exact moment with her boyfriends' best friend, sitting in an armchair by her pool. Maybe that was why she felt the overwhelming need to just feel. She didn't know.

Paula found herself standing up and walking over the pool, gently tugging off her shirt as she moved. Throwing it on the ground beside her, she could almost sense Terry's lust for her, and although he couldn't see her expression she smirked slightly. Her denim pants followed her shirt then, and she gracefully dived into the pool, surfacing moments later and running her hands over her hair even as Terry surfaced behind her.

For a fleeting moment, reality swept over her and she wondered what the hell she'd gotten herself into, but it passed the second she turned to face Terry. Reality wasn't important right now. She just needed to go through with this and feel. Knowing in the back of her mind that she would regret her actions later, Paula gave Terry her permission and they moved closer, skin to skin, to kiss.

Everything around them began to fade out then, and the last thought that Paula had before she gave in to whatever power it was that had her wanting this, was that there was definitely something in the air.