Mantineus-This is purely Balthazar's fic. He's been interested in what the Devil might say or do if Zeke failed.

Balthazar-Preety much going to be bad.

Disclaimer-Do you see our names on the show? No. I didn't think so.


Zeke stood down one of America's worst serial killers of all time. And he lived up to his living title. It took him a year to find him. Though fortunetly he had other souls to send back home to their sadistic father and his corporate minions of torture.(1)

" So, Mr. Stone." The Zodiac said. " This is how it ends." He fired two rounds into Zeke's eyes. He screamed as hell fire consumed him. His last though before the plunge was: 'This wasn't how it was suposed to end.'

He woke up to excrutiating heat that he had not felt in years. He grew accustomed to living up there again, the heat never bothered him. But this did.

" Welcome back, Mr. Stone." The Devil said. " I must say that I am surprised to see you back home."

" Yeah, yeah." Zeke said shaking off the Devil's remark. " Can I please have another chance?"

" I'm afraid I can't do that, Ezekiel." Lucifer said. " It goes against our contract." He made it appear in his right hand and then he opened it and read: " Mr. Stone is to get a second chance at life if he is successful in returning all onehundred thirteen damned souls. If he is returned this contract is null-and-void." He tossed the paper into a river of fire and it turned to ash instantly. " In other words, Mr. Stone, you're stuck here." A smirk crossed his face.

" But there's only one left." Zeke said. " I just need this one chance and I'll send him back."

" Now that won't be beneficial for me now, Mr. Stone." The Devil said.

" Care to explain." Zeke demanded.

" You see," Lucifer said. " He's killed two living damned souls already and they are now a part of the family."

Zeke didn't say a word. He knew where this was going.

" Now," The Devil said. " Don't get me wrong, Mr. Stone. He did kill a few heaven bound ones. But those don't concern me. What does is that the possibility of him killing more damned souls and sending them my way." He bent his elbows and had his palms face up as if they were a real scale. " Send you back and get one soul." He dropped his right hand a little. " Keep him up there." He raised his left.

" And since there's only one of the onehundred and thriteen left. It's pointless to send of of the many hopefuls who have been after your job since day one... At least, giving them a second chance at life wise."

" Damn you!" Zeke shouted.

Lucifer just laughed. " That, Mr. Stone, is redundant." He motioned with his hands as if to say ' look around you'. " We're already in hell."


1) We're making fun of the demons since Zeke made fun of the Devil the same way in the pilot episode.