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The man sitting in the throne like chair sighed in unconcealed annoyance as a tall blonde woman stepped out of thin air into the barely lit office and walked beeschingly towards him. He really could not be bothered taking up the old arguement with her at the moment; he had just received some very displeasing news and he would like nothing better than to take it out on someone. She halted a few feet away from him as she apparently felt the anger which was radiating off of him. She swallowed and took a cautious step towards him.

"Don't you see Kazuya? Don't you see now? He lied to you. This is proof you should not allow him such access to yourself! Can't you see he's just using you?!"

Kazuya visibly stiffened at the idea of being controlled. He always hated when she brought that up. He liked to look upon it as a deal. Kazuya Mishima was controlled by no one.

"He is a part of me and he has served me well up until now! I am far more inclined to side with him than I ever shall be to go with your option. You never could help me out back then, could you? You never came to help me. Well now I don't need your help. He has given me all you never could. I defeated my father. I gained unbelievable power. I am one of the most influencial and feared people in the world!"

He got up and began to advance upon the woman who was looking extremely apprehensive.

"He lied to me, it is true, but did he know he was lying? Heihachi is a cockroach, perhaps he truely did believe Heihachi to be dead?"

His anger was becoming uncontrollable. He turned away, shaking with rage while lightning bolts flashed around his fists which were clenched so tightly his nails were digging into his palms, making him start to bleed. His father was alive. His father had returned. His father was back and this time when Kazuya killed him he was going to make sure he was dead. He should have known if he could survive the cliff that his father would too. Next time he would have to separate his father's head from his body, just to be sure.

"I told you that Devil was not the answer! You should have listened to me and this wouldn't have happened! Look at yourself Kazuya! What happened to you?! You used to be so good! Now you're like... you're like another Heihachi!"

She had said the magic words. She found herself pinned against the wall with a large hand wrapped tightly around her throat, looking into a pair of red eyes dancing with fury.


She was choking. Trying to ignore the lack of oxygen and increasing pain, she murmured under her breath. Kazuya gave a yell of pain and let go of her, cradelling his now burnt hand as his eyes returned to their natural brown.

"Stop trying to purify me woman!"

"Stop trying to kill me!"

"Just get out of my sight! You have nothing to offer me so leave!"

"Why won't you give me a chance Kazuya? I will give you anything. Anything you want I will give to you if you exorcise him from your body. Just give me a chance! Just one chance! If I can make you happy, truely happy, then you must rid yourself of Devil. If I fail then I promise I'll leave and you'll never see me again."

He was tempted. He was barely showing it but she could see she'd grabbed his attention.

"What can you possibly give me that Devil cannot?"

She realised that she didn't actually have an answer but from the look in Kazuya's eyes he did. They had a strange gleam to them and looked almost soft and caring like the eyes he had as a child. She had seen it more frequently lately although she hadn't yet been able to find the source of the change.

"What is it that you want Kazuya?"

He cocked an eyebrow.

"You don't know? You really don't know what I want? I thought you paid attention, silly woman."

She frowned. What had she missed?! When had he had that look in his eyes?! As she continued to ponder her eyes fell to the lone picture on Kazuya's desk. The one taken right before he gave himself to Devil. The boy Kazuya was smiling awkwardly, as though he hadn't done for a while and it felt unnatural. Standing beside him was a pretty young girl with a huge cheesy grin plastered across her face. Although Kazuya didn't have quite the smile the girl beside him had, Angel was sure that this was one of the few occassions after his mother's death when he had felt truely happy. After all, how unlikely was it that he would keep a photo he hated on his desk?

But after the cliff incident, Angel had never seen the girl again. Kazuya had never mentioned her or anything which had happened in Yakushima since that fateful day...

Angel gasped and stumbled backwards a few feet as the puzzle in her head came together and she saw the truth for the first time as clear as day.

"Got there, have you?"

Angel did not reply; she was still reeling from the blinding realisation. It was... sad. Sick. Utterly repulsive but so Kazuya/Devil that she was wondering why she had never seen it before. Kazuya didn't take an interest in something for no reason. The animal testing, the deforrestation, the crimes against the enviroment...

He knew the girl loved nature. Anyone who met her knew within a few minutes of her eerie connection to it. She loved it and was bound to fight against anyone who would deliberately and senselessly harm it. She would want to do it personally and make sure she stopped it. She would want to stop Kazuya.

It all made sense. Kazuya was trying to lure her back, to find her again.

"What is wrong with you?! Do you really think she'd want to know you after all of the things you've done?! Do you know how... sick that is?!"

"You're entirely right. She doesn't want to know me. She has been trying very hard to ignore me but she couldn't if it meant I would hurt other things. She won't talk to me. She won't even look at me. But that's where you come in."

He looked at Angel meaningfully. She shook her head.

"No. I can't make her fall in love with you. You can't create love out of nothing."

"Would it need to be love? I know what you can do. You can manipulate the minds of others. If you can make her think she loves me... if I can have her willingly then I would gladly give up Devil."

"I... why didn't you just... not destroy nature and go to see her? Why do you screw things up so badly?"

"She wouldn't have seen me anyway. She knows what I am."

"Then why didn't you give him up?"

"He won't let me go unless he's exorcised from my body and for that to happen, I would need to feel true happiness. Face it. You have to give me Jun. I won't be happy unless you do."

"What about what she wants? I can't just make her give herself to you."

"Yes you can and you will. Jun will see why we're doind this in due time, even if she doesn't necessarily agree with it."

"So I don't have to try and make her believe she loves you for ever? Because if the girl can sense Devil, she's certainly going to know she's being possessed and she will fight it. I don't even know if I can possess her for a week."

"Do your best and I will do mine. If this works then everyone gets what they want."

"And what if it doesn't work?"

"Then some people won't get what they want but they will simply have to accept it."

Kazuya stared at Angel who was silently contemplating her options.

"Will you do it?"

She couldn't believe what she was about to agree to.


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