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Devil slowly stalked towards Jun wondering how exactly to go about getting to the child. He couldn't't hurt Jun and risk harming the baby but he couldn't't just walk straight up to her or she'd purify him for sure. He just needed to distract her long enough for her to drop her guard. However this was going to prove difficult as she had a hell of a lot more self preservation than her mother ever had.

Devil smirked. How stupid that Kazama woman had been thinking she could possibly defeat him. She was a reasonably gifted woman but nothing special, unlike her daughter. Instead of teaching Jun to use her extraordinary powers to defend herself she sought to defeat harm before it came to her child. Now look where her efforts had landed Jun. Social misfit, pregnant to Kazuya and unable to channel her powers to their full extent. Her attempts to allow her child to have a normal life had backfired spectacularly and Jun was about to pay the price.

"Stay back! Yo-you can't hurt me or you might hurt the child."

Devil rolled his eyes.

"Don't you think the child of Kazuya and yourself might have slightly better defences than a normal child?"

It was a bluff on his part but she didn't know that. The child was at the moment simply a few cells and not remotely aware of itself let alone any power it might possess. It was a simple tactic. Slowly crush any hope of resisting and then easily take the prize.

However Devil knew from experience that a mother will do anything to defend their child and Jun was unlikely to be an exception.

"Let's not drag this out for longer than needs be. You'll only hurt yourself Jun."

Anger flared within Jun's eyes.

"Do you really think I'll just give up?! There's no way I'm just going to give in to you!"

"What other choice do you have darling?"

"Oh I think I have a choice."

Devil did not at all like the dangerous tone in her voice. She wasn't going to do something stupid was she? She wouldn't hurt the baby?! No... surely not.

"Really Jun, there is no other option."

"Yes there is. I can fight."

"You think I can't over power you?"

"You haven't done it yet have you? You're just stalling me, trying to get me to lower my guard."

Devil didn't speak for a moment and she seemed to take that as confirmation.

"I'm right! You don't want to hurt my baby!"

Devil fumed. This was going far worse than he'd expected.

"No I don't but you leave me no choice. If the child is harmed... the end will justify the means."

Jun paled and Devil sneered. Not so brave now, are we?

He ran towards her preparing to strike her when she dropped to the ground, curling herself into a ball while muttering under her breath. It soon became apparent what she was doing when he was blasted backwards off his feet by the shield enveloping her body. He screamed in outrage but his voice could not be heard above the screams of Jun.


He sat up and saw his former host falling uselessly onto his knees with an unusual blank look gracing his bloody face. Kazuya did nothing as Heihachi struck a final blow to the back of his head. His body slumped and hit the ground with a dull thud and Heihachi let out a cry of triumph.


Jun cried and screamed but to no avail. Devil could feel no life coming from Kazuya. He felt nothing for the loss of his host but he felt absolute glee at the pain radiating from Jun.

"So you did care for him after all Jun! How very tragic that you only see that now that it's too late!"

Jun let out a scream of pure agony and the shield surrounding her shattered. Devil immediately made toward her. She wasn't paying attention to anything but the pain. His chance had come!

He was about two metres away from her when he suddenly realised that she was now looking at him. His arm was outstretched toward her, almost touching her when she lunged for him.

He felt nothing but blinding pain as she clung on to his arm, purifying him. She grabbed at his throat and his screams ceased as she destroyed his voice box. She was killing him!

Devil summoned all of the energy that he could to throw her away from his body and she fell to the ground as he flew away from her as fast as his ruined body would allow. He needed a host and fast. The child was not worth dying for. He could find a suitable substitute and wait. Jun couldn't protect the boy forever.

It had only been a few months when Devil felt an aura he hadn't been expecting to feel ever again. Life had been dull with his new host. Not a lot happened being a simple farmer in a remote part of the country. Heihachi had gone back to his business empire. Jun had returned to Yakushima and both her and her unborn child were well. Life was boring.

Until he felt Kazuya's aura again.

At first he thought he was imagining it. But it was there, getting stronger and stronger. It was possible. If it was anyone but a Mishima he would have dismissed it but this was Kazuya. There was the chance, however small, that Kazuya had survived the beating Heihachi had given him. After all, both father and son had been thrown off a cliff and lived to tell the tale. It was just possible...

"But why?! Why are you leaving me?! What's gotten into you?!!!"

Devil rolled his eyes and forced his host to speak.

"Because I want to woman! I've found someone else and I'd rather be with her than stay another moment with someone like you!"

Devil smirked on the inside as the woman began to wail. Unnecessary but entertaining nonetheless. It was in his nature to ruin other people's lives. But his good mood soon faded as he began the long journey to investigate further into the matter. He was used to Kazuya simply driving or flying to wherever he wanted to be but not this poor farmer. Walking and hitching a ride with strangers.

It took almost two weeks to travel to the place where he had felt the aura and now that he had arrived he was disappointed to see nothing but a small dingy building. Kazuya would never stay in such an unremarkable place. But he had come too far to simply turn back so he entered the building and found himself face to face with four large men holding equally as large guns.

"Who are you."

"I'm a friend of Kazuya's. I don't suppose you know where he is?"

There was a long pause.

"What did you say?"

"I'm a friend of Kazuya's. Do you know where he-"

"Shoot him."

His host dropped to the floor but that was irrelevant. They know where Kazuya is.

He pulled himself from the farmer's lifeless body to stand in front of the men himself. He was still recovering from Jun's attack and his body had large red patches on it but he felt that this added to the effect he was trying to create. Indeed, judging by the looks which were now etched on to the men's faces, he was obviously intimidating.

"Tell me where he is and perhaps I won't kill you."

"What are you?"

"Kazuya's other half. Now talk or die."

One of the men who was clearly more stupid than the others tried to shoot him. Devil shot him back. The others began talking fast.

"He's down in the lab. He's still not able to support his own life so they've got him in one of the tanks. That's all we know. We shouldn't even know that much."

"Take me to him."



The men immediately began moving. This place was a lot bigger on the inside. But why would such a high tech place have such poor security?

"Who runs this place?"

"Doctor Boskonovitch. He's only just got this place off the ground so the facilities and security isn't too flash."

Finally he was led into a room which looked more expensive than the rest of the rooms combined. There was equipment everywhere and in the far corner there was a large tank full of a green substance and a body. Kazuya. As he got closer there was no mistaking. The hair, the scar, definitely Kazuya.


The men practically flew out of the room at his dismissal, all very clearly thanking the heavens that they were still alive. When he was sure he was alone he climbed into the tank full of the disgusting green stuff and entered Kazuya's body.



Kazuya was weaker than he'd expected. Far easier to manipulate.

Kazuya... do you remember your father?



We must become stronger... defeat him.


Do you remember Jun?



We must destroy her!


Yes Kazuya! She must be destroyed, she tried to kill us!


She will get in our way! We can't let her get in our way!

I... won't kill her.

But we must stay away from her! We cannot go near her.

Yes. I-I'll stay away.

Then we are in agreement? We will destroy your father?

Yes. But not Jun.

Fine. We won't hurt her.

Kazuya seemed contented by this and relaxed, allowing Devil further into his soul. Kazuya's memories were all blurred almost beyond recognition except a select few which he seemed to hold on to like precious treasures.

Devil was highly displeased to see Jun feature in all of these but they made Kazuya happy. No wonder he didn't want to kill her. Well he could have his few memories. Devil would have his soul and one day, his child.

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