A/N: Short little drabble. Wes and Fred take time out of a very busy schedule to discuss a favour. Hope it's to your satisfaction :)


The placid leather of the couch continues to sink farther as he leans completely into it. It isn't every day he reclines in such a way; just sometimes. It relaxes him, softens him, until he feels himself become mellow. He likes that.

Wesley stretches his arms over the arch of the couch. He lets the lids of his eyes droop over, and just for a moment, he pretends his life is drifting away as he welcomes a hesitating sleep.

He is woken by the sudden inclusion of cool hands running along his face. Smiling, he opens his eyes just that little bit.

They are all angels working in hell, he muses, but she truly is an angel. His angel.

As she leans down over the spine of the couch, her lips almost reach the top of his ear, and she whispers laughingly, "Feel like doing me a favour?"

"I can do you two," he responds eagerly, stretching languidly into the smooth leather. He adds, rather knowingly, "Those reports you requested are printing as we speak, and I transferred that relic you were after into your department."

Her brown eyes laugh as her grin spreads across her face. "Well, thank you, but I was thinking of a different kind of favour."

Wesley looks at her, takes her in, and lifts a brow. "Really?"

She runs her fingers through his thick hair, just a little. Her lips push into the back of his head and her hands tuck neatly around his neck. "Yeah, it's a big favour."

He sucks in a little breath through his teeth and lets it out in a sigh. "I think I can accept the risk."

His head tilts back as her hands slip between the folds of his shirt. She unfurls one of the buttons, then another, before leaning further over him, planting her lips on his fervently. Her playful curls dip over his face before she pulls back and smiles at him.

"It's a Fred favour," she curtly adds, her face recovering to mock-seriousness.

Still with his head curled over the back of the couch, Wesley reaches over an arm to snake around her neck, gently pulling her down again. "I like Fred favours."

She laughs quietly as their lips meet again, softly. She moves back, lightly touching his nose with her kiss. "You might not like this one as much as the others."

He lets her escape his arm and sits forward, his hands coming to rest in front of him. "Try me."

Fred walks around the couch, her skirt barely brushing his legs as she finds his eyes with hers. Taking a breath, her courage becomes her as she commends her voice. "I need you to talk to Angel about a possible raise. Coming from you, it might seem less desperate."

She quickly kisses him again and heads for the door, though not before glancing over her shoulder at him with eyes that drip with desire. "I like your shirt like that."

With that, she leaves, and all Wesley is left to do is glance down and raise a brow at the way his unbuttoned shirt reveals the top of his chest. He smiles.

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