Jinx was not at the moment a happy person, in fact she was angry, angry and frustrated and it was all Kid Flash's FAULT. Telling her to give up villianry, he might as well have told her to give up breathing. Who did he think he was? Oh she'd not given it up that was for sure, no boy and certainly no hero was going to tell HER what to do. The last three big robberies in Jump were all her doing.

Actually, that wasn't entirely true. Lately she'd taken only to planning out crimes, meticulously planning them mind you, but she'd not as yet been able to bring herself to commit a crime in person. She'd just been sending the boys out to commit them, her excuse was that she had bigger plans for something huge so couldn't spare the time to do the legwork herself. They'd bought it of course, the morons.

Jinx stomped angrily through the shopping centre, the whole staying at home supposedly plotting thing wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't have been for those damned roses. Every day without fail there was a rose in her room, and lately he'd taken to zooming past her on the street and leaving one on her person. And as if on cue a breeze nearly swept her off her feet and stunned passers by, she gritted her teeth and reached up to find a rose embedded in her perfectly shaped horn hairstyle. She was glad at least that Kid Flash had the forethought to cut off the thorns.

"What are you staring at?" Jinx snarled at the crowd of people that had stopped to stare at her, she stormed off.

Back in the comparative safety of her own home she began to relax. She put her feet up on the control panel and idly watched the surveillance monitors in between reading her book, one of the good things about being a mastermind and not the one doing the running around was a whole lot more time undisturbed by annoying boys.

"Nineteen Eighty Four? What's that about?" A voice asked from beside her, Jinx rolled her eyes, it seemed she'd thought too soon.

"It's a classic you moron." Jinx said rolling her eyes, apparently she'd thought too soon.

"What's it about?" Kid Flash asked pulling the book down so she had to look at him.

"It's about a stupid boy who annoys a very pretty girl and she eventually murders him." She said flatly and pointedly, unfortunately Kid Flash really didn't know what the book was about and therefore didn't get her sarcasm.

"Sounds depressing." He shrugged, Jinx groaned and buried her face in the book, suddenly she remembered something.

"Here, this is for you." Jinx said poking Kid Flash in the side with a small red book, he looked surprised and took it from her.

"You got me something?" He asked surprised, Jinx nodded and continued reading her own book. Kid Flash turned the book over in his hands and read the title aloud.

"How to rule the world: a handbook for the aspiring dictator." He looked down at Jinx with a raised eyebrow, she said nothing and simply turned a page in her book and continued reading. Exasperated Kid Flash cracked the book open and thumbed through it, the book seemed to consist of tips on how to rule the world ranging from coming to power, staying in power and keeping an eye on your enemies and was scattered with profiles of previous dictators and little quotes from people.

"'Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.' – John Lehman." He read aloud with a giggle, in the corner of his eye he saw Jinx crack a small smile.

"So, you're trying to convert me? That makes a change." He grinned at her, Jinx seemed to be being playful for once and he didn't want to ruin the moment.

"Yes, I shall rule the world with you at my side. You can be part of my harem if you want." Jinx smirked still pretending to read her book.

"Now there's a thought." He laughed happily, and despite his previous hopes on not ruining the moment he opened his mouth again, "You're being unusually nice to me, should I be expecting some kind of trap to come falling down on me?" He asked with a small grin. The slight smile that had been playing on Jinx's lips disappeared, she glowered at him and around the corner he heard the front door open.

"We're back! And boy did we get a real haul!" Gizmo's voice shouted gleefully. Jinx looked slowly at Kid Flash, it seemed to take him a moment or two before he was able to wrench himself from her gaze and disappear in time to escape unseen. The five remaining members of the HIVE five rounded the corner to find an irritated Jinx clutching a copy of Nineteen Eighty Four that was starting to smoulder around the edges, the brighter members of the HIVE five cautiously edged away from Jinx.

"Congratulations, you managed to pull off a perfectly organised low grade robbery, you've officially reached the status of mediocre!" She spat and stormed past them.

Jinx flopped down on her bed irritated and confused as to why she was annoyed.

"He SHOULD be suspicious of me! I'm evil!" Jinx shouted to the empty room, she muttered something about 'should have turned him into Madame Rouge after all' and curled up on her bed. She couldn't be actually be hurt that he didn't trust her could she?

Half an hour later Jinx came downstairs with a sigh, the HIVE five held their breath in case she was going to shout at them but the danger seemed to pass.

"I'm going out." Jinx said simply and left.

"She's acting maighty weird." Billy noted suspiciously.

"She's a GIRL of course she's weird." Gizmo snorted snatching the TV remote off of Billy, this prompted a giant and pointless fight.

Jinx sat down at a fountain in the middle of the city and tried to unwind, just as she was beginning to manage it a yellow and red blur appeared next to her and materialized into Kid Flash.

"So, do I still get a place in your harem or am I in your bad books now?" He grinned flirtatiously.

"I suppose you might still be allowed a place." Jinx shrugged trying not to let him cheer her up, she was a villain for crying out loud, sitting at a fountain in broad daylight with a hero was wrong in so many ways! Yet despite herself she made no move to get up and leave as she knew she should.

"Do I have to be scantily clad in revealing outfits?" He asked waggling his eyebrows at her.

"I'm not sure there'd be much of a difference for you, spandex boy." Jinx said flatly, Kid Flash laughed at this.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with spandex especially on someone who's so nice to look at!" He grinned running a hand through his hair and striking a pose for her.

"There's plenty wrong with spandex, the words 'leaving little to the imagination' for a start." Jinx said rolling her eyes at him.

"So you've been looking then?" He asked suggestively whilst leaning across to her; Jinx glared at him and hexed him into the cold water of the fountain. When Kid Flash surfaced Jinx was walking away laughing.

"So that's a yes then?" He called after her.

"No!" Jinx shouted back with a laugh.

"Well is it a no?" Kid Flash shouted grinning madly, Jinx didn't reply but waved her hand causing the fountain to rupture and spray Kid Flash with yet more cold water.

Jinx continued her aimless walking feeling undeniably happy, that was one thing she'd admit, only to herself of course never to anyone else, the boy made her happy. He made her laugh for no reason at all and just thinking about him could bring a smile to her face. He was an infectiously happy person, that big grin that was always plastered on his face was a testament to that, it seemed like he had so much cheerfulness he couldn't contain it in a regular smile and so had to grin so inanely all the time. Something like that would ordinarily get on Jinx's nerves but he seemed to be an exception to that rule, she wondered if he was always that happy.

Kid Flash pulled himself out of the fountain and shook himself off like a dog and soaking those around him, he sped off to avoid the cries of annoyance and proceeded to follow Jinx from the rooftops of the buildings around her. He was pleased to see that she still had a smile on her face, the girl just didn't smile enough and he'd made it his personal mission to make her happier, she had saved his life after all. Jinx sat down on a park bench and he stopped on the rooftop he was on and sat down to watch her. Truth be told he didn't just stay around her to make her happy, he did it because she made him inexplicably happy. Not that other things didn't make him happy of course, but she just seemed to fill him with this sense of purpose and joy that he'd never known before, the girl was intoxicating to be around. He knew his random gifts of roses annoyed her somewhat but he also knew that she'd kept them all in her room secretly.

Some might accuse him of using the rose thing as a power trip, letting her know that he could get to her at any time and haul her off to jail or wherever he pleased at a whim, not to mention invading her personal space. But his motives were far more innocent than that. Time was after all, relative and when you were moving at hundreds of miles an hour everyone else moved as if trapped in time. He'd taken up people watching at high speed years ago, getting a glimpse into normal people's lives and they moved in slow motion. Normally people looked jerky and uncoordinated at slow speed but Jinx's movements were always graceful and calculated, he loved to speed by her and take in the expression on her face, her delicate catlike movements, the wind in her hair and the smell of her skin. Admittedly leaving her a rose and running off again was fun in itself when he got to hear the irritated scream when she realised what'd happened.

Two thuggish ne'er-do-wells approached Jinx where she sat happily sunning herself on the park bench and gruffly demanded her money 'or else'

"Oh push off." Jinx muttered barely opening her eyes, the thugs moved closer.

"You're in my light." Jinx pointed out threateningly, up on the rooftop Kid Flash got to his feet defensively, if they laid a hand on Jinx they'd be dead before they hit the floor, to his surprise a primal growl emerged from his parted lips.

"Give us yer money!" They demanded again, Jinx eyed them up and down. They were huge and dumb looking, not unlike mammoth.

"No. Now get out of my light." Jinx said firmly, the two looked somewhat confused, this wasn't how it was meant to go. One grabbed Jinx's shirt threateningly, one bright burst of light later the two now slightly sizzling thugs lay on the floor unconscious. Up on the rooftop Kid Flash laughed happily, Jinx could certainly take care of herself.

Jinx bent down and rifled through their pockets and pulled out a wallet each, sitting down on one unconscious thug she browsed through them, the two of them were twenty one although their IQ was probably lower than that.

"You two are old enough to know better." Jinx said shaking her head. She continued to look through their wallets, pulling out a wrapped up condom Jinx raised an eyebrow and looked at the one thug whose wallet it'd come from, she couldn't imagine him getting lucky ever, let alone the near future.

"Ever the optimist I see." She muttered putting it back. The two of their wallets were fairly disappointing, there was hardly three dollars between them, not even enough for a decent ice cream, disgustedly she tossed them on the floor and stepped over them and headed back home with her good mood gone.

After he was sure that Jinx was out of eyeshot he zoomed down and checked their wallets himself, he smiled, she'd left the money. The Jinx a few months ago wouldn't have been above stealing three dollars, he grinned like a madman and sped off to haul the two thugs to jail.

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