Jinx sat up cautiously in the bed she'd found herself in, she recognised the room as the medical room in the Titans base and s

Jinx sat up cautiously in the bed she'd found herself in, she recognised the room as the medical room in the Titans base and since she didn't seem to be handcuffed to the bed or tied up with a power inhibitor she wasn't being forced to stay here. She experimentally flexed the fingers on her left hand that seemed to be in a cast, a few sparks shot from her fingers confirming her suspicions about the power inhibitor being gone, she leant back and examined the IV bag hanging next to her, it was just painkillers. With a wince she pulled it out of her arm and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

"Leaving so soon?" A voice asked quietly from the door, Jinx looked up and Kid Flash looked back at her, his expression hard to read.

"Maybe." She replied noncommittally and stared back at him, after a few moments he gave a deep sigh and walked over to her and stopped a few feet from her bed.

"I don't know whether to hug you or strangle you." He said flatly.

"I'd prefer the first." Jinx suggested hopefully, Kid Flash rolled his eyes at this.

"How could you not tell us what was going to happen? How could you not tell me?" He asked despairingly, Jinx looked away at this.

"It wasn't your fight, plus, none of you believed me anyway." Jinx replied and picked at the stitches in her arm.

"I asked you when you were demanding I take your power inhibitor off to tell me why but you didn't! You could have explained then!" Kid Flash pointed out feeling angry at Jinx's accusation.

"You were too hurt because you thought, reasonably, that I was guilty, I had no right to demand you believe me with no evidence and mess with your mind like that. And it wasn't your fight, the HIVE five are my problem, I made my bed when I left them, I always knew this was a possibility I just wasn't expecting them to be so smart about it was all." Jinx shrugged.

"You can't just- it doesn't work like that!" Kid Flash said exasperatedly grabbing a handful of his own hair in frustration.

"He's right." Robin said from the door, he eyed Jinx as he walked to the foot of her bed Jinx eyed him back warily.

"The Titans are a team, I thought you understood that when you came here, if a team member has a problem then the team has a problem. If I ever find out you're holding information like that again I'll make your life hell." Robin glowered at her, Jinx looked taken aback at this.

"You're talking as if I'm still a Titan." Jinx said warily.

"You are. And I'm sorry, if I hadn't been so blindly against you being a Titan then I would have investigated your protests of innocence more and figured out what was going on rather than just accusing you, and I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I could have prevented this whole mess and I apologise." Robin said bowing his head slightly.

"Yeah, he doesn't do the sorry thing much, you might wanna get that in writing." Kid Flash grinned at Jinx.

"You acted the same as I would have if it'd been the other way around." Jinx said slowly not quite believing the situation she'd found herself in.

"Yes, well, I like to think I can do better." Robin smirked at her.

"Hey!" Jinx snapped at the insult.

"Oh god, you two are still going to fight even now aren't you?" Kid Flash said holding his head in his hands.

"Oh that's pretty likely, especially since this seems to be one of the few ways that I can annoy you for a change." Robin grinned at Kid Flash.

"…I'm going to regret this aren't I?" Kid Flash said cautiously.

"Definitely." Jinx smiled poking Kid Flash in the side.

"Anyway, I'll see you two outside later; we've got training in ten minutes. That means you too Jinx, fractured wrist or otherwise." Robin said exiting the room with a wave.

"Slave driver!" Kid Flash shouted after him, with a sigh he flopped down on the bed next to Jinx at stretched lazily as he lay down.

"You're not mad at me anymore then?" Jinx asked softly as she looked down at him.

"You know I can't stay mad at you, one of my few flaws, because as you know I am otherwise perfect." Kid Flash said modestly.

"Egotist." Jinx snorted shoving him out of her way so she could lie down in the bed next to him, the two cuddled up to each other in silence with Kid Flash wrapping an arm around Jinx's shoulders and pulling her close. After a few minutes Kid Flash let out a childish snigger.

"What?" Jinx questioned with a frown.

"Hee hee, I've finally got you in bed with me. I knew you couldn't resist." He giggled childishly, Jinx narrowed her eyes at this and shoved him out of the bed.

"Oops. My arm slipped." She said darkly as she looked down at the laughing boy on the floor.

"Hey, if you and I are cool again does this mean that I can see that racy black underwear you've got again?" Kid Flash asked with a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows, Jinx stared at him levelly for a few seconds before replying.

"Sure. You can either see them on me or off me, but not both." She said with a shrug as she laid back on the bed and closed her eyes with a smirk, she could practically hear the cogs turning in Kid Flash's brain.

"Wait wait, so… if I choose to see them on you I can never get you out of them because that would involve seeing them off you?" Kid Flash asked feeling confused.

"Yup." Jinx smirked with her eyes still closed.

"But… if I choose to see them off you… then I never see you wearing them?" Kid Flash said working it out slowly.

"Uh-huh." Jinx nodded.

"But… that's not fair!" He pouted sulkily.

"Good. That'll teach you to ask questions like that you pervert." Jinx smirked at him.

"Jiiiinx!" Kid Flash whined childishly.

"No." Jinx said kicking him before reluctantly getting off the bed and heading for the door.

"So what sort of training programmes does Robin do then?" Jinx asked as she pressed the button to open it.

"Oh you know, the usual. Obstacle courses, specific attack pattern practice, dodging courses, sparring, nothing unusual really." Kid Flash replied with a shrug as they got into the lift to the bottom floor.

"That doesn't sound too complicated." Jinx said feeling a little reassured.

"Don't suppose you'll reconsider the underwear thing then?" Kid Flash asked hopefully.

"No, bad boy." Jinx replied smacking him lightly around the head as they exited the Tower, the others were waiting for them. Robin stepped forward and slapped something on Kid Flash's back.

"A new training exercise today guys, we'll be practicing on the island only and no going inside." Robin announced, Kid Flash spun around desperately trying to see his own back on which a green strip of stuck on fabric fluttered just out of his sight.

"Hey! What did you stick on me?" Kid Flash shouted as he span faster and craned his neck.

"A slight variation on touch football; the game is catch Kid Flash, one person at a time. Beast Boy you can go first." Robin grinned, Beast boy eyed up Kid Flash and turned into a cheetah.

"Eep!" Kid Flash squeaked and disappeared just fast enough to avoid the giant feline that pounced at him.

"And what does this do for Kid Flash exactly?" Jinx questioned as she watched the speedster desperately try and avoid the fastest natural creature on land.

"It trains him to pay attention to where he's going and not just rely on speed but also on-" Robin halted his explanation as the loud clang of Kid Flash cutting his corner around the building too short resulted in his smacking into the side of it, "-also on tactics. Mostly just paying attention though." Robin finished flatly.

"Ow." Kid Flash moaned as he returned to the group without the green tag on his back.

"Jinx, you can go next. No unfair advantages." Robin nodded.

"So I wouldn't be able to flash him then?" Jinx smirked as Kid Flash's eyes lit up.

"I'd rather you didn't." Robin winced at the thought.

"Dude! What are you doing! I could have had boobs! Jinx boobs! Do you know what you've done?" Kid Flash wailed.

"Cheer up man." Beast Boy said with a smirk as he re-attached the tag to Kid Flash's back.

"But- but… Jinx boobs…" Kid Flash whined pitifully.

"Hey Wally," Jinx smirked at him, Kid Flash looked over hoping Jinx had decided to disregard Robin's 'no flash the Kid Flash' rule, "think fast." She grinned as her eyes lit up dangerously pink.

"No fair!" Kid Flash yelped running away just in time to dodge the ensuing blast, Jinx laughed and ran after him.

"So this is it then? The tower's going to be permanently noisy you do realise?" Raven said watching Jinx chase the terrified speedster.

"Yeah," Robin said turning to face her, "But at least we've got someone to keep Kid Flash in line other than me now." He grinned, he vaguely thought he heard a shout of 'hey Kid Flash, rules are meant to be broken remember?' followed by a cheer and then a VERY loud clang but he decided to disregard it as Jinx returned to the team adjusting her clothing with the green tag in hand and a considerably concussed Kid Flash trailing behind her.

"It'll certainly be interesting at any rate." He smirked at Raven.

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