Kyon's ideal home was decidedly a house. There was a front door, clean and white, and maybe a sliding back one. There were windows (normally sized, normally placed) and a porch he knew he'd never keep clean and spider web free but he wanted regardless. There was a yard big enough for a dog, most importantly—the lack of one in his current one had always been a secret peeve, though he had long since grown past being upset with his mother for saying "Santa" was allergic to all things of the canine persuasion—and a white picket fence, as embarrassingly sentimental as it was, surrounding it.

For whatever reason, this desire had its roots long before he gave up the extraordinary. Sure, when he was younger he wanted an exciting life. At that time, he actually wanted to join up with aliens, time travelers, and espers, and would have depressed by the strange absence of the slider from his current situation. However, though he tried as hard as he could not to think of it, he was also distinctly aware that at the end of the day, even a member of a secret organization had to have someplace to sleep and rest up for tomorrow's no doubt numerous heroic feats. Even a superhero had a love interest, someone who'd keep the hall light on for him until morning came and went. Even the most extraordinary of species, caught up in the most extraordinary of events, cherished the ordinary events of a lazy Sunday (or its planet's equivalent) afternnon.

Of course, if he told any of this to Haruhi, he'd get the same reaction she was having now, as she looked down at the American game she had only seconds ago desperately wanted to play (read: forced him to play, even though it was a game only slightly lower on the embarrassment scale playing tea party with his sister in full costume) like it had insulted her honor.

"I am not living in a house!"

Oh, really? "And where do you live now?"

She looked up, eyes still angry but also vaguely disgusted. "I can't be held responsible for the boring choices my parents made!"

Kyon couldn't decide whether to groan or smile. As normal as Haruhi got, she was always going to be prone to these little fits, he guessed. Though, maybe it was just jealousy, considering he'd gotten a mansion.

"Look, I'll trade you. No one will know." Never mind that no one knows or cares anyway.

"The Fates will know, idiot!"

"I think the Fates have better things to do than worry about the results of a game based on drawing a spiral."

"Well, it's the principle of the thing."

Now he understood. He decided on the smile (well, more a smirk than anything) as he said, "Meaning you lost to me."

"I didn't say that!" But the response was just speedy and blustered enough to assure him that it was.

He stretched out his arms, still smirking. "Well, trust me, you can keep the mansion. Too much work for me."

"What, because it's big?"

He nodded, and she stared at him in horror.

"But it's only big to fit all the fun stuff!"

"And what's that?"

"Well, a bowling alley, a game room, an observatory, a solarium—"

"—A solarium—"

"—For the plants, duh, and not to mention a laboratory and an atrium—"

"—Haruhi, just how do you expect to pay for all this? Do you even know what sort of job you want?"

"My grandmother says that if you don't look high then you'll miss the ladder put to get you there!"

He wasn't entirely how true the metaphor was (or even if it made sense) but by now she was blazing with so much passion he knew there was no point.

"But don't worry, there'll be a yard for you to wash a dog or car whatever it was."

Wait, what? He was startled enough to lean forward and ask the thought aloud, eliciting a light smack on the arm.

"You asked for it on Tanabata, idiot. How am I supposed to keep track of when the wishes will be granted if I don't remember them?"

"Well, fine, but why is my yard going to be in your—"

While he missed the reaction on her face when she leaned in and kissed him, forcing him to shut his eyes and avoid the stares of his classmates, he figured it was about that part that Haruhi realized her slip.

Audley betaed this forever ago for me on a whim but she always thought it wasn't quite there. I then realized what she meant. It was either a cute little moment only a handul of words long, or it was an interesting meta on their relationship much longer than what I trimmed off. One day maybe I'll get at that bit, but for now, let's stick with the cute, huh? I know I only seem to add to this thing when I feel like it, and I apologize, but hey. Today I feel like it! The Disappearance promo is out and awesome, I'm almost done with finals, it's snowing, and I feel like putting this up. That's a blessing, right? :D

Oh, the game is MASH, by the way, for those not in the know. Take a look around the interweb; it should tell you something.

Until we meet again.