Title: (A Search For) His Girl
Rating: T
Author: mylifeismine
Summary: Derek's daughter goes missing, and it's Derek's job to find her, but he doesn't know she's his daughter. But once Derek finds out who the father is, the case takes over his life; just to find the daughter that he never knew. [Dasey.
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Length: Story


He was part of the Toronto Police Department's Crime Unit.

Shows Derek flash his badge.

She was a single mom.

Shows Casey chasing her five-year old daughter around the house.

But then her daughter goes missing.

Shows Casey walking into her daughter's bedroom to find things thrown around the room, with blood on the floor and a few toys.

And he comes back into her life.

Shows Casey sobbing as cops file into her house; a cop stops in mid-step then turns around.


Casey's sobs immediately stop, and she looks up with wide eyes.

He asks the question, and she answers all of them.

Shows Casey talking, and Derek jotting down notes on to a piece of paper.

Except one.

"Who's the father of Emma?"

Shows Casey look away.

"Casey. Listen to me. He may be the key to this whole puzzle."

"He's not."

"How can you be so sure?"


Shows Derek roll his eyes.

But once he knows...

Shows Derek in shock: eyes wide open, hand over his open mouth..

It's not just another ordinary crime.

Shows a bunch of files from other cases.

It's a search for somene who he never got the chance to know.

Shows a picture of Emma.

A search for someone who means the world to him.

Shows Derek sitting at his desk, working on the case, a digital clock on his desk flashes 3:20am.

Derek Venturi

"She's my daughter."

Casey Macdonald

"You have to find her. I beg of you. "

Emma Venturi


Michael Forbes

"Shut up, little bitch."

Star in,

Flashes bood, handcuffs, and a gun.

(A Search For) His Girl

August 20, 2007

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