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Casey and Emma stepped out of the elevator, both carrying bags full of Christmas gifts.

Emma hobbled quickly to her dad's desk, while Casey took her time going to her husband's desk.

Derek closed the folder that he had been organizing, and turned to his daughter, "Hey, baby girl!"

"Merry Christmas Eve, daddy!" Emma said, handing her father the bags that she was holding.

Casey reached the desk, putting her bags on the floor.

"What is all this, Casey?" Derek asked his wife.

"Christmas presents," she said before Derek kissed her on the lips.

"For who?" Derek asked stupidly.

"For whoever that works in this room. For the girls, you give them the gifts with red wrapping; they get these cool boxes of jewellery. The guys have green wrapping, with some wine or something like that," Casey said, obviously proud of herself.

"Oooh, Katie's off her break," Casey said happily, going to the reception with a big red and green bag.

"Come on, Emma. Help daddy give all these presents away," Derek said with a sigh.

Fifteen minutes later, Derek led Emma, who was sucking on a red lollipop, to her mother.

"Oh my gosh! You did what?!" Casey said loudly at Katie.

"I know! I was so embarrassed, man."

"He'll forget about," Casey promised.

"Yeah. He reminded me this morning," Katie said.

"Or not," Casey finished.

"Hey Katie," Derek said, "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Derek. Emma! How much you've grown in a day," Katie said.

Emma giggled.

"Anyway, the family's coming over for dinner. Call me if anything else happens!" Casey said, before she followed Derek and Emma to the elevator.

"Sabrina wasn't in there, so she doesn't have a gift," Derek said, handing Casey the last red box.

Then as if timed, Sabrina came into the elevator, "Hey guys!"

"Hey, Sabrina! Merry Christmas," Casey said, handing her the gift.

"Aw, that's so sweet. Thank you," Sabrina said.

"You're welcome," Emma said happily.

Sabrina laughed.

She had gotten over Derek, realizing that Casey made Derek happy.

When they got home (Derek's house), the family put up the tree, and cooked dinner, waiting for their relatives to come.

At exactly six thirty, the doorbell rang.

Dinner was filled with happy chatter and laughs.

Emma wouldn't sleep since she was so hyper, and ended up sleeping with Derek and Casey, curled up in the middle of the bed.

"Today was fun," Casey said, as she examined the glimmer from her ring, "Edwin gave Lizzie a promise ring. Isn't that so cute?"

"I guess," Derek said, "For a person who used to celebrate month-anniversaries in high school. Thank god we hadn't gone public."

"Shut up," Casey said, whacking him with the hand that held the ring.

Derek caught the hand before it hit him with a chuckle.

"It's true," he said, as he played with the ring on her finger.

"You're so mean," Casey pouted.

"And you're so cute when your mad," Derek said, his lips brushing her's.

Casey grabbed his face before it left her view, and pressed her lips against his, "Mmmm…"

They made out for a few more minutes, before they broke apart.

Derek walked over to a drawer by his desk, and pulled out a wrapped gift, handing it to Casey, as he got back under the covers.

"Thank you," Casey said politely, while tearing the wrapping paper.

She pulled out the exactly same photo that was hidden in the shadow on Derek's desk, "Aw thanks, Derek. I have your present too."

Casey reached under the bed and pulled out a small box wrapped in bright red paper, handing it to Derek.

Derek was able to have the paper off in two seconds, "Oh yeah. I remember this picture. I took it out of your garbage can. …Hey, wasn't it in my car?"

Derek looked at his wife with a raised eyebrow.

"Just enjoy the gift. Don't ask how I got it," Casey simply said, dodging the question.

Derek laughed.

"Love you."

"Love you too."

They both snuggled under the blankets.

"Nite, Casey."

"Nite, Der-ey."

"Shut up, Casey."

"Shut up, Derek."

"Can you guys both be quiet?"

"Sorry Emma."

"Night, baby girl."
The End

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Title: Because of You
Rating: T
Author: mylifeismine
Summary: Because of her, Derek is who he is now. But then he throws it all away. Will he ever be able to get back what he had before? Dasey.
Genre: Romance/Drama
Length: Story