Chapter 1: Spring 1

Author's Note: Welcome to "A Flower Bud Story", advertised on my profile as "a Harvest Moon wacko-banana comedy with no point whatsoever". True that may be, but I really enjoy writing this. XD Have fun! (And as always… reviews will be rewarded. With cookies. Yes.)


Jill approached the town square of Flower Bud Village, utterly exhausted from her travel. Her ponytailed hair was matted, beads of sweat dripped down her face, and...

"Uh, excuse me, Mr. Narrator Guy?"

Yes, Jill. What is it this time?

"I don't exactly want to seem unattractive. Could you read... this instead?" Jill handed the narrator a sheet of paper.



Jill approached the town square of Flower Bud Village, utterly exhausted from her travels. Her shining hair bounced on her shoulders, her eyes sparkled, and her whole self was positively glowing. In fact, she deserved to be a top model in...

"Well?" Jill urged, batting her eyes.

This makes no sense, Jill. How can you be utterly exhausted and still look like this?

Jill shrugged. "I dunno. Magic of television?"

Good try. Let's just say that Jill's in Flower Bud Square now. Can I please continue the story now?

"Fine," Jill pouted.

Thank you.

Jill stood there for a moment, observing her surroundings. A new farmer such as she would need plenty of resources, and judging by the clean air and good upkeep of the place, she would do well indeed.

"Puh-lease. There's weeds everywhere and all the stakes in the town are rotting."

Ahem. Anyway... Jill noticed a man approaching her, dressed in a stately mayor's uniform. He smiled and greeted her with...

"Excuse me? Stately? That's the tackiest uniform I've ever seen. It totally clashes with the..."

JILL! Could you please just go along with this? (The narrator began to get very annoyed.)

Jill stuck out her tongue. "Fine."

Mayor Theodore, having not heard this conversation, continued to smile. "Welcome to Flower Bud Village! You must have come on the Exciting Ranch Plan! So, I have three available lots for you to choose..."

"Have you been stalking me?" Jill asked, inching away, bewildered by the sheer amount of things Theodore knew about her.

"Not at all." Theodore coughed and glanced away for a moment. "Uh... anyway... you can choose from the town property, the riverside property, or the ocean property. Which one will it be?"

"Well, I guess... HEY! What about the cool property, like the one with the orange trees and Flower Bud Point and the ones in the mountains? Why can't I have those?"

"Uh... because... that's where we were planning to..."

"Never mind. I want the oceanfront one. Does it come with a house?"

"Well, yes indeed. Come with me."

Suddenly they were standing in front of a tiny house on the property Jill had chosen. There were weeds everywhere, the house was puny, and worse still, Jill was still trying to comprehend how they got to the house so fast.

"So, this is your house," Theodore said. "Complete with kitchen, bed, and TV."

"Does it have a bathroom?"

"Actually, no. No bathroom. But it does have..."


"Uh, I must be going now. Why don't you move the furniture around and then go to sleep?"

Theodore hastily departed while Jill stood, pouting, in the middle of what could have been mistaken as a garden shed. The house was so small, she could barely move the furniture around.

"Oh, blah blah blah about the stupid puny house! Can we just have me go to bed now?"

I thought you'd never ask.