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Author Notes:

2-6-2008 Previous spelling errors corrected. Content of story unchanged. Added Chapter titles. Any remaining mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Prologue -

"No! Never! We're keeping all of them!" John shouted across Elizabeth's desk at his friend. It wasn't her fault, he shouldn't be yelling at her, but he had no other way to release how upset he was about what they were asking.

"The SGC wants them, John." Elizabeth countered. Elizabeth had a feeling how John would react. She didn't blame him, but the whole reason they were in the Pegasus Galaxy to begin with was to find ways to protect Earth. And the scientists played a major part in their success or failure.

"Look, I understand they could be useful against the Ori, but Atlantis needs them. The Wraith are not going to stop coming. Neither are the Genii, the Asurans or Michael's super-bugs. And with….you know… I can't fight them alone. I have to know that Atlantis and everyone here will be safe and keeping them is the only way to do that." John cradled his head in his hands and just shook, anger replacing all rational thought.

Rodney came shuffling up to the desk from the back of Weir's office where he was standing. "Elizabeth, you can't be seriously thinking of turning them over to the SGC!" Rodney's face was red with anger, right along with John's. The physicist's mind was working overtime trying to offer an alternative solution, but before he could John spoke up again.

"Elizabeth, you just tell them they are not up for grabs. The price was too heavy in getting them in the first place. I've given all that I am willing to give…we're keeping them. Tell them to go out and get their own." John had worked himself into a fury; he couldn't take any more so he whirled around and left the office, heading for the nearest balcony. He needed to cool off before he said or did something he would regret later.

John was right; the price paid was too high.