The face in the mirror grimaced, then smiled slyly. Even grimacing, I was beautiful. Even in a flannel shirt and hiking boots, I was beautiful. Of course, the skin-tight jeans helped with that. Emmett and I were going on a hunting trip, and I had to look the part for any humans who might cross our paths. But that was no excuse to not be beautiful.

Behind me, Emmett was sitting on the bed trying to make me laugh. He knew how I felt about flannel shirts. First he had tried a lotus meditation pose, complete with "ommm." A not-so-subtle hint for me to relax; that was what had made me grimace. Now he was posing as "The Thinker" with an elbow on his knee and his fist on his forehead. I snorted at that one and he grinned triumphantly.

Edward's stereo suddenly fell silent and Esme's voice carried from his room. "I was wondering about colors for the ..." Her casual tone became higher in surprise. "What on earth happened to that?"

In the mirror, Emmett raised an eyebrow. The only thing in Edward's room that Esme personally cared about was his new bed. They had designed it together. I smirked at the mirror. Had Bella left fingerprints all over it?

Edward's answer was muted, too soft to hear, but Esme's firm voice carried. "Yes, I remember the night. You and Bella were here alone."

Again, Edward's answer was low, and I heard Esme's indistinguishably quiet answer. Burning curiosity shone in Emmett's eyes, but I tried to be nonchalant. Whatever had happened, it was none of my business.

Esme's voice rose again. "But... did you have to break the bed?"

My eyes were wide in the mirror and Emmett barked out a laugh. "No way!" he said, his face splitting in a grin.

"We would have known" I said dismissively, trying not to imagine what Esme's words implied. "He would have been grinning stupidly ever since." That, and Bella would probably be in traction. Or dead.

Of course, Edward was on the short list of people who were actually capable of keeping a secret in our family. Surely not...

"This I have to see!" Emmett exclaimed, bolting from the room.

I rolled my eyes at the mirror — but half a second later, I caved to curiosity and dashed after my husband. I could care less about the bed, but I wasn't going to miss Edward's face.