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In celebration of the fact that Cartoon Network in Sweden shows "Apprentice part 1" tonight (not for the first time, but what the heck! It's "Apprentice", right?!) I decided to post my first drabbles… only two right now… the third I'm writing on is already over 14 pages… and nowhere near finished… so that will be a LONG drabble… the forth one is only in the idea stage yet… I also appreciate ideas about what to write, preferably slade/robin though. Slash or not doesn't matter… ;o)

Here you will, in time, be able to find Robin/Slade drabbles and MAYBE some Red X 'cause I have grown quite fond of the guy. (this story mentions him…). The whole thing is rated "M" so I can do what I want, but I guess it will be both slash and non-slash, parody, angst, fluff like mad… well, anything that pops into my head. Each chapter will start with a small information-part telling you the paring, if there is any warnings and the background (if any)… like the one below… please read these, 'cause they might be essential to understanding the story…


Disclaimer: Own the Titan Teens not I do.
Pairing: Implied… everything… not a slash-story though… confused? You will be…
this is a TRIBUTE to those of you who write stories involving Slade, Robin and Red X! You might recognize references to yours, or others, stories. This is also a PARODY, though maybe not of the lol-variety… I hope it is slightly amusing, though!
Warning: baaahh… slight mentioning of slash, not much else.


The Threat

Robin kicked the doors open, rolled into the room and came up in a fighting stance, bo-staff out and ready. His eyes darted around under the mask, searching the big, dark warehouse.

Robin kind of felt like after all this work, he deserved some kind of reaction.

"Where are you, Slade?!" he shouted.

His eyes started to get used to the darkness and he could just make out a faint glow from behind some stacks of crates.

"I'm over here, Robin. Close the damn door and get in here."

"What?" Robin straightened up, quite perplexed.

"Close the door, it's freezing outside!"

Robin, feeling slightly awkward, closed the door and sprinted forward, vaulting over the crates and landed in front of Slade, again ready for battle.

"Put that down before you poke somebody's eye out." Slade growled. The man was sitting at a computer, the whole desk and floor covered with printouts. Looked like some sort of complicated charts to Robin.

"What the heck's going on here?" the boy demanded to know, not loosing his vigilance for a second.

"We have a problem."

"Really?" Robin snarled sarcastically, "Might it have something to do with kidnapping, blackmail and you trying to take over the world?"

"Well, yes." Slade nodded. "But it also has to do with me raping you, or us having consented sex, you turning into a girl and having my babies, me killing you, you killing me, you turning evil, me turning good, Red X as your boyfriend, ANY of the Titans as your boyfriend/girlfriend and lets not forget time travel and alternative dimensions…"

Robin took a few steps back, staring at the clearly demented man.

"What are you…? Are you crazy?"

Slade laughed. "Sometimes, yes…" He made a gesture that might have been meant to be reassuring. "Relax Robin, I'm not insane… but I have discovered a very serious rift in reality. It seems we have a common enemy."


Slade leaned back into his chair. The diminutive light caught the copper side of his mask and made his single grey eye gleam deadly.

"They call themselves 'the Authors'… The Authors of Fan Fiction."

Robin shivered. That sounded scary all right.

"What… what do they want? What do they do?"

"To answer your second question first, they make all I said before come true. And why? For their own entertainment… We are mere characters to them, puppets." Slade spit out the last word in distaste.

Robin finally lowered the bo slightly. "But, nothing of that… stuff… happened, right?"

"It did. It does. That and thousands of other possibilities play out all the time, each possibility with countless variations."

"But if I don't know about it, how come you do?" Robin's tone made it very clear that he didn't believe a word of this, and was just now trying to figure out what size straight-jacked Slade would need. Might have to be special ordered.

"I use almost all of my brain-capacity. I notice things. I remember things."

"What things?" Keep the crazy guy talking…

"I remember how it feels like to kiss you, and to put a bullet through your heart. I seem to remember you wanting to dress up as a ballerina at one point. You spent years with me as my apprentice, but also managed to escape on several occasions… you-"

"Stop! Shut up!" Robin had taken several steps back now, staring at the man in horror. This was so far off his weird-o-meter it wasn't even funny.

"No, Robin, you must realize, that even if this sound insane, it IS the truth!" the man rushed forward and grabbed the boy's upper arms, making him stand still and listen. "Robin, I know, even though I never seen them in this version of reality, I know that your eyes are blue!"

"But that's impossible, that's…"

"Robin, what colour is my hair?"

Robin gaped. He had never seen Slade without his mask, and yet…

"….white…." he whispered.

"That's right… now how did you know that…?"

"I… I don't know…"

"You know it because you seen it… hundreds of times, different aspects of you, but still you."

"It's… it's not always white…" Robin said uncertainly.

"That is correct. There are many authors, all with their image of me. Fortunately most seem to stick to one description with minor differences… your eyes also changes colour sometimes but otherwise you, also, mostly stay the same." He grinned a bit "Your poor frequent boyfriend Red X, though..."

"What about him?"

"Or her…" Slade raised an eyebrow. "None of the authors seems to know what he looks like, so they all created different appearances and even different names for the guy… it's good for him that he's not any smarter then he is or he would suffer from a severe case of schizophrenia."

Robin couldn't help but grin a bit. That might teach that bloody thief… Wait a minute! Something Slade said earlier suddenly registered.

"Red X's my boyfriend?! And you and I…? How sick are these people?!"

"Oh, very. Do you want to see?"

"See? See what?" Robin paled.

"Oh, not some of the really naughty stuff, you are a minor you know… but I can show you a glimpse of one of the alternative lives of yours…"

"How can you do that!? It didn't happen!"

"It did. And since I, apparently, have cameras all over town in many of these realities, I used them. I won't say it wasn't tricky, hacking in to my own system and getting the cameras to film another reality, but, thankfully I am that smart. Oh, the cleverness of me."

"Wait! That was from Peter Pan! You would never say a thing like that!"

"No. I wouldn't. That was one of the authors, slipping up. And I know very well which one."

"You do? Where is he? Let's take him down!"

"It's a she. And you'll meet her in a moment. Just watch this…"

Robin turned to the screen, seeing himself sitting on a park bench in civilian clothes and no mask! The thing that really irked him, though, was that he was practically sitting in the lap of another boy and they were kissing. The boy must be Red X! Robin leaned closer, the inner detective taking over. The kid had blue hair!

"He's kinda' cute." Robin slapped a hand over his mouth. "I did NOT just say that!" his voice sounded muffled behind his hand.

Slade chuckled.

"Ready to meet you tormentor?" he asked.

"Yes." Robin growled.

Walking around another stack of crates they came up on another computer. Sitting in front of that one was a young woman, vigorously clicking away at the keys with a small grin on her face.

Robin ran up to her.

"Who are you?! What do you think you are doing?!" he screamed. Practically in her ear. Very rude.

He glanced at the screen. '"Who are you! What do you think you are doing?!" he screamed. Practically in her ear. Very rude.' he read.

"You… you are writing this?" A new glance at the screen confirmed this… it's just that… she seemed to write it before he said it.

"This is Wynja." Slade introduced. "She is a new member of the Authors, but she seems to like to cause as much trouble as she can. I have created a window into her reality, making it possible for us to see and talk to her. Doesn't seem to be helping, though…" he added gloomily.

"Hi." The girl said, absentmindedly, tapping away.

Robin studied her. No way was that red hair colour natural.

"It isn't" Wynja answered.

"Hey! Stop reading my mind!"

"I'm writing you mind, Robin, not reading it…" she sighed.

"Well… stop it!"

"Can't… you'll die…"


"Well… not die… but if we all stopped writing about you… well… sooner or later no one would remember anything regarding you, your friends, this world… and then you would be gone. Forever."

"You really decide what is going to happen?"


"Prove it."

"Try me."

"Make Slade tap-dance!"

"Robin, I swear I'll kill you if…" Slade snarled.

"OK!" Robin laughed… "Errr… what should I…?"

"Do you know any Swedish?" the girl interrupted.


"You do now."

"Knappast. Man kan inte lära sig ett språk bara så där- Wow! How the hell?!"

"I'm Swedish, so that was easy… you better translate what you just said for the Readers, though."

"The Readers?! Who are they?"

"Ahhh…" Wynja sighed happily. "Wonderful people! The Authors are Readers too, off course… we read each others stories and leave reviews… what about that translation?"

"Oh, yeah… right… I said ' Not likely. You can't learn a language just like that-'"

"Good boy. Now they won't have to ask about that sentence in the review."

"They will review this?!"

"Perhaps" Wynja shrugged her shoulders. "Doubt they will like it much, though… it's a bit too weird."

Robin seemed slightly pouty about this-

"Do not!" the boy, who had been glancing at the screen, protested. But he did.

He stalked away, mumbling something under his breath.

"Believe me now?" Slade, just glad not be tap-dancing around the place at the moment and had stayed in the background for a while, wanted to know.

"Yes." Robin whispered. "How do we get it to stop?"

"No need for you to whisper, I'm still writing you lines, remember?" Wynja shouted back at them, rolling her eyes.

"Why do you do this!? What have we ever done to you?!"

"Sorry to use the bad-guy-line, but 'you exist'" Wynja answered, grinning wider. "No, seriously, I had no idea you actually were aware of this. It's all Slade's fault."

"It's always Slade's fault." Robin said approvingly.

"Yeah, isn't it?" the girl agreed, sounding quite happy about this.

"So… what did he do this time?"

"He got too smart… We all knew he was intelligent, but… well…"

"What? You like him or something?!" Robin asked accusingly.

"We do! At least, many of us does… he is a delight to write, after all."

Slade started humming smugly at this, but stopped abruptly as the tune changed to 'I'm a little teapot…'

Wynja looked back at him, grinning.

"We like you, but don't think we'll let you get away with anything… well… not all the time."

Robin looked blank, not having any idea what that was supposed to mean.

"Why is he so much fun to write?"

"Because he is eeeeevil! He can say or do anything… but he also has this cultivated language that I love… he does give a bit too many lectures, though…"

Robin snorted in agreement.

"You are fun to write to, Robin." Wynja continued. "Your language and Slade's are in fact very similar. A reflection on how alike you are, I guess."

"I'm NOT like-"

"Yeah-yeah…." Wynja just waved a hand dismissively. "Then again, you do tend to be a bit predictable, the both of you."

Robin suddenly got an idea.

"Sooo… if you can change anything… can you make me taller?" he enquired.

Wynja laughed. "I was wondering then you would get to that…"

"Like you didn't know!" Robin snarled a bit, blushing.

"Well… actually I didn't, really… sometimes you all surprise me, saying or doing something I didn't plan at all."

"Good." Slade's voice purred from the darkness. "That means you are not all powerful, then."

Wynja shrugged.

"Maybe not."

"How many of you are there?" Robin asked.

"Writers? I have no idea… thousands of people write different fan fictions…"

"And what have you done to us so far?"

"You really don't want to know, kid." Wynja had the decency to blush slightly.

"You…. you killed me?"

"No. Haven't done that yet… it ended happily… kind of…" She glanced at Slade who seemed to grin behind his mask. "I made Slade cry in one story, though…"

Robin chuckled a bit but then turned serious once more. "I want this to stop!" Robin demanded.

"I'm not too crazy about it either… well… the writing won't stop, but I don't like the idea that you know what is going on. I don't like that at all." She shot another glance at Slade. An angry one this time.

Slade shrugged. "I needed to know."

"Maybe I should just make you wake up after a weird dream and dumb you down a bit!" Wynja threatened Slade.

"Yeah! Do that! Make him reeeeally stupid!" Robin agreed. "And me taller…" he added in a whisper.

"It is one thing I don't quite understand." Slade stalked up to them.

"…Only one?" Robin muttered under his breath and got a light slap on the head as a reply from Slade.

"Ouch! Why didn't you stop that?" Robin accused the woman.

"Didn't feel like it. Sometimes you deserve a slap on the head."

Robin muttered something Wynja couldn't spell.

"As I said…" Oooohhhh… Slade was annoyed…. "If I am correct, we don't exist in your world. So how come so many knows about us?"

"You do exist. In a way. You are a cartoon TV-show and a comic."

"Oh, BB will be thrilled to hear that!" Robin sighed.

"Aren't you slightly too old for cartoons, my girl?" Slade jeered.

"Shut up, or I'll do something horrible to you… like letting Robin top!" Wynja snarled, getting chocked gasps from both parties. "Besides, I'm NOT old… I'm a generation X and we are allowed to be childish as long as we like! It's our trait!"

"So you're about…?" Robin grinned.

"Spanking-question! I'll have you over Slade's knee so fast…! And I'm NOT over thirty, ok? Give me a bit more time, and I will be, but I'm not yet…"

"Okay, okay! I was just teasing, all right?" Robin tried to calm Wynja down. "Now, how do we solve this?"

Wynja sighed. "Don't know. And I got other things to do than sit around here, writing this drabble…"

"You are not planning any new stories, are you?" Robin asked suspiciously

"Weeeeeell… I'm not telling… just… if Raven acts a bit weird in the future, you might want to watch out, ok?"

"Weirder than usual? Well, all right…"

"Any suggestions for me?" Slade wanted to know.

"Naaah…. I'm sure you will enjoy it…" Wynja grinned and there was an amused sound from Slade, making Robin bristle.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?"

"All right, Robin, I'll write something that you would like, too… eventually…" Wynja promised.

"And now?" Slade asked.

"Maybe I should delete this chapter…"

"But then there would be no reviews, right?" Robin whined.

"What are you, a review-whore?" Wynja laughed.

"Actually…" Slade mused, "Since it is you writing this, one can argue that you in fact are…"

Wynja bowed her head for a minute. "…yeah, I guess I am…" she admitted, face quite red. "So, Ok, I'll publish it, but first I'm setting off a bomb destroying the evidence and causing short-term amnesia, cause I really don't want you to remember this."

"Hey, what…?"

There was a bang.

There… Wynja thought, looking around her apartment. Now all I have to do is stop writing.