A/N: This story CAN be read as a freestanding one-shot, but it's actually part of the Kitty Litter/Circus Freak universe, even though it takes place long before Robin gets his tail and pointy ears. This is about how Red and Slade's relationship started up, so it's SladeX.

You don't HAVE to have read "Kitty Litter Christmas", to read this (or, like I said, anything from that universe) BUT if you've read the 24th chapter of that, it will add a little extra dimension to it, especially Red's situation.

This isn't very fluffy and has some mildly dark themes, but should be safe for everyone to read, I think.

The story was written for GraysonGirl, as a thank you for all her hard work as Beta for the whole Kitty Litter Christmas story. I hope you enjoy!

The Freak of Christmas Past

Red X shivered and pulled his cape closer around himself. Why couldn't that damn little hero-kid have made the cape warmer? Like a lining or something? On the other hand, Jump City wasn't supposed to be this cold, not even now, at Christmas. It could turn a bit chilly at nights, but right now they were having a huge cold front which didn't seem to want to leave, at least according to what he had heard here and there around the city.

He was sitting curled up in a niche high over street level, watching a couple of security guards bring the cash from the stores out to their armored vans. He wished he could jump down there and try to snatch just one little bag… but it was too risky. He didn't have many gadgets left in his belt and it had been a while since he had been able to buy new things –damn Titans had arrested his supplier. He'd be angry if their leader wasn't so cute… Besides that he was also a bit weak from not eating properly for a few days.

Stealing to just get by was harder than you might think. He couldn't just snatch a diamond necklace or a car and expect to easily turn it into money, after all; hot items were hard to get rid off. He could pick-pocket, and did, but people nowadays didn't carry much cash, if any, and credit cards were almost useless… last thing he wanted was getting arrested by some kind of mall-cop!

There were the people collecting money for charities on the streets, though, but he wasn't that much of a lowlife. Besides, he might need to go to a shelter soon, as he had recently been kicked out from the last place he had been staying at. Damn junkies. If Red was proud about one thing in his life it was that he had never succumbed to drugs… and he had every reason to.

He shivered again and then muttered a curse under his breath. This wouldn't do. He had to go find a client and steal something for them, that was where the cash usually was. It was a pity people seemed to have settled down for Christmas… that was pathetic, really; mobsters and evil geniuses that took Christmas vacations! What where they doing? Sitting around in horrible sweaters, organizing 'secret Santa' events? Well, he knew one man who was unlikely to have hit the eggnog… on the other hand, they had never really met before…

"Well, everyone likes meeting new people, right?" Red muttered to himself as he took to the rooftops.

It turned out that wasn't exactly true.

"The only reason you're still alive is that I'd like to avoid shooting a Titan."

The voice, which had Red X jump at least a feet into the air, came from the shadows of a room the teen could have sworn had been empty when he had jumped down into it from the window a second ago.

"I come in peace!" he claimed, raising his hands.

"So you're not Robin, then. You're the pretender." Slade stepped into the light and the thief swallowed. He had never seen him this close, and hadn't realized how huge the man was. His arms were easily thicker than the teen's thighs. This could get messy, and not only because the man was holding a gun.

"I… I… listen!" Red took a step back. "I'm just here to ask if you… um… want anything?"

"Want anything?"

The fact that he wasn't dead yet boosted Red's self confidence. "Yeah, I work for people. Get them what they want. A… messenger service of sorts, see? Oh, and the 'pretender' thing? Hurtful. Very hurtful," he said sadly, pressing a hand to his heart.

"You're about to get a bit more hurt than that."

"No! Why won't you just listen? You're the big guy around here, right? The king of the hill, the big bad! You shouldn't have to run your own errands, just leave that to me! A component you need? Some blueprints? No problem!"

"And if I need someone's head?"

"Um… I'm not in the meat business, sorry." Red put his hands on his hips and tilted his head a bit. "I can give you head, though."

"What was that?"

"Nothing! Nothing… Just… anything you want, you know?" at that moment his stomach growled, and the teen coughed, trying to hide the embarrassing sound.

"Fine. I happen to need hydroiodic acid, at least five hundred milliliters. Can you do that?"

"No problem, I'll be back in an hour! Two hours tops!"

"See that you are. And use the door on the other side this time. It will unlock for you."

"Yes, Sir!" Red grinned under his mask and saluted the man, who snorted and pointed to the door.

Eighty-three minutes later Red was back. Luckily he knew his way around a few chemistry labs as the contacts who made his weapons often needed this or that. He always tried to steal just a little at the time, so people might not even miss the things he had stolen, and school labs were the absolute best because if anyone got blamed, it was the students. He picked up the acid in a biochemistry lab at Jump City college and walked out unmasked, the stolen goods wrapped in his cape. Students, milling around, were either crazy from finals or preparing to go home for the holiday. No one gave a guy in black spandex a second glance.

He had put his mask back on before he opened the door to the rundown building down by the docks, though, of course. He found himself face to face with Slade almost immediately.

"Well?" the man said.

"Here you go, nothing to it," Red chirped proudly and handed the bottle over. The next moment the door closed in his face.

"Wait! What? How about my money?" the teen yelled through it. It opened and there the villain was, leaning against the doorframe. Red had a feeling that he was amused.

"I never agreed to pay you."

"But I- Hey, it was implied, that-"

"You just did me a favor. A friendly gesture. A 'thank you for letting me live'. I appreciate that. Now leave."

"No, I- Look, I really need the cash, okay?"

"Then make sure to get paid before you hand the goods over next time," the man snorted slammed the door shut. This time it stayed closed.

Maybe it was stupidity, but Red liked to think of it as perseverance, and the next day he was back, this time bringing coffee, which he had stolen from a coffee shop close by, along with some bagels.

He managed to sneak in once more and set everything down on a workbench before he heard the click of the safety of a gun being released.

"I brought breakfast!" he hurriedly said.

"How did you get in here again?" Slade growled.

"I'm talented."


It was the first even slightly nice thing the man had said to him, and it made Red feel all warm and gooey inside. Well, the small piece of him that still could feel like that, did.

"See?" he grinned under his mask and hopped up on the bench before grabbing a bagel and one of the lidded cups. "You could use me!" He suddenly realized the he would have to raise his mask to eat, something he wasn't too sure that he wanted to do. He inwardly groaned because he was very hungry. He had managed to steal a pizza from a delivery boy last night, but it was long gone. In the end he pushed it up just enough to free his lips.

"Take you mask off."

"Um, nah, I'm good," Red answered, trying to respectfully decline.

"If you want to work for me, you'll do exactly what I say, when I say it. I thought you had sense enough to grasp that, at least."

The man hadn't lowered the gun, and Red had a feeling that Slade was very much 'my way or the highway', although the 'highway' in this case was most likely a hole in the ground.

"Fine." He pulled off his mask and shook his hair out of his eyes. It was bright pink with purple highlights at the moment, although the color was mostly washed out. It had been a few months since he could afford any luxuries… although he usually stole the hair dye anyway.

"You're a kid."

"Expected a middle aged man?" Red snorted. "I'm sixteen. I'm plenty old enough for anything."

"Anything, huh?" The man snorted but finally put the gun away and, to the teen's surprise, pulled off his own mask. "What were you saying about middle aged men?"

"Holy shi-!" It wasn't the face Red had expected. He had the guy pegged as being in his early thirties at the latest, and with a full mask like that he thought scars or at least a crushed nose would be present. Maybe some boils. Sure, the man's right eye seemed to be missing as he was wearing an eye-patch, but other than that, the guy liked like he could be typecast as 'weathered all American military hero' or something. Somehow the man's handsome face was just as scary as if he had been a deformed freak, though… "You look good!" the words just kinda fell out of his mouth before he could stop them.

"You look like a cross between a street rat and a cheap whore, but that's not my problem," the man told him nicely. "If you want another job, I have one for you."

"Yes!" Red pushed the rest of the bagel, almost the whole thing, into his mouth and chewed frantically, while trying to sip the rapidly cooling coffee, "What 'd want?"

"I need a prism. A very specific one, and the building's security can be… tricky, especially for someone of my size… and I'd rather have it done quietly. If they don't discover that it's gone until after the holidays, that would be preferable."

"Just tell me where and then! And that will be five thousand dollars. I need half in advance."

"You come here begging for scraps, so you'll work for scraps," the man snorted. "I'll give you two hundred dollars, two meals and a place to spend the night, as you won't be able to after it until the early morning hours." The man sniffed the air and made a disgusted face. "And I'll throw in a shower. For free."

"Five hundred dollars and I'll get to stay the whole holiday. Meals included. And showers."

"Two. You can stay until Boxing Day, but I'll reserve the right to kick you out the moment you annoy me. And get rid of that stupid hair color."

"If you pay for the dye."

The man looked like he wasn't used to people objecting to anything he said and couldn't decide if he liked it or not. "Fine," he then said with a shrug. "Shower is that way, clean your suit too."

"Ah, you want me to run around here naked?" the teen grinned.

"Not particularly. You'll find clean clothes in the bedroom in there. Don't make a mess."

"No, Sir! Um… could I have hundred dollars in advance first?"

"He learns." The man smirked and reached into his belt, withdrew a roll of notes which made Red drool, counted out five twenty dollar bills and threw them at the floor. "There. Now get out of my sight until you smell better."

Red wasn't bothered by the treatment, in fact this was the nicest anyone had been to him in quite a while. He snatched the money up and, after taking the second bagel as well, as it seemed the man didn't want it, he left. Through the door, this time, as he didn't want Slade to find out how he got in. You never knew when that might come in handy.

First he went to his stash, hidden in an old vent halfway up a very high building. There he hid two of the bills and picked up the small bag of civilian clothes he owned. The guy must have a washing machine and he'd 'borrow' it, because all he owned was rather crusty and smelly by now. Sure, he now had money for the laundromat, but why go there when he might get away with it for free?

What he did end up buying, though, was some hair dye. He sensed that Slade might not be one for crazy colors and decided to appease him… after all, if your sugar daddy wanted you to change, you changed. It didn't bother him much… his identity had been fluctuating constantly for the last couple of years, and it kept him fed, kept him alive… and it made it easier to do what he sometimes had to do… after all, how could he feel guilty or disgusted at himself when it wasn't really him doing these things?

He returned to the base –knocking on the door like a good boy this time– and once he was let in he disappeared into the bathroom. He had to go through the bedroom to get there and it was all military neat and a bit bare. Well… if there had been silk sheets and decorative pillows he would have turned around and run…

He opened a wardrobe and found a small stack of t-shirts and underwear. That would have to be enough; trying to wear a pair of the man's jeans would only look silly, and Red didn't want to look silly for Slade; he wanted to look sexy.

It was a dangerous wish, yes, because you never knew who was a violent homophobe and who wasn't, but the teen thought he had picked up on a tiny bit of a vibe from the man. Either it meant that he'd fuck anyone or kill anyone, the thief wasn't sure, but if it was the first one he was interested.

After throwing every piece of clothing he owned in the washing machine, not bothering to separate colors or anything fancy like that, he hit the shower and hit it hard. He scrubbed everywhere and used up quite a lot of the man's generic shampoo and soap. Slade had ordered him not to smell, after all, so he was only doing what he was told, right? Afterwards he took out the hair dye and ended up making a mess of the bathroom. Knowing he'd be out on his naked ass if Slade saw it, he cleaned furiously while his hair dried.

Once he finished, the room gleamed and he finally got dressed. The T-shirt reached below his ass, which was a good thing, because the boxers he had stolen just barely clung to his hips.

He sauntered out to have a look around. There were several small and medium sized rooms here, like a bit of a labyrinth, stacked with who knew what. The thief didn't dare snoop too much. He found Slade, unmasked, in what looked like a mix between a computer room, a metal workshop and a chemistry lab. The room was large enough to still make sounds echo a bit against the bare walls and high ceiling.

"Hi, big bad, what are you doing?"

"I'd love to tell you, but I'd have to kill you. I'm working on the next generation or robots."

"Hey, you told me!"

"Oops." The man had a smirk on his face as he turned around to face the teen, and when he saw him he raised an eyebrow.


"Well, everyone know you have a thing for Robin," Red grinned, and ran a hand through his hair.

"I don't have a 'thing' for him, he's a child. I merely hope to take advantage of his potential."

"That's one way of saying 'fuck him silly'."

"He's fourteen," the man said, sounding disgusted.

"Still, didn't you… um… kidnap him a few months ago?"


"Um… nothing. Just thought that… maybe…"

"You thought wrong."

"Sorry." Red lied. He wasn't sorry, and that's because the man hadn't objected to fucking another male, he just had a hang up about the age difference, apparently. Well. Red could change that. Not for Robin's sake, of course; the kid already had it good enough, but for himself. "Seems ungrateful to me… for him to escape, that is."

"I take it you wouldn't have?" the man snorted.

"Never! Well… unless you turned out to be boring or have a tiny dick."

"If I didn't know that you were a decent thief, I would think that sex is all you know," the man told him.

"Well, I'm a teenager," Red offered as an explanation. "It's pretty much all I think about."

"Grow up then. You have work to do. Will you be able to listen for a while without thinking about getting off?"

"Don't underestimate me!" the thief frowned and then added with a smirk; "I can go both."

Red focused when the man started telling him about his mission, however. He wasn't stupid, even though he preferred it if other people thought he was; it was just easier to play a total airhead. But work was work, and he didn't want to spend this Christmas, and a few more, behind bars.

"Now, I suggest you get a couple of hours of sleep. I'll wake you up when it's time," Slade told him.

"Kay. So… where do I sleep?" Red asked.

"There's an old mattress and some blankets in one of the storage rooms, I think. Go look for them."

Red found his 'bed' which turned out to not be much more than a gym mat. "Screw this," he snorted and snuck into Slade's bedroom instead, where he burrowed under the covers. A deep, satisfied sigh escaped him. A real bed. And it smelled clean too! This was a real luxury. It didn't take many seconds for him to be out like a light.

"What are you doing in my bed?"

"Well…" Red stretched and yawned. He felt rested, so it must be time to leave for the mission, "…the first one was too hard, and the second was too soft…"

"Cute. Get out. The only people I share a bed with, is people I fuck."

"Heh… well... maybe we can work on that?" the thief grinned and spread his legs suggestively.

"I want you to steal something for me, not cry and bleed in a corner."

"I'm not a beginner, I can take whatever you have," Red claimed confidently.

"We might get to the crying and bleeding part later, then," the man smirked. "Now get out. And you should thank me for having your uniform dried, you left it all in the machine."

"Oops. Sorry."

"At least the rest of the place wasn't a mess," the man shrugged. It was probably supposed to be a compliment or a thank you.

Three hours later and Red was back, his uniform in dire need of another cleaning.

"I had to crawl through remains of dead rats! And spiders! Spiders everywhere! Big ass fuckers too!"

"Less complaining and more results. Did you get it?" the older man asked and held his hand out.

"Yes, Sir…" Red, who understood that he wouldn't get any sympathy here, muttered and handed the tiny thing over.

"Good. You're dismissed. Go clean up."

After doing so, and since it was six in the morning, Red returned to bed again, wearing only the borrowed boxers. He figured that he had earned a few hours of rest. Again he fell asleep almost immediately, even though he was hungry. He hadn't eaten since the stolen breakfast the day before, but he was used to that now. Besides, he had been promised food, so why not catch up on sleep first?

"What are you, a cat? You can't seem to obey orders."

"…'m tiiired…" the teen groaned.

"You're in my bed again."

"Yes, you said I could be if you could fuck me, and you can, so what's the problem?" Red said and rolled over to face the man, glaring at him with sleepy eyes which widened as he saw that Slade was only wearing a towel.

"No problem at all," the villain said and dropped it.

"We… we might have a bit of a problem…" Red gulped. He was salivating, but his sense of self-preservation –which had been strengthened and honed to perfection for the last couple of years− told him to run.

"What is it? Don't like what you see? Am I too small for you?" the man sneered.

"No… no… that's not the problem at all… quite the… opposite."

"I thought you'd been handed around a bit?"

That hit closer to home than Red was comfortable with and his eyes flared. "Fuck you!"

"Aw, did I hurt the whoring thief's feelings?" Slade smirked.

"I decide who and when and where!" Red spat. It was another little lie he liked to tell himself, so much so that he had started believing it.

"You do, do you?" Suddenly the man was on top of him, still smirking, positioning himself between Red's legs, making it darn near impossible for the teen to kick at him. As Red tried to scoot back, the too-large boxers slipped down his hips and were ripped off completely by Slade.

The teen did not like what was happening. It wasn't because the size of Slade's cock, either, though it seemed quite a bit longer and thicker than what he was used to. Many of his old 'clients' had tiny dicks, which might be part of the reason why they liked to go after kids… no, that was probably an inaccurate generalization, he knew, but still. On the streets Red tried to get away with blow jobs; they were quicker, easier and paid okay too. But getting fucked didn't scare him, not even by Slade. The situation however, the loss of control, did. It brought back memories he had suppressed so hard that they had almost become merely bad dreams… but he couldn't fight. He knew fighting would only make it hurt more, would get him beat up and, in this case, thrown out, maybe with less than what he brought here with him. He couldn't afford that. His body was screaming for food and rest, he might not be able to survive for much longer – not without taking too large risks, or doing things he'd rather not.

"Not so tough, are you?" the man on top of him sneered, but there was a puzzled look in his single eye.

"It's okay…" Red mumbled. "I'm up for it."

Then Slade did something that secured his place on his pedestal in Red's jaded yes; he backed off.

"No you're not. There's breakfast in the kitchen, get out there and eat."

"You… you don't want to…?" the teen asked.

"I'm interested," the man smirked gesturing to his half hard cock. "But I'm not a rapist. Now that you know what I have to offer, all you have to do is ask for it. Nicely."

"Nicely, huh?" Red smiled. He felt a blush on his cheeks and hoped the villain didn't notice it. His heart was beating like crazy and, as Slade got dressed, Red hurriedly pulled some of his own clothes on and followed the man into the kitchen like a puppy.

The 'kitchen' was another windowless small room and could only be called a kitchen because it had the appliances you might find in one, like a stove, a microwave, a fridge, a sink and a table with two mismatching chairs. The arrangement and look of the place didn't really scream 'here lives a homemaker' though. the floor and walls were concrete, the sink was an industrial one and Red had seem back alleys cozier than this room. Still, it was clean and tidy. Slade seemed to be a neat freak, which was slightly scary. A villain of his caliber who was psychotic and delusional was dangerous enough; a well organized and efficient one was worse. Well... not for Red, maybe, but for the world in general. The thief never associated himself with those people.

There was a coffeemaker in a corner, and the smell from it was heavenly. It wasn't one of those modern 'one cup' ones, this had a full pot of coffee waiting to be devoured. There was also bread, cheese and−

"Oh dear lord in heaven… bacon?!" the teen almost burst out crying on the spot.

"And eggs, if you want them. And sausage and beans. I quite like the English styled breakfasts more than the sugar traps of corn flakes and pancakes."

"Wow…" Red plopped down on a chair, not sure if his legs could support him anymore. "Just wow."

"I'm glad you are impressed with my skill of throwing things in a pan," the man said dryly, but there was a grin hiding in the corners of his mouth, the thief noticed, and he returned it with a big smile of his own.

"I'm impressed with everything about you," he claimed.

"Brown nose. Let's see if you still flatter me like that when you've eaten your fill," the man snorted.

Red shrugged. The guy might have a point; being hungry made him say all sorts of things.

They ate in relative silence, with Slade making notes about something or other and Red just focusing on filling his stomach with everything within reach.

Afterwards the teen asked if the man had any more assignments for him.

"I'll let you know," was the answer.

Red spent the morning being uncharacteristically quiet, watching the man work from an old armchair which was tucked into a corner of the workshop. There was a floor lamp there too, and some books and papers, so Red assumed this was the bad guy's 'reading corner'. The thought cracked him up a bit, but the chair was comfortable enough for naps, so he didn't dare joke about it.

In the afternoon he was sent away to go grocery shopping, with actual money. The man warned him what would happen if he strayed from the list and if the change didn't match the receipt so Red stuck to it religiously. Once he got home the damn guy didn't even seem to glance at the small pile of change, but the thief didn't dare risk that he wouldn't do it later.

Dinner that night was a typical 'guy's meal': steak and fries, and Red thought it was one of the best he had ever had, the morning's breakfast taking second place. Slade seemed to eat big meals, but seldom; only breakfast and dinner. Maybe he didn't get hungry or was too busy to notice it, but two meals a day was a luxury so Red didn't complain. In fact, when the evening came, he decided to show the man his gratitude.

"Hey, are any of those things gonna explode if your hands shake?" he asked as he came up to the workbench where the man was currently standing, fiddling with something. Red was pretty technical himself; schools and universities were great places to hang out, access computers and books, sneak food off people, sleep in lectures and keep dry and warm. Or cool, most months of the year. One or two things had rubbed off on him but what Slade was doing was way above his league.

"No, why?" the man asked, suspiciously.

"No reason," Red smirked and fell on his knees, crawling under the high bench and went straight for his prize; the man's bulge.

"I see," Slade chuckled as the thief's fingers began caressing his crotch before looking for a way in.

Red grinned as he finally got the man's cock out, and eagerly began pleasing him to the best of his ability… and that was pretty damn good, if anyone asked him. Judging by how fast the man's cock filled up, Slade enjoyed it as well. From then on, though, the teen got frustrated. Men usually came quickly when he sucked them off! Sure, it depended on how worked up they had been before he started, but his jaw was beginning to ache and playing with the man's balls didn't seem to help either. At the same time it was clear that Slade as on the verge of coming, judging by how much pre-cum he leaked and how swollen his member was. Red was kinda glad it wasn't in his as, but at the same time he was curious.

"Come already!" he eventually gasped as he came up for a proper breath of air.

"Getting tired so soon?"

"Please don't tease me, please just come!"

"Very well," the man smirked and grabbed the sides of Red's head, thrusting his length deeper into the teen's throat than he himself had dared to go. The teen braced himself on the man's hips, nails digging into the skin, hoping the villain would take it as a signal to go easier on him. He didn't. Luckily only ten or so thrusts were needed and then the thief's throat and tongue were coated in white, salty goo. Red was a spitter, normally, but he didn't have much of a choice right now. Besides, some men, most even, seemed to get insulted when he didn't swallow. He usually didn't give a damn, as long as they had already paid him, but he did not want to insult this one.

"There. Happy?" Slade asked him as he tucked himself back in after wiping his cock off on the thief's cheek.


"Good. Now leave me alone to work. If you sleep in my bed one more time, though, I'll shove it into your other hole."

"Yes, Sir," Red sighed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he rose to his feet.

He actually did take a second look at the mattress after that, but no. After getting a taste of a real bed, and a great one too, he'd scarify some things to sleep in it. Like the ability to sit.

"I'm heading out for a bit, is that okay?" he asked the man.

"Fine." It was a bit hurtful that the villain didn't sound like he particularly cared if Red ever came back, but the thief wouldn't let himself feel downtrodden that easily. He went to the closest drugstore he could find and bought his favorite brand of condoms and lube. Two bottles of lube. Just to be sure.

He hurried back and hung around until late in the night when Slade began tidying up his workspace and putting tools away. Red hurried to the bedroom, chucked his clothes off and reached for the lube. When Slade found him he was panting quite heavily and had three fingers stuck up his ass.

"I see you decided to spend the night in here?"

"Mmm…" the thief moaned. He hadn't meant to get quite this far, but he was already edging. "A little help here? Please?" he added as he remembered that he had to ask for it.

"Fine, but you're going to change the sheets tomorrow, and wash these ones, is that understood? And if there's blood, you will get it out."

"I… y-yes?" Red's cock deflated just a tiny bit at the mention of blood. "You're… you're going to be careful, right?"

"Moderately. Get on your hands and knees," Slade ordered as he began to undress.

"Um… foreplay? Cuddles and kisses?"

"Hands and knees."

Red obeyed. He hadn't expected any tenderness, even though he found himself aching for it. Strange. That had never happened before. He didn't have time to dwell on that, though, because the man grabbed his hips and pulled him back down towards the end of the bed so he could stand and fuck him.

"Wait, the condoms-"

"I can't catch anything you might have." the man snorted, but took the lube at least.

Soon the teen felt pressure against his opening and automatically relaxed. You learned. After enough times, you learned. The head was the widest part and Red pushed back to make it go inside so the 'worst' could be over. Slade held him firmly, though, and seemed to enjoy taking his time. Once the thief accepted this he could began enjoying himself a little as well. He reached down and stroked his own length, which was at full hardness again, and gasped as his body opened up to the intruder.

Slade took it easy. At first. Twenty minutes later Red was bracing himself against the wall above the headboard as the man literally had fucked him across the bed. The man then decided to change position and the teen had as little say in that as in anything else. He ended up on his back and liked that better, as it put more pressure on his prostate. He clung hard to the villain, trapping his own cock between their bodies, making sure every thrust massaged that too, as there wasn't any room to use his hand. He didn't need too, though, it finally was feeling good, really good.

"I'm… I'm gonna…" Red gasped, and felt the man speed up even more. That pushed him over the edge and he didn't even hear Slade grunt out his own release.

Red was filled with afterglow and still held on to the man as he rolled off him, so they ended up very close together, side by side. The teen couldn't help himself. It had been the best fuck of his life and he wanted to show his gratitude, so he leaned over and kissed first the man's chest, then trailed kisses upwards over his shoulder, neck and then jaw. When he got that far, he hesitated and glanced up at the man almost shyly. Slade noticed, smirked, and then closed the distance between their lips. The kiss didn't last long, but it still brought tears to Red's eyes, something he was trying to hide by looking down and laughing nervously once it ended.

"What was that for?" he said, striving to sound flippant.

"Well," the man grunted and then drew a sigh like he couldn't believe his own actions, "it's Christmas."

The End.

A/N: there it is… it would be a year before Robin joined these two 'love birds' and finally made Slade become a bit more human… although… I have a feeling Red had done all the groundwork before then, actually… ;)