Ash made a full recovery within the week with the help of his friends and family.

"Come back to visit." Sarah said as she hugged her grandson.

"I will." Ash promised.

"Well, we best be off." John said to Dan.

"Yeah." Dan said with his arm around Delia's waist.

"I better be getting home too." Delia told them. "I have a big meal to cook up for Ash."

"Think the next assignment could wait, John?" Dan asked. "I miss Del's cooking."

"Only because I miss it to." John told him.

"We'll see you at home." Ash told his parents.

"Wanna lift?" Dan asked Delia as he pulled out a pokeball.

Delia laughed.

"Sure." She said sweetly.


On the road,

"Why did your mom laugh when your dad offered the lift?" Max asked Ash.

"That was how they met." Ash told his friends. "Mom was on her way from the store for Grandma, and Dad was in the neighborhood training. His Dratini had evolved, and he saw Mom struggling with the packages. So, he offered her a lift."

"But didn't your mom have that Mr. Mime?" May asked.

Brock and Misty started laughing hard at the memory.

"She got Mr. Mime after I had been gone a year." Ash told her. "Don't you laugh Brock. It was YOUR fault for making promises you can't keep."

"Hey. It got Stella's Mr. Mime listening to her." Brock defended.

"Only because MY Mom asked her Mr. Mime for help."

"But she never would have met that Mr. Mime if we hadn't confirmed her suspicion." Misty argued.

"Do I WANT to know?" May asked.

"Brock made Ash dress up as a Mr. Mime after we had been traveling a year." Misty told the newer members. "Just to win a girl's heart."

"Desperate." Max sighed.

"Stella!" Brock cried.

"Pi Pikachu" (Serves you right)

"By the way." Ash said slyly. "Gary told me that his older sister, Daisy, is in town. I think she's about Brock's age."

Brock was ahead of the group by half a mile after Ash said this.

"There." Ash said. "Now we don't have to hear him ranting about Stella."

"That was actually clever." May said.

Ash just shrugged. He wasn't going to tell his friends that his brain had started to be more active in his thinking.

"WAIT UP BROCK!" Max called.

Brock tripped over a tree root as his friends ran to catch up.

After they caught up,

"She won't leave for another month. There's plenty of time." Ash told his friend.

"NOW you tell me." Brock said.

The group laughed as they walked into the sunset.

The End