After doing a lot of soul searching, I've finally decided to write a sequel to Shattered Dreams. I've figured for so long that I ended it with no loose ends and that there was really nothing to keep going on. After editing Shattered Dreams, I really thought about. There's so much more that could happen, so much that hasn't been said. Thinking about it for a few weeks, I finally went through with it today. I hope that this story will be as highly admired and loved as the original.

Oh just a warning this one is going to be a bit more blunt with the sex talk and is just a little more mature in general because they are going to be freshmen in college but it'll still be at a T rating…for now.

Shattered Dream's 3rd birthday is next Saturday, August 25th, so remember to think of it XD.

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Kairi's PoV


It had been two years now since Ryou's death and everything had been okay except for the few occasional nightmares. Sora and I had had a few disagreements now and then, but that was to be expected. After growing up together, we were finally both heading into our freshmen year of college. Jumping at a sudden roar of thunder and hugging myself a little tighter, I sighed, "Time goes by too fast."

This year Selphie would be all alone in high school. Of course she had Tidus, Wakka, and various other friends but I still felt a sense of guilt knowing that Sora and I were leaving. We had always been really close; almost like sisters. Now that I lived in her house with her, sometimes I could have almost swore that we were. Then there were other times where I felt like I was being intrusive just by being there, so I would stay at Sora's house for the night. Thank God his mom was so accepting of me or else I would have felt extremely guilty all the time.

I have no idea how I ever got so lucky as to have Sora in my life. I guess all the horrible years of my life happened just so that it could balance out with how amazing he is. Of course he had his flaws, but who doesn't? We both still had that little issue of wanting to go too far and that was going to get increasingly harder in the coming year since we had decided we were going to get an apartment together. We were really both hoping that part time jobs and the stress of classes would wear us out, I suppose. All was said and done now, and we certainly weren't going to do anything to change that.

Collapsing backward onto the bare mattress, I whined, "Hurry up, Sora." I was waiting for him to return with food to fill our pathetic excuse for a refrigerator and the fast food that we would call our dinner.

We got a two bedroom apartment just to show that there were two bedrooms, though it was obvious that neither of us were going to sleep in the other room. It would serve a purpose if Selphie ever decided to stay a Saturday with us or maybe even Riku or Jake. First we'd have to scrounge up enough money for another full sized mattress to in there, plus a frame for it. There was enough money left from my parents for me to make it through college comfortably, but just barely, so Sora and I had to be careful with the amount of money we spent. His mom decided that she would waste money on new furniture and give her old things to us. We protested profusely but quickly lost. It was so embarrassing too; I felt like we were married and buying a house with the way people kept offering to help us out.

Hearing the front door creak open, I hear Sora call out in a sing-song voice, "I'm baack!" moving into the hallway to face him, he held up two brown bags and grinned through drenched bangs that hung in his face, "and brought food to clog our arteries."

Giggling, taking the bags from him and walking into the bedroom, I answered, "I don't care what it does. I'm so hungry I'd eat out of the trashcan."

"It's been sitting here waiting for you." Sora answered jokingly from the kitchen as he put the groceries away, eventually coming into the room and handing me my soda before plopping down next to me. "Kinda sad we have to eat where we sleep." He commented before shoving a few fries into his mouth.

I shrugged, replying, "It's better than the floor till we get all the furniture tomorrow."

"Guess so," He replied with a mouth full of food, both of us slipping into silence to eat.

Finishing off the hamburger, I collapsed backwards with a sigh, "Ah. Who knew grease could taste who good?"

"I did." He retorted with a smile as he looked down at me.

"I don't see how you can eat so much junk and still be in good shape once hockey season comes around." I sat up, poking against his shoulder as I spoke. He never admitted to it, but I knew he wanted professional hockey to be his career and studying all this computer stuff in college was just his fall back plan; either way, he'd have a high paying job.

"That's easy," He answered with a mischievous smirk on his face, leaning into me, "I get my workout from you."

And this is how it always started. He'd say something and I'd melt, I'd be completely his and we'd both get so wrapped up in each other that we couldn't even think. Breaking away gently and tugging my shirt down slightly, I commented, "You complain about eating on the bed but not having sex without sheets. Sorry to break it to you, Sora, but that's even more disgusting."

"We wouldn't have gotten that far." He replied in a pout, one hand at my waist while the other was beside my head, his spiky hair still damp from the rain and sticking to his forehead worse than before.

Giving a soft smile, I answered, "Thanks to me pulling away."

Raising himself off of me and collapsing at my side, he stated, "At least one of us has self control."

"Only sometimes." I closed my eyes and let out a long breath of air. Turning over and holding out my hand with a smile, I asked, "Ready for one of the toughest years of our lives?"

Gripping my hand and grinning, he nodded, "Oh yeah."