"I told you I could see us sitting on a balcony watching the ocean, old and gray."

"Hmmm, you were always good at that." Rodney raised her hand, wrinkled with age, to his lips. "No regrets?"

"Regrets? How could I regret being loved so completely for so many years?" Megan leaned her head on his shoulder.

"They'll let Bryce come?" She asked later as her eyes drifted shut and fluttered open again.

"Yes. It's all been settled. He'll be here when it's time."

She tilted her head to look up at him. His hair wispy and white; his face mapped with lines and wrinkles. He was thinner now than he had been and his body had accumulated many more scars over the years. The hand that held hers trembled with age not nervousness. The work he did now was through a voice activated interface with Atlantis. His mind still as sharp as his tongue.

He turned slightly and kissed her gently. They'd had so many good years – nearly forty years of love and laughter. The Wraith were gone; the Asurans had finally reprogrammed themselves and no longer sought revenge; the Genii were happily rebuilding a society above ground.

Bryce had married Abigail and had proceeded to give them plenty of grandchildren. The first boy was named Scott; the second Rodney. Three girls followed: Linda, Sadie, and Nicole.

They even had seven great-grandchildren. All of whom loved the fact that their grams and gramps had mysterious, top-secret jobs. On their trips to Earth, Rodney would regale them with stories that wouldn't violate the secrecy rules.

Not long now, he thought. Soon we'll see our friends again – Carson, Elizabeth, John, Ronon. They had lost them one by one over the years. Each one taking a piece of Rodney's heart with them. Teyla would see them off knowing she'd see them again soon herself.

"She's in good hands," Megan murmured and Rodney knew she was talking of Atlantis. Atlantis who had begun talking to him like she did John and Megan once Megan had explained things to the city.

Atlantis was being run by Elizabeth and John's son, Rhett. Rhett who, of course, was brimming over with the ATA gene. The city had spoken to him from the time he was in his cradle. Teaching him her secrets and watching over him as he grew. He had run wild in her corridors his parents confident that Atlantis would not let him come to harm and that she would alert everyone immediately if he did.

The city was full of personnel nowadays. Scientists, medical researchers, and historians along with a military contingent swarmed the corridors of the ancient city. The Pegasus Galaxy was no longer a dangerous place to be and the Asurans had given them three fully charged ZPMs.

"We've had a good life." Rodney said quietly.


Megan watched as Rodney sighed in contentment and closed his brilliant blue eyes that had remained undimmed by age.



Rodney smiled. The hand holding hers relaxed slightly as his head tipped toward hers. Megan relaxed against him and quit fighting to hold on.

A throbbing moan echoed through the city and the lights dimmed everywhere. Everyone stopped what they were doing and bowed their heads. When Atlantis mourned everyone residing in her showed respect to those that she was mourning.

Dr. Rodney McKay, one of the original expedition members, the man who knew more about Atlantis than any living person and his wife would no longer walk the halls of the great city of the Ancients and they would both be missed.

Teyla stood patiently outside the door of their quarters waiting for Atlantis to give her access. Tears slid down her cheeks as she mourned the passing of her last two dearest friends. Even if she could have she would not hurry the city. She could only hope Atlantis would give her a fraction of the time she was giving Rodney and Megan.

It was twenty minutes before the city let the doors open. Teyla entered the room slowly and went straight to the small balcony knowing she would find them there. Her eyes roamed over the room that had evolved over the years.

No longer the stark, functional space of Dr. Rodney McKay bitter, cynical loner. The room had colorful rugs on the floor. Clothes were tossed haphazardly over furniture. Megan's bright primary colors set off by Rodney's subdued earth tones.

Pictures of family crowded the walls next to degrees and letters of commendations. Crayon drawings held places of honor over Rodney's desk. A desk cluttered with childish crafts made in art classes and shipped to Grandpa Rodney.

Grandpa Rodney - that made Teyla smile. Rodney with a loud and often professed dislike of small children. Megan had changed him, softened him; made him secure enough to open his heart to others. The fact that none of the kids had his actual blood in their veins had mattered at all to him.

She paused in the doorway of the balcony taking in the way they were together even in the end – hands entwined, heads touching. In over forty years there had never been even a small rift between them; their love had been sure and deep.

She stood there silently for several minutes before signaling to the medical team waiting in the corridor. Silently, they wheeled in two gurneys and with tears streaming down their faces they gently placed the bodies on the gurneys.

People lined the halls in silent salute as they were taken to the infirmary. They would be interred in cryogenic chambers until Megan's son arrived then they would have the funeral. After the funeral they would be cremated and spread from a puddle jumper into the Lantian ocean.

Out on one of the piers, unnoticed by anyone, six lights shimmered and resolved into six people. Two looked around a little in surprise.

"I told ya I'd see you again." Carson said with a little smirk. "And hello to you, Megan."

"That you did, my friend." Rodney smiled and put an arm around Megan who said hi to Carson.

"You'll like this, McKay." Ronon said. "No running, no being shot at."

"No coffee," John teased.

"Or chocolate." Elizabeth added.

Rodney groaned.

"At least we didn't ascend." Megan quipped.

"Yeah," Rodney sighed in relief. "Ascended Ancients are self-aggrandizing."

"And boring." John agreed.

"I'm just glad we don't have to leave Atlantis." Megan hugged her husband.

"Family Reunion" He murmured and hugged her close and looked at his beloved city until they faded away.