Tennis practice had already started and Fuji Syuusuke was absent.

If it had been anyone else, Tezuka Kunimitsu would not have bothered wasting worrying. The most likely targets included Echizen, who may have been sidetracked into a game of tennis with an intriguing opponent, as well as Momoshiro and Kaidoh who may have been stuck in detention class for getting into a fight, but definitely not Fuji. The rest of the team would not risk running laps for no good reason. He did have a reputation as a stern and conscientious team captain to uphold after all. Even so, Tezuka grimaced as he searched for Fuji's cellphone number and clicked the dial button.

The voice that came was softer than usual, but nothing out of the ordinary.

"Hai………moshi, moshi……?"

"Fuji? Where are you?"

"… accident... ...I think I'm the only one alive here…help me…"

All he heard was the faint sound of crying, and the phone going dead in his hands.


A/N: This is for a very persistent plot bunny that sunk its teeth into my head and latched on to it until I agreed to write any damn thing just so it'd shut up.