Summary: This is the sequel to "Oops".

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When his wife had told him she was pregnant, she was two months along. In the next two months, she began putting on weight and in the month after that it was very obvious she was pregnant.

Nearly every thought that was uttered through Nara Hinata's mouth had something to do with children. He had nearly had it when Hinata broke into tears because she was afraid of losing the babies. However, Shikamaru had more self-control than most men, because they made it through that night.

In his sleep, he murmured about the babies, too. He wanted to redecorate the room next to theirs and across the hall for the twins. The bigger room for toys and homework, the smaller for beds. He was getting to be as stressed as Hinata, and everyone could tell.

The Fifth teased him about it. "If I didn't know any better, Nara, I'd say you need maternity leave as much as Hinata."

Naruto was jealous, as he and Ino had yet to get pregnant. Naruto kept trying to ask about "since there'll be two, can we have one?" Ino, on the other hand, ended up trying to explain to Naruto that since the Naras were going to have kids and need help watching them, with Shikamaru's career getting in the way. Ino had grinned when Naruto got it and said that they could keep them for the daytime and give them back when it became sundown.

Sakura and Lee both jumped at the good news. Sakura started planning the baby shower right then and reprimanded Lee for offering to provide alcohol for a party for the guys. Knowing Lee, he would get drunk and not remember what embarrassing things he did.

Everyone had the twins on their minds, even Hanabi and Shino, who were planning on never having children, but failed at not getting Hanabi pregnant. Three weeks after Hinata announced her pregnancy, her sister flushed with embarrassment while her nee-san told her she was pregnant as well.

Everyone took Hinata's pregnancy in very different ways.


Nara Shikamaru's pregnant wife sat beside him, her head lying in his lap while he watched her. Soon after, she was asleep in his lap and he was thinking about the twins again.

Hinata was the one who had come up with the names Hikari and Hotari if they were girls. She still hadn't decided on names for if they were boys, but Shikamaru had thought about naming them Shino and Kiba, just for laughs.

However, Shikamaru's mind was not on their names or genders. He was thinking about how to tell them apart if they were identical. He didn't get how he could do it without getting them each something different. Figuring out what to get them was getting to be very troublesome for the lazy shinobi.

He thought on haircuts, nearly ripping at his own hair in frustration. He thought on bracelets and knew they were too discreet. Necklaces with their names on them seemed too tacky for the children of an heiress. He thought about polish, but knew if Hiashi-sama saw his grandchildren with it on, he wouldn't permit it.

Make-up. No.

Contacts. No.

Backpacks. For school? Sure. Forever? No.

Different styles. Not until they got older.

His list of thoughts ran long and incomplete. He denied practically everything on his own list. He stopped listing when Hinata yawned and sat up. She kissed him on the cheek and smiled at him.

"They're not identical," she said, trying not to disturb the quiet. "Neji told me."

With that, she stood up and walked to the bedroom. Shikamaru watched her, mouth agape, until he uttered "troublesome byaakugan". He shuffled into the room after her to get some well-earned sleep.


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