Lo and Behold
written by Your Darling Mana

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First Case

Staring up at the tall building before him, Malik felt his stomach flip nervously. He should have expected the first-job jitters and yet, now that he was here, facing the building that would practically own his life for the next few months, everything seemed all the more worrisome. It wasn't even really a job considering he was just an intern but still. These were people who would be writing his college recommendations when that time came (and sadly, it was quickly approaching). He had to leave a good impression.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed through the front door and stepped inside, feet tapping softly on the marble floor. The building was well furnished though he probably should have expected that; thanks to Isis he'd been able to get in with the finest law firm on this side of New York City. Approaching the front desk, he smiled at the receptionist, a blonde woman dressed in a violet business suit. "Er, hello," he greeted, realizing that he wasn't entirely sure what he should say. The building was gigantic; he wasn't even sure what floor he should be heading to. "I'm Malik Ishtar. I'm starting as an intern today and--"

She held up her finger, cutting him off. Flashing him her own smile, slightly sultry in appearance, she informed him, "Head to floor twelve."

Resisting the urge to snap at her (she could have returned the hello, right?), Malik nodded politely and moved off in the direction of the elevator. The contraption moved surprisingly quickly for such a tall building and Malik was on the twelfth floor in no time, the elevator doors opening with a ding. He started to get off before pausing as he noticed someone in front of the door.

The person before him obviously didn't notice him in time, bumping into him, a bag of food falling from his arms. The boy in question was a paler teen with strange silver hair that reached down to his back. "Eee, I'm really sorry!" came his quick apology, wide brown eyes looking up at Malik. Kneeling down, he gathered the bag, as well as a few spilled cream puffs. "I'm really clumsy and I guess I was distracted and I just wasn't looking and--"

"It's fine," Malik cut him off, trying to hide his irritation. This wasn't exactly how he wanted to start his first day of work.

The boy gave a sigh that could easily have been considered exasperated. To his luck, Malik had stopped in the doorway, so the elevator hadn't left. Bowing his head, he repeated, "I'm sorry, though," before moving past the other and stepping into the elevator. Moving out of the way, Malik gave a small sigh of relief as the doors shut.

A hand on his shoulder caused him to jump and he turned around, looking up at a man that had to be related to the boy he'd just bumped into. "I see you've met my younger brother," he remarked, a sly smirk on his lips. "No need to worry though; he doesn't stop by often."

Malik chuckled nervously. He'd never been comfortable around siblings, probably due to the fact that he had trouble with his own. Well, one of his own. He got along with both Isis and Rishid easily enough but his elder brother? He wasn't sure they were even still on speaking terms.

"You must be the new intern?" The hand left his shoulder which caused Malik to relax some. "Mm, pity, I was hoping for a girl." The man winked at him jokingly before extending his hand. "Bakura. You'll be, more or less, working for me."

Shaking the other's hand, Malik forced a smile yet again. "Yes, I'm Malik," he introduced himself, attempting to sound more confident than he was feeling at the moment. "It's nice to meet you, sir."

Bakura chuckled, shaking his head. "Whatever you say, kid," he replied, motioning to the right in the direction of the file cabinet. "There are some papers there. Sort them by the names on top. Alphabetical order. I'm sure you know the drill."

Work already? Malik wanted to protest. Shouldn't someone show him what to do? Sure, filing was an easy job but if he messed something up, it could end up screwing over a lot of people. Sighing lightly, he nodded and headed over to the filing cabinet. Oh well, right? It's not like it would be his head on the chopping block in the end.

He barely paid attention to Bakura walking back into his office, looking down at the papers instead. The drawers were labeled simply enough, each with their own letter (or two to three in some cases). His phone vibrated in his pocket, probably Anzu wanting to check up on how his job was going. She worked herself but even so, she always managed to find time to text him. He had to wonder if her boss was clueless. Then again, at the moment, he probably could have answered without anyone complaining.

Were all jobs this boring?

Flipping through the names, Malik carefully put the papers away, pausing every now and then to make sure he hadn't misread something. He'd screw up eventually, he could feel it. He'd been working a good hour or so when he spotted his own name. Pausing, he examined the folder more closely. He shouldn't have a file here, should he? Or were these employee--

No, it wasn't his name at all. Ishtar, Marik. His brother? Why? And why was it out on the table today like he'd been there recently? Gut instinct told Malik he didn't want to know and he should just file the folder, keeping any and all questions to himself. Yet, this was his brother. Marik had been on the other side of the law before. Multiple times, really. He'd been deemed criminally insane at one point though after a few years of hospitalization, they'd declared him healthy enough to function normally.

This, however, clearly wasn't normal. Drumming his fingers on the side of the folder, Malik pondered opening it. This was a law office, so technically, he could get in some pretty huge trouble if he went around snooping through files. Besides, it could be something as tiny as a traffic violation, right?

Well, except that Marik didn't drive.

"Is there a problem?" The voice startled Malik and he almost dropped the file. Quickly shaking his head, he filed it away, looking over his shoulder at the man who was speaking to him. Bakura.

"Not at all," he replied, sounding far more cheerful than he was feeling. Why was he worried? Marik wasn't his problem, right? Family but there were plenty of things thicker than blood. "I just zoned out, I guess."

Bakura nodded slowly, one eyebrow raised, giving Malik the feeling that he didn't believe him. "You almost done with those?" He moved to take a seat on the desk, leaning back slightly.

"... Close enough," Malik muttered in response. "Why?"

"Curiosity," Bakura replied simply, smirking at the other. "You want to go grab a coffee with me?"

Malik's heart skipped a beat, the fluttery feeling catching him off-guard. Grab coffee? That sounded remarkably like a date and this was his boss (new boss to be specific), who had to be gods-knew-how-many years older than him. Then again, perhaps it was just Malik's ego getting the best of him and making him interpret the question like that. "Sure, I guess so."

Bakura gave a small nod of approval before sliding off the desk, stretching his arms above his head. "Good because today has been fucking miserable," he commented, motioning for Malik to drop everything and follow him.

Setting the rest of the files down on the desktop, Malik followed after Bakura, "Oh?" He didn't know what 'miserable' meant in a setting like this. At school, it was usually having homework piled on top of you to the point you had no extra breathing time (which thankfully, hadn't happened today).

"Oh," Bakura replied as if he wasn't going to add any more insight. Grabbing his trench-coat off the coat-rack, he slid into it, not bothering to button it up. Malik couldn't help but wonder why he was wearing it at all; it was only mid-August. The outside temperature was actually nice for a change. Pressing the down arrow for the elevator, Bakura looked over to Malik, brown eyes running over the other's form.

Malik wasn't entirely oblivious to the other's gaze, a light blush (barely noticeable on his dark skin) gracing his cheeks. Bakura was an attractive man; Malik had noticed that first thing. Still, he wouldn't go after a kid, would he? Persuading himself that it was once again his ego putting such thoughts into his mind, he managed to keep a rather calm outward appearance.

A loud ding informed them both that the elevator had arrived. Malik was slightly surprised when Bakura didn't wait for him to enter first, moving over to the control panel and hitting the button for the first floor. Following suit, Malik moved to lean back against the elevator wall, hands gripping the handrail. It only then occurred to him that they hadn't spoken after the conclusive 'oh'. "Where are we going?"

Bakura looked over his shoulder at the boy, looking amused. "For coffee," he answered matter-of-factly, tone suggesting just how ridiculous Malik's question had been.

"That's a why, not a where," Malik replied, violet eyes locking with the other's brown.

Chuckling, Bakura looked up to the top of the elevator. Fifth floor, just a few more to go. "Point taken." He didn't say anything more, waiting for the elevator to reach the bottom floor before exiting, pausing a few steps from the door and waiting for Malik.

With a frustrated sigh, Malik caught up to him, hands moving to rest in his pockets. He still didn't know where they were going. Sure, it wasn't that important but he hated the way Bakura seemed to be avoiding the question. Was it just to grate against his nerves?

As they walked outside, the sunlight seemed to calm Malik's nerves and he let his previous frustration die down. It was actually difficult to keep up with Bakura; the other took long, quick strides, darting in between people to get where he was going more quickly.

Bakura ducked into a cafe, holding the door open for Malik. After thanking his boss, Malik stepped inside and paused, violet eyes falling on one of the waiters carrying a tray of drinks to a table. Marik. This couldn't be just coincidence, but seriously, what the hell was Bakura trying to do?

End First Case

End Note: I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I didn't have a beta reader and if you write yourself, you understand how hard it is to catch your own mistakes. Anyways, thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed and... well, hopefully, I update the next chapter eventually.