Lo and Behold
written by Your Darling Mana

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Fifth Case

"Seven minutes and 34 seconds," Bakura breathed, glancing at his watch before looking back over at Marik and laughing. "Didn't you say we only had two minutes?"

Sliding his shirt on over his head, Marik shot the other a glare. "Yes, I did. You're lucky my boss adores me and he won't mind me being a little late." He turned to face the full-length mirror that Bakura kept across from his desk (the man was a vain creature and Marik could only imagine he spent more of the day admiring himself than actually working) and straightened out his clothes. "Good-bye, Bakura." He started to the door, before turning around, "I'll be over tonight." That said, he opened the door and left, giving a passing glance to his brother, who was busy fishing through papers on his desk.

With a heavy sigh, Bakura moved to the door, leaning against the door frame. He watched Marik go, waiting for the elevator doors to close behind the other before he turned his gaze to Malik. "You look so hateful," he snickered.

Straightening a stack of papers, Malik quickly looked back down, pretending he was studying them (no matter how obvious it was that he'd been watching Bakura). "Do I?" he retorted, before he slammed the papers down and gave up, glaring at Bakura. "You tried to get me to sleep with you and you're sleeping with him." He doubted severely that he could have placed more hatred behind that word, though at the moment, he wasn't sure who he was more disgusted with, his brother or Bakura.

"That's a pretty harsh accusation," Bakura drawled as he sauntered over to Malik's desk, picking up the papers the other had been sorting through. "For all you know, I could have had a meeting with him -- he uses this firm."

"For what?" Malik spat before quickly shaking his head. "No, it doesn't matter. You did have sex with him. I'm not an idiot." He scowled up at the other, "For one, your jacket's off and your tie..." Well, Bakura's tie was exactly off, but it was loose.

Reaching up to the tie around his neck, the pale man snickered. "... So it is," he agreed. He was so clearly amused with just how upset Malik was. "I could have just gotten hot. Temperature wise, I mean." He dropped the papers back on the other's desk before adding, "But you're right. I had sex with your brother."

It was strange how his heart fell hearing it confirmed. He'd known from the moment they stepped into the office together, but... Malik looked back down to his desk. He'd lied to himself, made himself feel as though it were alright to trust Bakura. Hell, he'd been interested in Bakura and...

Now the idea just made him sick. How could he and his brother have similar tastes?

Raising an eyebrow, Bakura studied Malik for a moment before a confident smirk crept onto his lips. "For someone who was so appalled by me moments before, you seem honestly crushed by this." He leaned in, cupping Malik's chin and tilting the other up to look at him. "You wanted me for yourself."

"No," Malik quickly replied, hitting the other's hand away from his face. "No, no. I want nothing to do with a man who's only thought is how quickly he can get into someone's pants." Was this really how Marik was spending his time? With a man that probably saw him as nothing more than an easy conquest? The idea of his brother sexually active with anyone was odd enough, but if anything, Marik had always made a point to have his standards higher than anyone else's.

Bakura pulled his hand away and rolled his eyes. He didn't believe for a moment that Malik wasn't attracted to him (though he was convinced that everyone wanted him). "Very well, do your job." He was back in his office with the door closed before Malik had ample time to respond.

Looking down at the papers before him, Malik tried to fathom why his brother would stoop to such a low level. He picked up the papers, eying them briefly though he knew that he wasn't able to truly focus. Better to look like he was doing something as opposed to doing nothing. His brother wasn't really his concern. They weren't close, so what did Malik care what he did? They hated each other, so wasn't it a point for Malik if Marik ended up hurt (if hurting Marik was possible)?

Whatwas his concern, however, was himself. Could he really work here knowing not only that his boss was the disgusting slime that was Bakura and that the disgusting slime was... being disgusting with his brother? He frowned, deciding that he really needed a better insult for the lawyer. He'd think of one later, right now he really just wanted to finish the day and head home. He hadn't told Rishid or Isis last night that he'd run into Marik, much less that his boss had hit on him, but tonight he was going to have to.

Maybe he could persuade Isis to quit using his firm. He couldn't get an emotional jab at Bakura, but he knew his sister was an important client, so he'd settle on hurting the other financially. Surely convincing her wouldn't be hard. What kind of sister would continue to use the firm of a man who had sexually harassed her baby brother?

Luckily for Malik, Bakura had left him alone for the rest of the afternoon (too busy dealing with clients), so he spent most of his time on the computer. Not productive at all, but Malik was too angry with the place, the whole lousy place, that he had no intention of working. He'd, unintentionally, managed to take out his frustration on some of his coworkers, leaving most of them to avoid them. He'd been nice enough to them yesterday -- hopefully they'd just take it as a bad mood? Still, he hoped to not have to return, so what did it matter if they thought he was horrible?

When it came time to leave, Malik had hopped up from his chair and was out the day on his way home almost immediately. He wasn't going to wait to be told good-bye; he was just elated to be in the elevator, then in the lobby, then on the street. Giving a sigh of relief, he started in the direction that led him home only to stop in his tracks. "M-Marik?" Fuck. He was stuttering.

Sure enough, his older brother was waiting for him, sitting on a stoop outside of a building a near the law firm. He climbed to his feet when he saw Malik, walking over to him when he realized the younger brother had no intention of approaching him. "I'm walking home with you."

"I can walk home on my own," Malik protested, proud of himself when he didn't stutter. Instead, he sounded as angry as he felt. "I don't need you anywhere near me."

Marik ignored him, grabbing his arm and all but forcing the other to walk alongside him. "Don't be childish, Malik," he chided. Malik shot him a nasty look, trying to discern how his brother could possibly think he was being childish.

"It's not childish to be disgusted," Malik replied, forcing his arm away though he kept walking. "He hit on me and he's fucking you." The laugh that Malik got from his brother did make him stop, however, and he glared at his brother. "Do you really think this is funny?"

Marik turned, head tilted slightly to the side, as he looked at the other. "I am amused that you are this upset, yes," he replied with a small shrug. "He's not the type of man you want to get caught up with."

"Then why are you caught up with him?" Malik snapped back, before narrowing his eyes. He almost sounded concerned there, which he wasn't. "He's someone you can be interested in but not me?"

The look that Malik received from his brother surprised him. Marik looked as if he was appalled by the idea of being 'interested' in Bakura at all. "It's something that just happened," Marik replied before he started walking again.

Malik followed him eagerly now, surprised that Marik had even told him that much. Normally, Marik kept everything to himself. "How many times has it 'just happened?'" he inquired. Trying to explain why he wanted to know, he added, "He implied that he didn't know you well yesterday, and today, you're there, screwing him in his office."

"I've known him for a while," was his answer and Malik gave up trying to press further. Marik wouldn't tell him much more, even when prompted.

"I don't want to work there anymore," Malik murmured, surprised that he actually found it easier to tell Marik that than he knew he would Isis or Rishid.

Marik looked over at him, expression unreadable as it always was to Malik, and gave Malik the advice he'd been wanting to hear, "Then don't."

"Are you telling me that because you don't want me around your little boyfriend?" Malik teased, chuckling slightly (though he quickly stopped when he saw how unimpressed his brother was with his joke). "Isis will be disappointed in me for quitting after only two days. I doubt she'll even let me do it--"

"Why are you quitting?" Marik interjected. "It's not because of the work, is it?"

Frowning, Malik shook his head. "No, it's not," he agreed, slightly wary that Marik was being so helpful. Did he really want Malik away from Bakura that much? "It's not even, really, because of his relationship with you." He flashed the other an awkward grin. "I mean, that does bother the hell out of me. He's got to be some kind of fucked up to want you." He sighed softly, before continuing, "Still, I... just don't feel comfortable there." Malik was a flirt beyond belief, and yesterday, he'd been more than happy to carry on with Bakura. However, he wasn't a slut. He'd had a few one night stands at parties, but he didn't make a habit of them (nor did he plan to). "I don't want to work in an environment where I know all my boss is thinking of is getting me naked."

"I'd say it's obvious that if you told Isis that, she'd more than happily let you quit," Marik noted with a small grin. "Isis would kill someone before letting them touch her baby brother."

"... if I tell her that, though, what if she does something?" Malik nibbled on his bottom lip before he added, "I don't know exactly what you see him as, but I imagine you don't want him in too much trouble?"

Marik laughed at that, shaking his head. "Truthfully, I don't care what happens to that man." Malik shot him a confused look (how could Marik not care?), but his brother ignored it. If Malik couldn't keep up with him mentally, it wasn't Marik's issue. Malik had always been a little dim in his eyes; he wasn't going to slow himself down and explain every little detail to the other. As they turned down the next street, Marik looked up at the sunset, smirking slightly in anticipation of the nighttime. "So tell her whatever you want. I'm sure she can find you a new job." Then, he grinned cruelly, moving closer to Malik and wrapped his arm around the other's hips. "Maybe you could even work with me."

Malik narrowed his eyes, staring down at his brother's hand. Here it was again, the other's complete inability to comprehend the boundaries between siblings. If anything, this should have been enough of a hint that his brother had some insane sex life, but there were some things that he preferred to just not think about. "I could, but that sounds like a horrible idea. You might chop me up and feed me to the customers."

"If I took the time to chop you up, I'd eat you myself," Marik replied, tone nonchalant. At his side, Malik frowned, knowing his brother had more likely than not considered the scenario before. His worries were only confirmed when Marik added, "Or perhaps feed you to sister-dearest or that rat."

"Rishid's not a rat," Malik mumbled, finding it easier to say that than comment on what he'd just been told.

Marik scoffed at that, shooting a glare to someone who tried to hand him a flyer -- an advertisement for some comedy event. The person quickly retreated their hand and moved on to trying to hassle the next person.

At the end of the block, they took another turn and Malik sighed heavily. "I kind of wish I didn't live close enough to walk to work," he mumbled, pretending that Marik was the type of person who would appreciate small-talk. It also was a nice distraction as Marik hadn't moved his hand from his hip. "I'd be able to take the subway, and I wouldn't be so achy when I got home."

His brother didn't even respond, something Malik was used to. If Marik thought you'd said something half-witted, he'd ignore you entirely. It was something that irked Malik beyond belief, but there wasn't much he could do about it without getting into a full-blown fight with his brother, and even then, nothing would change.

As they reached their apartment building, Malik flashed a small smile to the doorman who returned the expression. Marik didn't acknowledge the man at all (he'd explained to Malik once that he saw the other's position, and therefore him, as something unnecessary so he felt no need to feign being polite to him). They stepped into the elevator and his brother's hand finally left his hip (and Malik actually gave an audible sigh of relief, causing his brother to smirk -- why did he take so much pleasure in making Malik uncomfortable?) to hit the button for their floor.

It was strange to be in the elevator with Marik. Malik couldn't even remember the last time they'd walked home together. Marik never bothered participating in family outings (Malik envied him there at times; it seemed he had to or Isis would get upset), and it wasn't as if Malik was around him... ever. Working beside him was going to be miserable, even if they never spoke. Just knowing the man was there would have him on edge, and it wasn't like Bakura hadn't disturbed him enough. He had his fingers crossed that once he talked to Isis, she'd let him quit.

The elevator gave its pleasant ding as they reached the eighteenth floor and Malik bounded off, at their apartment door in a heartbeat and unlocking it. He opened the door, calling out, "Rishid, I'm home!"

Marik shoved him out of the way, slamming the door shut and kicking off his shoes. He pushed past the other then, and started to his room, stopped as Malik asked, "Did you have a reason for walking me home?"

"Yes," Marik answered simply, smirking darkly at him.

Malik frowned, wanting more of an explanation. "... Are you going to tell me why?"

Snickering, Marik shook his head. "No." He left it at that, walking back to his room and leaving Malik clueless (and horribly frustrated).

The younger Ishtar brother took his shoes off, setting them down beside Marik's and padding his way down the hallway, deciding he'd find Rishid first. He wasn't sure why he was embarrassed to tell Rishid what was wrong. What was wrong though? Would he really have been that upset by Bakura if the man hadn't been... whatever he was doing with his brother? It certainly would have made things easier.

Shuffling his socks on the carpeted floor, Malik decided he was just unlucky. An attractive older man had hit on him. It was only natural that said attractive older man was involved with his brother in some horribly awkward way. No, Malik hadn't wanted to be used for sex, but like any hopeless teenager, he hadn't been totally opposed to the idea of making Bakura interested in him for something more.

To his disappointment, Rishid wasn't in his room. Malik hadn't heard him in the kitchen, so it was safe to assume that he wasn't home. That meant he was alone in the apartment with his brother, a fact that made him queasy no matter how "healthy" and "stable" they were saying Marik was now. Still, Marik had already disappeared into his room and he rarely came out to mingle with the family afterwards.

With that thought, Malik ducked into his own bedroom, making his way to his computer. He might as well fool around online until Rishid or Isis got home; he had no intention of touching his homework.

End Fifth Case

End Note: Next chapter is Marik-centered with psychoshipping. And maybe some lemon? xO