To Be With You…

To Be With You…

Author's Note: I would like to thank Hiitotsu for helping me out with this, giving me the Ellone/Quistis idea, and naming the fanfic. Give her some credit, guys!

The following is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!! OKAY?! IT'S AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!! …Quistis is 9 Ellone is 11.


"WHOOOAAA!" Quistis tumbled down the stairs in her haste to reach Selphie and smacked into the floor. Ellone managed to step over the dazed child and ran over to Selphie.

"Selphie! What's wrong?" Ellone managed to pant out.


Quistis staggered over and said with her eyes still rolling about in her skull, "W-What happened?"

"I don't know…Selphie please tell us what he did." Ellone said in a consoling voice, hugging the younger girl.

"He…took my Booyaka! WAAAAAAAAHH-"

"What's a Booyaka, Ellie?" Quistis whispered to Ellone.

"It's her stuffed Moomba." Ellone hissed back.

"Hn. Stupid Seifer." Quistis pouted.

"Now Quistis…don't call people names."

"But he IS stupid!"

"Well…yah but…"


Quistis and Ellone clapped their hands to their ears and had to yell above Selphie's cries to communicate.

"Ellie! Quick! Make her stop! My ears hurt!"

"I can't Quisty! Where's Matron?"

"She's out shopping!"

"How are we going to get Booyaka back?!"

"I'll go get it! Try getting Selphie to calm down!" Quistis yelled, running out of the kitchen door.

"Wait, no!" But it was too late, Quistis was already out the door. "Oh no…" Ellone groaned.

"What? Is Quistis gonna beat his brains out?"

"Hey! You stopped crying!"

"Well Quistis is gonna smack him good!" Selphie said cheerfully.

Ellone only groaned louder.

"Hey you!"

Seifer stopped pulling Zell's hair for a moment to look up at Quistis' glaring eyes. "Hey look! It's bossy Quisty!"

"Ergh!" Quistis blushed with anger. "You!"

"Yeah, me!" Seifer said haughtily.

"Give Selphie her Booyaka!"

"Oh that old thing?" Seifer made a mock thoughtful look. "I threw it in the trash…"

"DIE!" Quistis tackled Seifer to the floor, fists flying with fury.


Zell stood up and brush the dirt from his hair. Looking around, he bent down to pick up a stick. Holding it up until it was nearly touching his lips, he took a deep breath, "WELCOME!!! TO THE THIRD ANNUAL BOXING MATCH OF 'Give Me Selphie's Booyaka!!!' TONIGHT WE HAVE TREPE VS. ALMASY! Though I hope Quisty kicks his stinkin' butt…"

Squall and Irvine, who happened to be sitting in a tree nearby, turned to each other solemnly.

"You know…we should stop them." Squall said slowly.

"Yeah we should…"




"No way!"

"Five pieces of gum, Quisty wins." Irvine said, clutching a packet of Dentyne Ice in his fist.

"You're on!" Squall declared.

"And Trepe delivers a nice hook jab. Ouch! That must've hurt! Whoa! Almasy is-Ah! He threw her into a bush! She's charging out! Yes she is! Go Quisty go! Yeah! Kick him where it hurts!"

"Hey, Zell!"

"Woops! Um…ahahaha! Anyways…Whoa! Almasy is pulling her hair! …Cheapo…"


"Sorry! Quistis smack him across his ugly face…was that a slap?! Almasy slams Quisty into a wall and…uh oh."

"SEIFER GET OFF HER RIGHT NOW!" Ellone's clear commanding voice rang out across the playground they were "playing" on.

"Busted." Irvine snickered.

"Sis kicks butt!" Squall smirked.

Seifer stood up, brushing dust off his shoulders. Quistis climbed up after him and started pulling the twigs out of her hair.

"She threw the first punch!" Seifer said miserably.

"And you deserved it! You stole Selphie's toy!" Ellone reasoned.

"His name is Booyaka!" Selpie protested.

"Where is it, Seifer?" Quistis growled.



"Wouldn't you like to know…"


"Both of you! Stop it!" Ellone yelled over the bickering. "Seifer you have to the count of five to tell us where it is…"

"Or?" Seifer smirked.

"Or…" Ellone looked around. "Um…"

"I'LL SMACK YOU!!!" Quistis held up her fist in emphasis.

"Yeah, what she said."









"Whoa…" Zell blinked.

"They should work for the CAI…"

"It's CIA, Irvine."


"YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" Selphie dashed off toward the orphanage, in a mad scramble.

"Hey! HEY!!!" Quistis charged after the hyper girl. "That's MY bed! Don't get near it!"

"Uh oh…" Ellone shook her head and started to run after Quistis.

The four boys stood in a daze, trying to deceipher what just had happened.

"I know what happened! Seifer cracked!"

"Hey! SHUT UP!"

"Make us! AHAHAHAHA!"

"Get back here you…"

"YAYYY!!!" Selphie stood in the middle of the girls room, hugging her stuffed moomba. "Oh I missed you so much, Booyaka!"

"AHHHHH!!! MY SHOE BOX!" Quistis screamed, looking at her shoebox and its contents scattered all over he floor. "SELPHIE!!!"

Selphie blinked.

"Argh!" Quistis fell to her knees and started to pick up her belongings. Ellone tumbled into the room, glanced around and started to help Quistis.

"Hey Quistis…"

"Yeah?" Quistis asked, arranging the spilt contents she had gathered back into her box.

"Um…I've been…"

"…" Quistis placed the lid back onto the box.

"I've been adopted."

Quistis gawked at the other girl in disbelief. "W-What? … N-No…"

"I'm sorry…" Ellone placed her hand on Quistis' shoulder.

"But…I… …Ellone…" Quistis turned away.


"Please…leave me alone." Quistis said softly, almost a whisper.


"Please. Get out." Quistis said louder, a bit more harsher.

"I'm sorry." Ellone bowed her head and walked out of the room.

Selphie blinked again. "You know…I think you hurt her feelings."

"SHUT UP!" Quistis threw a tennis ball at Selphie who ducked swiftly.

"Man! Okay okay okay! I'm leaving!" Selphie left the room with all haste.

Quistis shook her head, letting her hair fall over her eyes. "Ellone…"

"Ungh!" Quistis slammed into the floor. "Damn." She hissed in pain. Rolling over onto her back she stared at the ceiling. That's the second time she fell off her bed in a week!

Why was she having dreams of the orphanage? Touching her forehead with sweaty fingers, she formed a single word with her dry lips. "Ellone?"