To Be With You…Chapter 3

Quistis…A DUMB BLONDE???!!!

"Ow…" Quistis groaned, sitting down on her bed.

"Hey…you okay?" Ellone asked in concern, sitting down next to the blonde.

"Yeah, I'm okay…" Quistis winced, and gingerly touched her throbbing back. "My back just hurts like hell!"

"Aw…I'm sorry…here." Ellone shifted herself behind Quistis, and cracked her knuckles. "Ok…let's see what ya got…"

Running her fingers up and down Quistis' well muscled back, Ellone frowned and shook her head. "Geez…look at all these knots…" Applying pressure on the blond's shoulder until she heard a satisfying crack of bones popping, Ellone's mind seemed to fall into a world of its own.

Wow…God, she's so pretty…She's changed a lot since I last visited. They all have but Quisty…wow! She's…well…damn, she's sexy!


Quistis' voice snapped Ellone from her thoughts and back into reality.

"Um…yes? Anything wrong?"

"Um…you can stop massaging my butt now…" Quistis muttered.

"Wha? Oh shi…" Ellone's face flushed a deep red as she slowly removed her hands from her friend's ass. "S-Sorry…I should've…"

"Watching too many porno tapes huh?" Quistis grinned, patting Ellone on the head. "It's okay, just cut it off for a little bit okay?"

"Um…okay." Ellone scratched her head and shrugged.

"Oh hey, I just remembered…where are you bunking tonight?" Quistis laid down on her stomach, propping her elbow on the mattress and laying her cheek in her palm.

"Um…I really don't know……I'll find some place eventually though." Ellone drawled.

Quistis frowned and opened her mouth to protest.

"I'll be fine!" Ellone waved her hand.

"You know…" Quistis said slowly. "I had déjà vu right there."

"Huh?" Ellone quirked an eyebrow.

"Well…the last time you visited…" Quistis frowned again. "That was a few years ago but anyways…"


"No problem. Well anyways remember where you stayed?"

"Oh yeah…took me 2 hours to get the smell outta my hair…" Ellone narrowed her eyes in remembrance. "On the second thought, ya think I can crash over here?"

Quistis smiled. "Good girl."

"Hm. I wouldn't say that…" Ellone said thoughtfully.

"Whadya mean?" Quistis blinked, staring at her friend in wonder.

"Oh." Ellone smiled. "Nothing."

"Um…" Quistis looked at Ellone with a look of disbelief. "Yeah…right, whatever."

"Mm." Ellone shrugged. Scratching her head, she clapped her other hand to her mouth before yawning widely.

Quistis blinked and smirked. "Better go to sleep, besides, I have class in the morning."

"Oh." Ellone paused, as if considering something. Then moving with extraordinary speed, she picked Quistis up and whirled her around.

"Eek! Ah, Elloooooonnneee!!!" Quistis screeched, her voice pleading with the older woman to put her down. "I'm getting dizzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

"Ahaha!" Ellone laughed, she gave the blonde one last twirled before setting her back down on the bed. Snickering, she collapsed over Quistis' legs, holding her sides with laughter.

"Oh shut up." Quistis grabbed a pillow from behind her and bopped Ellone on the head.

"Oh, you never change!" Ellone gasped out, still laughing.


"Okay okay! I'm sorry!" Ellone waved her hand, a smiled still playing on her lips. "But that was impossible to pass up!"

"Hey! Don't make me put you on the couch!" Quistis growled.

"Sorry." Ellone said quickly but then paused. "Hey…waita minute……"

"We're both girls, what does it matter?" Quistis waved her hand nonchalantly. "I got to get to sleep. Good night."

"Um…'night?" Ellone stared, her brain still trying to process what just happened. But unfortunately her mind blew a circuit and wasn't really functioning properly.

"Would you get up here before you catch a damn cold?!"


Ellone reluctantly climbed up next to Quistis and turned over, facing her body away from Quistis. Staring out the window, she sighed. When will it end…?

Ever since she could remember, she always had a liking for Quistis. A crush formed when she was 11 but that quickly evolved into a strong love for her friend. They were raised as sisters but…she wanted something more. How could she tell the younger girl? Quistis obviously took it as a sisterly bond and had no interest in her.

Brushing a stray tear from her cheek, she buried her face in her pillow and whimpered quietly, her soft cries cushioned. Her mind made up that her feelings would never be returned, and her emotions forever silenced.

"Yo…so what are we gone do about it?" Zell hissed at his companion.

"I dunno, but I'm gonna tell you what I'm not gonna do! I'm not gonna stand by and let Sis suffer like that!!! She's done too much for us!" Irvine whispered angrily.

"How true…but how do we know she's even got-"

"Oh she has them alright!" Irvine nodded. "Believe me! When it comes to girls…I'm an expert!"

"Oh right…" Zell rolled his eyes in exasperation. " An expert!!!" He wiggled his fingers in mock excitement.

Irvine narrowed his eyes at the tattooed blonde and seemed to look beyond him. "Hey Sis! Over here!" He waved his hand at the tall woman entering the library.

Ellone's eyes were blood shot, obviously from lack of sleep. Her movements were jerky, her fingers twitched occasionally. When her gaze set itself on Irvine, she smiled, but her eyes told a different feeling.

"Hey…whoa! Sis! Geez! You look like shit!" Zell tsked. "Not getting enough sleep, eh?"

"Mm." Ellone waved her hand. "Something like that…"

"Here." Irvine pulled up a chair for his "sister" and gestured for her to sit down.

"Thanks…" Ellone sat down, folding her arms over the table, she laid her head on them and screamed. "FUCK IT!!!"

Zell was blown backwards and fell off his chair. Irvine jumped up and spilled his water bottle all over Zell.






Irvine blinked, as Zell danced around, wringing his shirt out and trying to get the ice out of his pants.

Ellone giggled into her palm. "Sorry…emotional outburst……"

"No…problem……" Irvine said slowly, staring at Zell.

"No, I'm really sorry." Ellone said sincerely. Standing up, she took a napkin from a nearby table and wiped the water from Zell's neck. "Sorry, Zelly."

"Not your fault." Zell said, pulling a block of ice from his shorts. "Thanks."

"My guess is that Quisty invited you to sleep in her bed because you didn't have a place to crash. Then your thoughts kicked in and you couldn't sleep and so you screamed from a lack of motional release?" Irvine asked.

Ellone and Zell blinked, exchanging looks.

"Don't you hate it when he's right?" Ellone muttered.

"Yes." Zell said shortly.

"So, you have a crush on Quisty…" Irvine continued, ignoring their comments.

"Shut up, Irvy. I feel bad enough already!" Ellone grumbled.

"No, see. We're gonna help you!" Irvine said proudly, slinging an arm around Zell.

"Don't. Touch. Me."

"Sorry." Irvine blushed and withdrew his hand.

"It's not gonna work ya guyz…" Ellone said, twirling a lock of brown hair with her finger.

"Well I can start by…hm…Selphie, get over here." Irvine grabbed Selphie, who was passing by and propped her on the table.

Selphie blinked, holding a bundle of books in her arm. "Um…hello?" She waved a hand.

"Hey Sephy." Ellone nodded.

"Hi, Sis! How's it going?"

"Look, Selphie." Irvine tapped his finger against his forehead. "We need a favor."

"Anything for Sis!" Selphie said cheerfully, sliding down the table.

Ellone smiled.

"Hm. Right, whatever. Anyways…can she crash at your place? She can't stay at Quistis' 'cause-"

"Oh! Yes, of course!" Selphie said quickly. Then she winked at the older woman and nudged her in the ribs. " We don't want you passing out from too many nosebleeds now do we… … …?"

Ellone blushed. "H-How…wha?"

Selphie sighed. "People talk. Besides…I'm not dumb. You were dropping so many hints!……It's a wonder why Quistis didn't pick it up yet."

"Speaking of Quistis…where is she?"

"Class." Ellone replied.


"Well once you think of it…" Zell tapped his chin. "Quistis is pretty dumb."

"Quistis the Dumb Blonde!" Selphie jeered.

"Hey! Watch it!" Ellone growled.

"Well hey! You got to admit it! You dropped like what…?" Selphie counted her finger and then her toes. She held up Zell's, Irvine's, and her own hands. "So many hints?…Wait no." She pulled off her left boot and propped her foot on the table, wiggling her toes. "There we go."

"Well they were vague probably…"

"Oh PLEASE!!!" Rinoa scoffed, having over heard the conversation. "You were staring down her blouse for crying out loud!"

"She HAS a point, ya know?"

"Not really…all that proves is that she's perverted." Seifer said from behind Rinoa.

"HEY!!!" Selphie whapped Seifer on the head with her nunchakus, rendering him unconscious. "Stupid bastard…"

"You know…as much as I enjoyed that…" Squalls monotonous voice sounded in.

Irvine sighed. "Yes yes…we know…No brawling in the library……"

"It wasn't brawling…it was hitting Seifer on the head." Rinoa scratched her temple.

"Hello!!!???" Selphie waved her arms.

"Oh…yes, sorry. Anyways…"

"Look, don't bother." Ellone said, standing up. "It's not gonna work." She waved goodbye, tuned on her heels, and left.

Selphie blinked, and looked at Irvine who looked at Zell who looked at Rinoa who looked at Squall who looked at the now conscious Seifer who looked at Selphie. Nodding, they placed their hands on top of one another and looked at each other solemnly.

"Woo hoo!" Selphie yelled. "Operation Dumb Blonde!"