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Hibiki Ryouga wasn't in the best of moods, and for once it wasn't Ranma's fault, not completely anyway. Of course, if that cocky bastard hadn't been mocking him in front of Akane and Ukyou... No wait that had been almost a week ago. It was the duck this time, trying to horn in on Ryouga's revenge.

Well, that was another thing to be settled. He'd squash Mousse later. For now, there was a more pressing concern. The lost boy ceased his musing and focused on the expanse of rock he was falling toward. At the rate he was going, there wouldn't be time to do much to slow his descent, and the trusty weight of his umbrella was sorely absent. Now, that had been Saotome's fault. "Damn you, this is your fault Ran…" the cry was cut off with a thunderous crack as Ryouga met the mountainside headfirst.

"My Little Lemuria"

A Ranma Nibunnoichi Fanfic

By Six-String Samurai

A Prologue

Sarsa nearly dropped the bundle of reeds she'd just gathered as a loud cry cut the air, followed by a meaty thump. Whatever it was was just over the rise on the far side of the river. She waited a few heartbeats, but didn't hear anything other than a few startled birds. At least that meant she wasn't imagining things again, all the more reason to go take a peek. She glanced over her shoulder at the pile of drying reeds she'd spent the morning collecting. Yes, it was high time for a break anyway.

Spreading her armload onto the pile, she whipped around and dove into the water and rode the current to the opposite bank. Clambering out, the lanky girl scrambled through the underbrush in the direction of the disturbance, a lopsided grin already pulling at the corner of her mouth. And to think, she'd been complaining to herself all morning.

When she crested the ridge, she didn't have to look very hard to find the source of the problem. Just beyond the shattered remains of a huge oak, there was a gaping hole in the face of the mountain a good dozen meters above the height of her head. Her eyes widened as she swiveled her head from the tree to the hole and back. What could've caused such destruction? Sarsa was scarcely aware that her feet had already begun to carry her forward.

She didn't have to get much closer to tell that something was indeed within the fissure. From her vantage point the hole itself didn't appear all that deep, and was a little smaller than she'd first gauged. In fact, it was just big enough that she could probably fit into it with little difficulty. Of course, she'd have to do a little climbing to reach it first. Cracking her knuckles, she began the short ascent.

Cautiously lifting herself, Sarsa poked her head over the lip and found herself nose to, what appeared to be the bottom of a foot. Yes, there was no doubt about it, for awkwardly nestled in the rock was a person. At least, it looked like a person, with arms and legs, and a thick head of dark hair. If the chest was any indication, she was looking at a man, probably.

Something was definitely bothering her though. He was covered in a thick layer of dust and debris, so she couldn't be sure of what put her off exactly. But, he was still alive, and that was the first important thing. The second was the question of what to do. Was she supposed to try and get him down? Should she even attempt to move him? While she deliberated, she pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the hole as her fingers were beginning to ache from supporting most of her weight.

Dangling her legs over the side, she kicked her feet back and forth, wondering the best course of action. Now that she'd settled down, she could hear the faint but steady rasp of breath coming from the unconscious form. Her eyes were again drawn to the felled tree. What exactly had happened here? Behind her, the breath suddenly stopped causing her to whip her head around.

He was awake and staring right back at her through groggy eyes, eyes that seemed to clear too quickly for comfort.

"K-ka," he said in a deep whisper. Definitely a male's voice.

"Ka Ka?" Sarsa questioned.

"Kappa?" Ryouga wondered aloud.


"Are you a Kappa," he asked more understandably, which in turn seemed to reassure Sarsa on one point. She was afraid he'd been speaking another language at first.

"What's a Kappa?"

Ryouga struggled to sit up. The girl couldn't be a Kappa if she didn't know what one was, right? Besides, his head felt terrible, dredging up memories of the Bakusai Tenketsu training. Just how far had he fallen anyway? Maybe he was just imagining things, once he got himself out of the rocks and back into the sunlight, he'd find that the strange girl sitting across from him looked perfectly normal. And then he'd ask her for directions and be on his way. There was still a score to settle after all. Ranma and Mousse would pay for making him doubt his sanity!